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“The Uranian Method” with Madalyn Hillis-Dineen 10/18/2019

“Impeachment and The Markets” with Mitchell Lewis 10/11/2019

“What Do We Do Now? with Michael Lutin” 9/27/2019

“Rectifying the Work of Marc Edmund Jones” 9/20/2019

“The Rise of the Feminine” with Laurence Hillman 9/13/2019

“Will You Still Need Me? Will You Still Feed Me?” with Erin Sullivan 9/6/2019

“Saturn/Neptune and the Law of Attraction with Benjamin Bernstein” 8/30/2019

“The Venus Cazimi with Arielle Guttman” 8/16/2019

“Chart Rulerships” 7/26/2019

“Running the Numbers with Michael John Fierro” 7/5/2019

“The Turning Point with Ray Grasse” 6/28/2019

“Enter the Dragon ~ Saros Cycle with Gemini Brett” 6/21/2019

“Big Confusion ~ Jupiter Square Neptune with Mitchell Lewis” 6/14/2019

“The Great Collape with Michael Lutin” 5/31/2019

“The Human Design System” 5/17/2019

“Long, Hot Summer ~ Retrograde Season with Mitchell Lewis” 5/10/2019

“Astrology for the Third Act of Life with Elizabeth Spring” 4/19/2019

“Jupiter/Saturn in Aquarius with Lesley Francis” 4/12/2019
“Beginning and Ending Planets with Lynn Koiner” 4/5/2019

“The Chakras” 3/29/2019

“Financial Times with Mitchell Lewis” 3/22/2019

“Dynamic Narrative Astrology with A.T. Mann” 3/15/2019

“A Time of Reckoning with Eric Meyers” 3/8/2019
“C-O-L-O-R with Betsy Karp” 2/22/2019

“50 Years Ago ~ Chiron in Aries with Elisabeth Grace” 2/15/2019
“A Change is Gonna Come with Erin Sullivan” 2/8/2019





“Aspects to America’s Chart with Mitchell Lewis” 2/1/2019
“The Ascendant ~ What We Project with Jodie Forrest” 1/25/2019

“Pondering the Logic of Astrology with Bruce Scofield”” 1/18/2019
“Astrological Highlights of 2019 with Arielle Guttman”” 1/11/2019


Celebrating our 11th year! Presenting the best in progressive, enlightening radio…every week Show your support DONATE

“Running the Numbers ~ 2019 and Beyond”” 12/7/2018
“Talking with The Leo King”” 11/30/2018
“Chiron’s Calling with Michael Lutin”” 11/23/2018
“Jupiter in Sagittarius with Jackie Slevin” 11/9/2018
“Dreams ~ Our Subconscious Guide with Layne Dalfen” 10/26/2018

“The Near Death Experience with Nancy Rynes” 10/19/2018

“Psyche and Singularity with Timothy Desmond” 10/12/2018

“The Financial Horizon ~ Boom or Bust? with Mitchell Lewis” 10/5/2018
“The Magic of Eidetic Imagery with Wendy Yellen” 9/28/2018
“Saturn Turns Direct” 9/21/2018
“The Kabbalah and Astrology” 9/7/2018

“Botanical Magic” with Amy Blackthorn 8/31/2018

“The New Astrology with Suzanne White” 8/24/2018

“Karma and the Twelfth House with Marguerite Manning” 8/10/2018
“Twins: Astrology Tested with Suzanne Keating” 8/3/2018
“The Psychic Realm with Katherine Glass” 7/27/2018
“When Astrology Met the Computer with Michael Erlewine” 7/20/2018
“The Cosmic Gyroscope with Michael Elliot” 7/13/2018
“Rambling with Caroline Casey” 7/6/2018

“Talkin’ Pluto Blues with A.T. Mann” 6/29/2018
“The Astrology Code with Michael Bergen” 6/22/2018
“Infinite Possibility with Katherine Jegede” 6/15/2018

