Real Of Fortune

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Fortune is a loaded word. It has a duality that implies wealth and destiny in the same breath. How ironic that a word can have such diverse potential? Fortune is the term applied to those of wealth and dominance; as is “fame and fortune.”
It also implies destiny. Does destiny presume good fortune? Not always, and therein lies the crux of the matter. Destiny has its challenges and potential; its ups and downs. How do we best realize our cyclical destiny? The best manner is the middle way. The middle way presumes nothing and accepts life as a composite of both ends of the spectrum. We will always have cycles of richness and poverty; both materially and spiritually. It is best to expect nothing and give more. Disappointment invariably lies behind the glimmer of expectations. The Sanskrit words for the Buddhist chant, “OM mani padme OM” circle the outside of this mandala eight times.

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