Saskpower Landlord Service Agreement

To stop or start the natural gas service, contact SaskEnergy at 1-888-700-0427. ExpressAddress is a service that facilitates the request for a change of address not only for your electricity and natural gas services, but also for vehicle registrations, driver`s licenses and health cards. SaskEnergy, SaskPower, the cities of Regina and Saskatoon and other organizations have all participated in the introduction of ExpressAddress, which is the recommended method of updating your private address. If you are moving from one house to another in the province of Saskatchewan, there are two ways to change the address of your electricity and natural gas services. You can contact SaskEnergy and SaskPower separately by calling their offices and updating their account address. However, the most convenient route is the use of the ExpressAddress service online. Your SaskPower needs two days to process your application, so it`s a good time to let them know your new address before your withdrawal date. This way, you`ll be sure to have electricity when you move in and avoid problems with your service. If you need a brand new power service for a condo, holiday home or cabin, you need to request a new electrical connection.

You have several options at your disposal, depending on whether you are a private owner, building a home or needing financing. You can see the list of options from which you can select in “New Connections” here. To start or complete electricity service in Saskatchewan, two days` notice is required. This message can be delivered directly to SaskPower at 1-888-757-6937. When restarting services, a connection fee of US$15 to US$40 will be charged on your first SaskPower bill. To change your raw material price provider, agreements must be signed and submitted by September 15 for a launch date on November 1. The agreements must be signed for a period of 1 to 5 years. If no new agreements are reached before the end of the agreement, it is customary for most retailers to automatically register customers in one-year holdover agreements until a new agreement is guaranteed. If you terminate your contract, SaskEnergy will automatically be reinstated as a natural gas supplier and service will not be interrupted. Add and remove Streetlights Commercial Service Farm/Rural/Resort Service Oil Field Service Pre-service Pre-serviced Homebuilder Pre-serviced Private Owner Saskatchewan Turnkey Program Subdivision Development Temporary Urban Residential Electric Service If you have further questions about your SaskPower service, you can call customer service at 1-888-757-6937 (Mo-Fr: 8am to 6pm).

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