“The Slow Arc of Time with Ray Grasse” 6/8/2018

“The Saturn Blues” 6/1/2018
“Crystal Gridwork” 5/25/2018
“Running The Numbers” with Sharita Star 5/18/2018
“Chiron in Aries” with Rose Marcus 5/11/2018
“The Lunar Gospel” with Cal Garrison 5/4/2018
“Extraordinary Relationships” with Diane Lawson 4/27/2018
“These Voices Will Be Heard” with Joyce Levine 4/20/2018
“Breathe Deep” with Danny Penman 4/13/2018

“From Hopelessness to Commitment” with Michael Lutin 4/6/2018
“Playing Nicely With Others” with Matthew Curry 3/30/2018
“Planetary War ~ Mars Conjunct Saturn” with Alan Annan 3/24/2018
“On The Looming Horizon” with Arielle Guttman 3/16/2018

“Sequentiality ~ Timing Is Everything” with John Vespasian 3/9/2018
“How to Interpret? Vedic or Western” with Robert Currey 3/2/2018
“Backing Into Astrology” with Joseph Crane 2/22/2018
“Lunar Nomad Oracle” with Shaheen Miro 2/16/2018

“Neptune in Pisces” with A.T. Mann (archived replay) 2/9/2018
“Hang On World” with Dr. Michael Lennox 2/2/2018
“Stop Talking About Planets” with Elisabeth Grace 1/26/2018
“The Transit of Pluto” with Alan Oken 1/19/2018
“Surviving Pluto” with Joseph Crane 1/12/2018
“Sacred Architecture”” with A.T. Mann (archived replay) 1/5/2018


Celebrating our 11th year! Presenting the best in progressive, enlightening radio…every week. Show your support for independent radio

“Lunar Shadow” with Dietrich Pessin (archive replay) 12/22/2017
“The Dreams of Damanhur” with Keith Busha (archive replay) 12/15/2017

“A Vision of 2020” with Dorothy Oja 12/8/2017
“Astrology’s Bad Boy” with Hazel Dixon-Cooper (archive replay) 12/1/2017
“Its About Time” with Michael Gallileo 11/24/2017
“Soul and Psyche” with Maggie Kerr 11/17/2017
“Occult Detectives” with Judika Illes 11/10/2017

“Not Normal” with Mitchell Scott Lewis 11/3/2017
“The Thoth Tarot” 10/27/2017

“Adding Things Up” with Micheal John Fierro 10/20/2017
“Plutos Power” with Donna Cunningham (archive replay) 10/13/2017

“Symbols In Times of Strife” with Lynda Hill” 10/6/2017

“The After Death Chronicles” 9/29/2017
“A Question of Astrology and Ethics” with Julija Simas 9/22/2017
“An Infinity of Gods” with Ray Grasse 9/15/2017
“The Aftermath” with Michael Lutin 9/8/2017
“Where Are We? What Do We Do?” with A.T. Mann 8/18/2017
“ECLIPSE” with Erin Sullivan 8/11/2017
“An Oracle of Degrees” with Blain Bovee 7/28/2017
“The Guide for Human Development” with P.M.H. Atwater 7/21/2017

“Growing Pains” with Alex Trenoweth 7/14/2017

“Your Soul’s Purpose” with Mark Thurston 7/7/2017

“Lunar Rituals” with Simone Butler 6/30/2017

“It Didn’t Start With You” with Mark Wolynn 6/23/2017

“Astrology ~ Believe It Or Not?” with Alexandra Karacostas 6/16/2017
“The Power of Tarot with Jeanne Mayell” 6/9/2017
“Hellenistic Astrology” with Chris Brennan 5/19/2017

“2020 ~ Saturn Conjunct Pluto” 5/12/2017
“Navamsa” with Alan Annand 4/28/2017
“Planetary Vibrational Medicine” 4/14/2017
“Our Mother Who Art The Moon” with Maria DeSimone 4/7/2017
“The Astrology of Aging” with Virgina Bell 3/31/2017

“The Fantastic and Forgotten” with Judika Illes 3/24/2017

“The Answer to Everything” with Amit Goswami 3/17/2017

“Information Overload” 3/10/2017
“The Logic of Astrology” 3/3/2017
“Challenging Aspects” with Kate Petty 2/24/2017
“Reconsiderations ~ Venus Retrograde with Arielle Guttman 2/10/2017
“The E Word” with Cate Montana 2/3/2017

