Spiritual adventure is boundless. Being open to possibilities allows us to broaden our depth and understanding of the human condition. After ten continuous years of broadcasting, Chris has interviewed some of the greatest thinkers and influential people of our age on this lively radio show. Combining astrology, art, and spirituality with self-expression, “TURNING OF THE WHEEL” serves to enlighten and engage listeners through lively dialogue and interviews with a veritable “who’s who” of top astrologers, artists and respected thought leaders and visionaries. Listeners can call-in for free readings.

“Turning of the Wheel” has been broadcasting live on talk radio since 2007. I am happy to say I have had some of the foremost thinkers, artists, and authors of our time as guests during that time. These shows represent years of interviews with some of the world’s leading visionaries.

Topics include a wide variety of subjects, including astrology, numerology, metaphysics, sacred geometry, time and space, art, death, reincarnation, past-life regression, synchronicity, Carl Jung, Albert Einstein, cosmology, mystical connection, crossing over, near death experiences, Chinese astrology, Vedic astrology, Feng Shui, philosophy, theosophy, Buddhism, Hinduism, religions of the world, and the great connectedness of humankind.

Each show is a free download and about 50 minutes long. They simply require an MP3 player to listen. Alternatively you can download any show by right-clicking on the link. If you like what you hear, please donate below – this is listener supported entertainment, and your contributions help keep the show going. Donations of any amount are truly welcome!

My new website allows me to provide an archive of these shows. Since there are so many I have them organized by year
of broadcast. “The Greatest Hits of Turning Of The Wheel” are listed below:

The Lunar Gospel

Second only to the Sun, the Moon in our astrological profiles plays an important role in determining the attributes, character, and emotions of our personality.  In many ways it can be an even stronger player than the Sun simply by virtue of how it manifests in our daily lives.  How we express ourselves then, in… Continue Reading →

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Extraordinary Relationships

As humans we long to have meaningful relationships.  It is a core part of what it means to be human.  The trick often comes in making wise choices about who we become involved with.  Astrology offers one of the most telling and dependable vehicles through which to decide or evaluate our connections with others.  At… Continue Reading →

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These Voices Will Be Heard

After the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, a group of students formed a string coalition of resistance to the NRA and the gun lobby.  What made this time different than others?  Is this a sign of a generation that no longer accepts thoughts and prayers from politicians?  Born with Neptune and Uranus in Aquarius, this… Continue Reading →

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Breathe Deep

How many of us take the time to pause and listen to our bodies?  In a world in which are senses are assaulted a multitude of outside distractions many of us claim we have no time to shut down.  And yet, modern medicine has proven time and again that there is no greater antidote to… Continue Reading →

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Playing Nicely With Others

Compatibility is one of the most important topics in astrology.  There can be no question that certain signs get along with each other better than others.  What is the secret to longevity and stability in romance? Is it better to let your feelings out and blow off steam?  Or is it wise to hold your… Continue Reading →

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Planetary War ~ Mars Conjunct Saturn

Mars has entered into Capricorn where it is exalted and Saturn is the natural ruler of this sign.  What happens when these two meet in this sign?  Which theme prevails?  Aggression or responsibility?  With the theme of war resounding across the planet, should we be wary of what is to come?  Listen as your host… Continue Reading →

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On the Looming Horizon

The great outer planet, Uranus will step into Taurus for the first time in 84 years.  Any time a major outer planet enters a new sign we can expect to witness significant changes.  Since Taurus is a fixed earth sign and Uranus is the planet of rebellion and innovation what might we expect to see… Continue Reading →

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Sequentiality ~ Timing Is Everything

When we glance at successful endeavors we can trace a series of steps taken that deliver the appropriate outcome.  How critical are the steps?  What if steps are ignored?  Does the result depend on the steps taken?  These and other questions are discussed with author John Vespasian and your host Chris Flisher. Check out this… Continue Reading →

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How To Interpret? Western or Vedic Astrology?

A recent controversy at an international astrology meeting held in India brought forth an age old discussion about which method to use when interpreting a birth chart.  Some argue that Vedic is more authentic than Western astrology; while others hold the exact opposite opinion.  How do these communities come together?  Can they both be correct?… Continue Reading →

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