Spiritual adventure is boundless. Being open to possibilities allows us to broaden our depth and understanding of the human condition. After ten continuous years of broadcasting, Chris has interviewed some of the greatest thinkers and influential people of our age on this lively radio show. Combining astrology, art, and spirituality with self-expression, “TURNING OF THE WHEEL” serves to enlighten and engage listeners through lively dialogue and interviews with a veritable “who’s who” of top astrologers, artists and respected thought leaders and visionaries.

“Turning of the Wheel” has been broadcasting in some format since 2007. I am happy to say I have had some of the foremost thinkers, artists, and authors of our time as guests during that time. These shows represent years of interviews with some of the world’s leading visionaries.

Topics include a wide variety of subjects, including astrology, numerology, metaphysics, sacred geometry, time and space, art, death, reincarnation, past-life regression, synchronicity, Carl Jung, Albert Einstein, cosmology, mystical connection, crossing over, near death experiences, Chinese astrology, Vedic astrology, Feng Shui, philosophy, theosophy, Buddhism, Hinduism, religions of the world, and the great connectedness of humankind.

Each show is a free download and about 50 minutes long. They simply require an MP3 player to listen. Alternatively you can download any show by right-clicking on the link. If you like what you hear, please donate below – this is listener supported entertainment, and your contributions help keep the show going. Donations of any amount are truly welcome!

My new website allows me to provide an archive of these shows. Since there are so many I have them organized by year
of broadcast. “The Greatest Hits of Turning Of The Wheel” are listed below:

Zodiac War with Paul Starr

Have you ever imagined having s board game that would allow you th have a competitive challenge and have fun!  Paul Starr has invented just the game.  Zodiac War is a fun romp though astrology and tarot.  the game will help you learn astrology from an entirely new angle.    Join your host Chris Flisher… Continue Reading →

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Now what? with Michael Lutin

AS we stare in our review mirrors we are stunned by what has transpired over he last year.  Because events are still raw in our memories, we cn only imagine what will happen next.  With Jupiter n saturn aligning in the early degrsss os Aquarius we can only conclude ht life will gt better for… Continue Reading →

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Confessions of Reluctant Astrolgers

Being an astrologer requires a certain amount of blind faith and conviction to pursue his magic art form.  Listen as your host and astrologer, Chris Flisher discusses this dilemma with fellow astrologer, Elizabeth Spring.  Skepticism is healthy and to doubt allows us delve deeper i n search of the truth. Check out this episode!

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World Changes with Mitch Lewis

It doesn’t take a genius to see the world spinning out of control.  A pandemic, wild fires, unhinged leaders.  The list goes on and on.  So what do we do about it and how do we make sense of it all?  As the autumn unfolds we are marching  towards what might be the most important… Continue Reading →

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PODCAST: Merchants of Light

As we evolve we become more aware of the world that surrounds us and all its mysteries.  Hardship, disenchantment are all by-products of our growth process.  As we face difficulties we must see them as lessons in evolution.  It is only when we learn that we truly evolve.  Join your host, Chris Flisher as he… Continue Reading →

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