“A Taste of Astrology” with Lucy Ash 1/27/2017
“Sensitive Degrees” with Ronnie Dreyer 1/20/2017
“Jupiter -Uranus Opposition” with Henry Seltzer 1/13/2017
“2017 ~ The Numerology Outlook” with Michael John Fierro 1/6/2017


Celebrating our 10th year! Presenting the best in progressive, enlightening radio…every week. Show your support for independent radio

“2017 Eclipses” with Agneta Borstein 12/30/2016
“The End of the Year As We Know It” with Michael Lutin 12/23/2016
“Election Debriefing” with Dorothy Oja 12/16/2016
“Psycho-Cybernetics” with Mitch Horowitz 12/9/2016
“Neptune ~ Friend or Foe?” with Steven Forrest 11/25/2016
“Now What?” with A.T. Mann 11/18/2016
“Remembrance of a Genius ~ Paul Laffoley” 10/21/2016
“Karma Can Be A Real Pain” with Joanne Dimaggio 10/14/2016
“The Five Elements” with Dondi Dahlin 10/7/2016
“Humor in the Horoscope” with Frank C. Clifford 9/30/2016
“The Ascension Mysteries” with David Wilcock 9/16/2016
“What Ails You? ~ Medical Astrology with Mitch Lewis 9/9/2016
“The Economics of Happiness” with Amit Goswami 9/2/2016
“Who Done It? ~ Forensic Astrology 8/26/2016
“Left or Right” with Bruce Scofield 8/19/2016
“What Say The Symbols?” with Lynda Hill 8/12/2016
“Duty or Delusion?” 8/5/2016
“On The Topic of Eclipses” 7/29/2016
“The Solar Return” 7/22/2016
“Can Astrology Predict? with A.T. Mann” 7/8/2016
“Character and Calling” 7/1/2016
“Reincarnation” 6/24/2016
“Saturn, Neptune and the US Economy” with Mitchell Lewis 6/17/2016
“Forensic Astrology” with B.D. Salerno 5/27/2016
“How Does It Add Up?” with Felicia Bender 5/20/2016
“Mars Retrograde” with Arielle Guttman 5/13/2016
“The Bard & The Stars ~ Shakespeare & Astrology” with Priscilla Costello 4/22/2016
“Near Death Experience” with Joel Kaplan 4/15/2016
“Primary Directions in the USA” with Kenneth Bowser 4/8/2016
“The Power of Positive Thinking” with Mitch Horowitz 4/1/2016
“Why Can’t I Meditate?” with Nigel Wellings 3/25/2016
“A Radical Departure” with Joseph Crane 3/18/2016
“The Opposition Condition” with Glenn Perry 3/11/2016
“Astrology Awakening” with Eric Meyers 3/4/2016
“Astroeconomics” with Grace K. Morris 2/26/2016
“Reclaiming Magic” with Lee Milteer 2/19/2016
“The Astrology of the Moment” with Geoffrey Cornelius 2/12/2016
“Limits To Logic” with Kate Petty 2/5/2016
“Wired To Connect” with Amy Banks 1/29/2016
“Astrology As Philosophy” with Ray Grasse 1/22/2016
“A Vedic Discussion” with Komilla Sutton 1/15/2016
“iGOD” The Movie with Rashmi Khilnani 1/8/2016


Entering our 11th year! Presenting the best in progressive, enlightening radio…every week

