“He Says/She Says” on NEW network/time. Tune in Friday AM!

The popular “He Says/She Says” episode of “Turning of the Wheel” will be premiering this FRIDAY at 11:00 AM Eastern on the Awakening Zone Radio Network.  The show, now in its third season will debut on this exciting new network.  Join Chris Flisher and Debra Clement as they battle it out.  This is classic Mars versus Venus energy as these two astrologers take the male/female discussion to the cosmos for answers.

Controversial, Enlightening, Funny and Bold!

Can men and women ever agree? Will Venus and Mars ever get along?   Why is it so hard and what makes it all so wonderful? So the age old question lingers. Can astrology repair broken relationships?  Can you live with your opposite?  What does it take to make it all work?

Chris Flisher and Debra Clement are two seasoned, professional astrologers (and for extra spice,  they are both opposing each other astrologically).  Listen as they take to the air and figure this out. Lively and electric, this is a dialog you will not want to miss. Show your support and we will continue to bring this great topic to the air each month. Call with your opinions and we’ll see they fly.  This segment is a feature each month on the fourth Friday.
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