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“Dreams Of Damanhur” with Keith Busha
WikiLeaks and Mercury Retrograde” ~ Chris Flisher
Chris Flisher and Sharita’s Star Secrets
“Into The Mystic~Neptune Goes Direct”~Chris Flisher
Chris Flisher & Victoria Bender ~ “Astro-Aromatherapy”
“The Saturn Return ~ First hand View” – Chris Flisher
Chris Flisher – “On The Road To Find Out~The Life Guide”
Chris Flisher – “Understanding Transits~Predictive Astrology”
Chris Flisher – “John Lennon~70th Birthday Celebration”
“Sacred Landscapes” with A.T.Mann
Chris Flisher – “So This Is Libra”
Chris Flisher – “The Autumnal Equinox”
Marguerite Manning – “The Power of Returns~The Anniversary”
Chris Flisher – “Venus and Mars~Sex Appeal”
Chris Flisher – “Virgo – Here You Are”
“Tarot and Astrology~Synergy or Synchronicity?” – Chris Flisher and Julie Peters
Chris Flisher – “A Moment In Time”
Chris Flisher – “Divine Opportunity”
“Astrology As An Anchor” – Chris Flisher & Debra Clement
Chris Flisher – “A Time Of Renewal and Shift”
Chris Flisher – “Conscious Communication”
Chris Flisher – “Drawing The Heat”
Chris Flisher – “July 2010 – A Month To Remember”
Chris Flisher – “Full Moon Lunar Eclipse-Live from Boston Yoga Fest”
Chris Flisher – “Intellectual Explosion – Uranus in Aries”
Chris Flisher – “The Grand Cardinal Cross”
Chris Flisher – “World Citizen”
Chris Flisher – “Who Pays?”
Chris Flisher – “Where Are We Headed?’
Michelle Avanti “Economic Meltdown?” –
Jonathan Goldman ~”The Sound Of God” –
Debra Clement – “The First House”
Donna Cunningham~”Flower Essences for Coping” –
Susan Miller ~ “Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto Retrograde” –
Tom Jacobs~”The Archetypal Myth” –
Dietrech Pessin~”The Lunar Shadow” –
Erin Sullivan~”Eros – The God Of Love” –
Deborah Baccaro – “Messages From The Departed”
Astrology Panel – “Does Astrology Work?”
Chris Flisher – What Do We Do Now?
Sharita Star – L-O-V-E
Jeanne Avery~Past Lives, Future Motives
Sharon Moore – Sunology
Sandra Ingerman~”How To Thrive In Changing Times” –
Agneta Borstein~Solar Eclipse/New Moon
Sandra Ingerman~~”How To Heal Toxic Thoughts”


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