“To Cast A Spell” with Judika Illes 12/31/2015
“The Secret Teachers of the Western World” with Gary Lachman 12/18/2015
“Miraculous Silence” with Mitra Rahbar 12/11/2015
“Saturn Square Neptune” with Erin Sullivan & Michael Lutin 12/04/2015
“Saturn’s Role” with Erin Sullivan 11/27/2015
“The Tao of Happiness” with Derek Lin 11/20/2015
“Evolving Through Astrology” with Deva Green 11/13/2015
“The Age of Aquarius” with Adrian Duncan 11/06/2015
“Honoring Your Sun” with Frank C Clifford 10/30/2015
“The Nodal Axis” with Mark Jones 10/23/2015
“Karmic Dates & Momentary Mates” with Jessica Shepherd 10/16/2015
“The Astrology of Financial Trends” with Bill Meridian 10/9/2015
“The Coincidence of Everyday Events” with Elisabeth Grace 9/4/2015
“Financial Collapse” with Mitchell Lewis 8/28/2015
“The Astrology of Complex Times” with Armand Diaz 8/21/2015
“The Roots of Astrology” with guest Chris Brennan 8/14/2015
“Practical, Spiritual Astrology with Selina Maitreya” 8/7/2015
“Medi-Signs ~ The Astrology of Medicine with Diane Cramer” 7/31/2015
“Love Is Blind ~ Venus Retrograde with Arielle Guttman” 7/24/2015
“Before The Deluge with Michael St. Clair” 7/17/2015
“The Cosmic Watch” 7/3/2015
“The Year 2020” with Michael Fierro 6/12/2015
“Chiron ~ The Wounded Healer” with Lynn Bell 6/5/2015
“Hexagon Astrology Magazine” with Matt Savinar 5/29/2015
“Ayahusca ~ What’s It All About?” with Rak Razam 5/22/2015
“Jeff Jawer ~ December 2014” A Final Interview with the Great Astrologer 5/15/2015
“The Holistic Tarot” with Benebell Wen 5/15/2015
“The Antiscia” with Kate Petty 5/8/2015
“The Cards of Destiny” with Mary Anne Costerella 5/1/2015
“The Astrological Tarot” with A.T. Mann 4/24/2015
“$$$ with Mitchell Scott Lewis” 4/17/2015
“Vedic Astrology ~ How It Works” with Joni Patry 4/10/2015
“D.I.Y. Magic” 4/3/2015
“The Yod” with Maurice Fernandez 3/27/2015
“Pluto – Astronomy, Astrology, Mythology” with Richard Grossinger 3/20/2015
“Game-changing Eclipses of 2015” with Ronnie Dreyer 3/13/2015
“Astrology and Carl Jung” with Erin Sullivan 3/6/2015
“Neptune In Pisces” with Michael Lutin 2/20/2015
“Eclipses Are On The Way” with The Leo King, David Lawrence Palmer 2/13/2015
“The Cosmic Mind” with Julija Simas 2/6/2015
“Astrological Progressions” with Janet Booth 1/30/2015
“He Says/She Says” with Chris Flisher and Debra Clement 1/23/2015
“Time and Motion” with Galileo 1/16/2015
“Synchronicity ~ Time and Effect” with Ray Grasse 1/9/2015
“Noel Tyl ~ Conversations with a Master 1/2/2015


Entering our 11th year! Presenting the best in progressive, enlightening radio…every week

