Rutgers Collective Bargaining Agreement

The Parties acknowledge and declare that their common objective is to maintain a harmonious relationship in the definition of the conditions of employment. To that end, they shall mutually conclude that agreement, which shall indicate the working relationship between the university and the AAUP-AFT. b. In addition to the release period described above, the Chair of the AAUP-AFT Bargaining Committee receives up to three (3) paid leave credits per semester beginning at the beginning of last year of the Agreement to prepare for and participate in negotiations for a succession collective agreement, and each six-month period during which such negotiations take place. F. 7. The exclusivity of remedies provided for in this Article and the exhaustion of procedures shall not be provided for and shall not apply to the rights of individual members of the bargaining unit arising from sources independent of this Agreement, directives, agreements or administrative decisions of the University. Click here for the agreement covering the negotiated salary increases for the winter 2014 session until Summer Sessions 2016: Wage Agreement, 2014-2016 The minimum wages for the aforementioned titles are the minimum wages set out in Article 8 of the collective agreement between the AAUP-AFT and the University for equivalent rank titles. While the jobs of the agreement`s 450 employees have likely been saved, there are other workers who face a murky future at the university. .

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