Sneaker Consignment Agreement

Butter can guarantee authenticity. We are experts in determining fake sneakers, but we find from time to time that no one is perfect. This is the reason why each pair is inspected several times by several experts. We always check the authenticity of our sneakers twice and sometimes three times to make sure that only authentic sneakers are sold with us. C) Expiration of the contract: If, for any reason, you no longer want to look for a shipment. A penalty of 15% is levied and must be paid in advance to violate all contractual conditions. As a result, the company loses and releases your items to the sole owner. Right to all real estate at the time of pickup. If, for any reason, you are not able to pick up your items in the store. You must inform the company in advance and give a spouse, legal guardian, family or friend permission to confirm the pickup of these items. We check the 7th page to check all people. I did not ask any questions.

For insurance security, your property is/are under specific conditions, has been returned and in the possession of the rightful owner. HIDDEN SOLE does not call for its accounts. It is the shipper`s responsibility to monitor the expiration date of your broadcast articles, as HIDDEN SOLE does not have the resources to guarantee recalls. 1. The deposit rate shall be divided to 85/15. 85% of the sale goes to the recipient. Percentage of commission. HIDDEN SOLE has the right to withhold a percentage of the sale price of all goods sold in accordance with this Agreement. Our terms are a percentage of the sale based on the actual price at the time of sale. You, the sender, get 85% of the sale price. ______ (Initials) Type Item COLOR in the item name. Name the items exactly as stockx it has to maintain consistency with our naming convention.

Example:Supreme Split Crewneck Sweatshirt Black categories are: brand, clothing or sneakers or accessories, your name, shippingFascenque: Nike, Sneakers, Jordan 1, Joe Storm, Consignment Thank you for your company! The sneaker show Sole Market Direct now offers a creative solution to meet your sneaker needs. By quickly selling your items with competitive prices and shipping via USPS Priority Express, unlike other services. We try best to offer current and past products with reliable resources. We quickly ship items to the buyer and charge our sellers as quickly as possible! A large part of 90% of our inventory is provided by our shippers who are available to our consumers. Sold online and on-site by Sole market Direct LLC / SMD Inc. After the purchase price has been calculated, both parties must sign a contract. Payments are made by check or credit shop. It`s as simple as that! PRICE AND TYPE OF PAYMENT: After your clothes have been processed and within fourteen days of the return of your clothes, LWS will send you an email (on a date called “billing date”) to inform you if any of your items have been accepted and if the items are eligible in advance or for confirmation.

Such decisions, including, but not limited to: (i) whether an item is accepted or refused, (ii) whether an item is intended for prepayment or confirmation, (iii) the amount of the non-negotiable advance offered for an item or (iv) the price offered for an item in the shipment, are made at LWS`s sole discretion and may be based on a large number of factors; including the seasonality and composition of our existing inventory. If your shipping period ends without a sale, the sender must contact HIDDEN SOLE within fourteen (14) days to be picked up or extended for another shipping period. Shipped items that have not been picked up by the expiration of their 30-day contract and the expiration of the additional 14-day period may become the property of HIDDEN SOLE H) Acquisition of our services: If you reside in the State of Iowa or if you are not established in the State of Iowa and wish to participate in our consignment services…

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