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At the center of this piece sits the mystical man known as the sādhu. The sādhu is a deeply spiritual man who has renounced all forms of human pleasure in the pursuit of divinity and enlightenment. Armed with the belief that true wisdom comes from suffering and denial, these men, wear little clothing, own nothing and live in a state of constant meditation and spiritual reflection. Often they perform surreal tasks in an effort to show their devotion. Some may stand for decades and are referred to as the “standing babas,” while others may keep one arm out-stretched over their head for a lifetime. Such dedication and denial illustrate the fascinating extremes a human will endure to be enlightened and at peace with the divine. The name sādhu comes from Sanskrit and literally means god man. Devotion has its merits and in the case of the sādhus, their efforts yield no harm to others. Yet religious and spiritual extremes have also been the motive for countless deaths. Let us all be spiritual sādhus and exercise our devotion towards ourselves and leave the zealotry, fanaticism, and extremism behind.

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