Saturn in Scorpio

For the first time in roughly 29 years, Saturn, the great planet of responsibility and accountability enters the sign of Scorpio.  It was August 25, 1983 when this mighty planet last stepped into the intense sign of Scorpio.  Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher were both in office; Michael Jackson had just released “Thriller,” and IBM was working with DOS 2.0.  The internet was far from being invented and there were no cell phones.

Do you remember where you were at that time?  What was happening in your life during that period?  Similar events are very likely to recur.  It is not so much that the exact same events will recur, but that the theme of that era will have a very familiar ring to it.  So if you can pause and remember you might be surprised by a similar set of themes in your life.

So what does Saturn in Scorpio look like?  Saturn is the planet associated with responsibility, hard work, accountability, revelations, honesty and basically the one planet that holds us in place.  Scorpio, as a sign, is known for intensity, secrecy, sexuality, loyalty, and depth.  When you combine these types of energies you come up with a recipe for purity and a bottom-line accountability.  It is like this; “If you have the records; then show us the records.”  This may be a time when such a disparity and obvious restraint may be forced into the open.  This can be a theme for anyone in this situation.

The most important factor for any individual would be to find the house that Saturn and Scorpio occupy in your own make-up.  This is a crucial piece of the equation as it pertains to the individual.  Not everyone will have the activity in the same house.  The house, is the area of your life where the action happens at the time.  Much like a scene in a play, the stage is set for specific events.  Does this move through your house of money; or health; or career; or relationship?  All of these are important indicators of where you will be personally impacted.

Perhaps the most important aspect of this alignment for all of us is the ominous alignment of Mercury in conjunction to Saturn at this exact same point (of course there are no coincidences in astrology.)  Astrological conjunctions spell intensity as the planets involved intensify the activity and amp the noise up considerably.  On October 3rd and for a few days after Mercury will be casting his investigative gaze over this scene, so we can expect lots of probing questions and lots of evasive answers.  I suspect we will know much more about where we are going in just a few short days.  Mercury moves much faster than Saturn and will linger for only a short time, but the initial impact of these two aligning together on the eve of the US Presidential debates is a critical data point.

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