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“Neptune in Pisces with A.T. Mann” 12/31/2011 (2nd hour)
“Occult of Personality” 12/31/2011 (1st hour)
“Becoming Conscious with Bhante Wimala” 12/24/2011 (2nd hour)
“He Says/She Says ~ Endings: Making Good” 12/24/2011 (1st hour)
“Uranus / Pluto: 2012 and Beyond with Henry Seltzer” 12/17/2011 (2nd hour)
“Through the Veil ~ Conversations with the Departed” 12/17/2011 (1st hour)
“Crossing Over with Daria Justyn” 12/10/2011 (2nd hour)
“Mandala Assessment Research Instrument M.A.R.I” 12/10/2011 (1st hour)
“Sabian Symbols with Lynda Hill” 12/3/2011
“He Says / She Says ~ Reunited” with Debra Clement 11/26/2011
“Van Gogh: The Life,” with Pulitzer-prize winning author, Steven Naifeh 11/19/2011 “Van Gogh: The LIfe” website
“11/11/11 ~ with Dan Hardt” 11/12/2011
“My Reincarnation” ~ The Movie 11/5/2011 “My Reincarnation” website
“He Says / She Says” ~ “Cougars Have the Tables Turned?” 10/29/2011
“The Code ~ Unlocking the Ancient Power of Your Birthday” with Thomas Poppe 10/22/2011
“The Sabian Symbols ~ A Prophesy of Opportunity” ~ with Michael Elliot 10/15/2011
“Sojourn Of the Soul ~ One Woman’s Journey Around the World and Into Her Truth” ~ with Dana Micucci 10/8/2011
“It’s All In The Name” ~ with Sharita Star 10/1/2011
“He Says / She Says” ~ “A Balancing Act” ~ with Debra Clement and Chris Flisher 9/24/2011
“Scarry Perry” ~ with Michele Avanti 9/17/2011
“Economic Swampland” ~ with Joyce Levine 9/10/2011
“He Says/She Says”~”Fair?/Share?” 8/27/2011
“It’s The Economy, Stupid” 8/20/2011
“A Rude Awakening?” 8/13/2011
“Neptune~Tide of the Tribe” 8/6/2011
“Mars Approaching” 7/30/2011
“He Says / She Says ~ Privacy~ Who Do You Trust?” 7/23/2011
“Full Moon Capricorn” 7/16/2011
“Jupiter Trine Pluto” 7/9/2011
“How Are You Affected?” 7/2/2011
“He Says / She Says ~ Morality vs. Reality” 6/25/2011
“The Cardinal Rules” 6/18/2011
“It’s About Time” 6/11/2011
“The Eclipses ~ A Season Of Drama” 6/4/2011
“He Says / She Says with Debra Clement” ~ “Why Do People Cheat?” 5/28/2011
“Elements and Evolution with Eric Myers” 5/21/2011
“Do You Know Where Your Planets Are Tonight?” 5/14/2011
“Occult America” 5/7/2011
“The Birth Certificate” 4/30/2011
“He Says / She Says” with Chris Flisher and Debra Clement “Lady Gaga and The Missing Brain” 4/23/2011
“Neptune in Pisces with Erin Sullivan” 4/16/2011
“Going Backwards Mercury Retrograde with Michele Avanti” 4/9/2011
“Mars and the Astrology of War” 4/2/2011
“He Says / She Says” with Chris Flisher and Debra Clement “Life, Love and Liz Taylor” 3/26/2011
“Uranus in Aries ~ Tsunami In The Ring Of Fire” with Susan Miller 3/12/2011
“Uranus in Aries with Susan Miller” 3/5/2011
“He Says / She Says” with Chris Flisher and Debra Clement 2/26/2011
“The Mystical Convention~Neptune, Mercury, Mars and the Sun” with guest Sharita Star 2/19/2011
“Love And Other Stories” Chris Flisher -2/12/2011
“The Year Of The Metal Rabbit” ~ Chris Flisher 2/5/2011
“Jupiter in Aries” ~ Chris Flisher 1/21/2011
“Too Much Saturn” Francis Dunnery
Francis Dunnery 1/15/2011
“2011 ~ What Is To Come?” with Chris Flisher 1/8/2011


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