“He Says/She Says” 2014~2015 12/26/2014
“Astrology’s Bad Boy ~ How to Handle Pluto” with Hazel Dixon-Cooper 12/19/2014
“The Venus Star Point” with Arielle Guttman 12/12/2014
“The Secret Clue To Your Numbers” with Michael Fierro 12/5/2014
“He Says/She Says” with Debra Clement 11/28/2014
“Moon Viewing” with Barbara Yoshida 11/21/2014
“Adding Up the Numbers” with Felicia Bender 11/7/2014
“Who Was Dracula” with Jim Steinmeyer 10/31/2014
“He Says/She Says ~ Where Are We Now?” with Chris and Debra 10/24/2014
“The Astrology of the Moment” with Geoffrey Cornelius 10/17/2014
“At The Crossroads ~ The Astrology of Turbulent Times” with Jessica Murray 10/10/2014
“Eclipses Up Ahead ~ What To Expect” 10/3/2014
“Live at the ISAR Conference” with A.T. Mann 9/26/2014
“He Says/She Says ~ Gender Inequality” with Chris and Debra” 9/19/2014
“Astrology As A Life Coach” with Deborah Roth” 9/12/2014
“Astrology and Computers” with Madalyn Hillis-Dineen” 9/5/2014
“He Says/She Says Push Me/Pull You” 8/29/2014
“The Prayer Project” with Paramhansa Jagadish 8/22/2014
“What Are Astrological Aspects? Learn” 8/15/2014
“Back With A Roar ~ Jupiter, Mars, Mercury” 8/8/2014
“The Truth About the Mayan Calendar” with Carl Johan Calleman 8/1/2014
“He Says/She Says ~ A Little Lightness Appears” 7/25/2014
“Born Under A Bad Sign” with Hazel Dixon-Cooper 7/18/2014
“Jupiter Steps Into Leo” with Chris and Sharita 7/11/2014
“Symbols ~ The Universal Code” with Ryan Gable 7/4/2014
“He Says/She Says ~ Cardinal Intensity” with Chris and Debra 6/27/2014
“The Summer Solstice” with Chris Flisher 6/20/2014
“Moon ~ The Mother Archetype” with Bruce Scofield and Chris Flisher 6/13/2014
“Mars Moves Forward” with Chris Flisher 6/6/2014
“Retrogrades What Do They Mean? with Chris Flisher and David Palmer” 5/30/2014
“He Says/She Says ~ It’s Only Words with Chris Flisher and Debra Clement” 5/23/2014
“The Future of Astrology with Robert Hand and Chris Flisher” 5/16/2014
“Understanding Uranian Astrology with Liane Thomas Wade and Chris Flisher” 5/9/2014
“The Astrology of Dreams” with Chris Flisher and Michael Lennox 5/2/2014
“He Says/She Says ~ What Do We Do Now? with Chris Flisher and Debra Clement” 4/25/2014
“2020 ~ A New Era Dawns with Chris Flisher and Michael St. Clair” 4/18/2014
“Eclectic and Electric ~ The Grand Cardinal Cross with Chris Flisher” 4/11/2014
“The Ancient Art of the Cards with Chris Flisher and Stefan Meyer” 4/4/2014
“He Says/She Says with Chris Flisher and Debra Clement” ~ “Are We Going Backwards?” 3/28/2014
“AstroFaces ~ What Your Face Says About You” 3/21/2014
“What’s With the Numbers?” with Chris Flisher and Felicia Bender 3/14/2014
“The Psychic Realm” with Chris Flisher and Katherine Glass 3/7/2014
“He Says/She Says with Chris Flisher and Debra Clement” ~ Can We Talk? 2/28/2014
“Uranus, Pluto and the Astrology of 2014” with Henry Seltzer 2/21/2014
“Valentine’s Day” with Marguerite Manning 2/14/2014
“Mercury Retrograde = Groundhog Day” with Chris Flisher 2/7/2014
“Susan Miller 2014 ~ A Conversation” 1/31/2014
“He Says/She Says ~ Venus Retrograde” with Debra Clement 1/24/2014
“The Millenials ~ A Special Generation” with Donna Cunningham 1/17/2014
“Sneakin” Thru the Valley with Allie (Cheslick)” 1/10/2014
“New Moon, New Year, New Way Forward with Daria Justyn” 1/3/2014


Entering our 11th year! Presenting the best in progressive, enlightening radio…every week

“He Says/She Says ~ Goodbye 2013/ Hello 2014” 12/27/2013
“What It Feels Like To Be A Cardinal Sign with Dietrech Pessin” 12/20/2013
“What To Expect When Venus Goes Retrograde with Suzanne Keating” 12/13/2013
“Sharita Says” 12/6/2013
“The Oncoming of Mars” 11/29/2013
“He Says/She Says ~ The Assassination” 11/22/2013
“A Planet In Evolution” with Tad Mann 11/15/2013
“The Power of Intuition” with Peter Roth 11/8/2013
“It’s In The Numbers” with Michael Fierro 11/1/2013
“He Says/She Says” with Debra Clement 10/25/2013
“Eclipses” with Ronnie Dreyer 10/18/2013
“Hardball ~ Reponsible Dialog” The Budget Crisis” 10/11/2013
“The First Radio Show ~ Welcome to Awakening Zone Radio” 10/4/2013
“The Last Radio Show” 9/14/2013
“He Says/She Says ~ Break-ups” 8/24/2013
“Live at the NCGR In Philadelphia” 8/17/2013
“What Happens If?” 8/3/2013
“He Says/She Says” Wounds and Mars 7/27/2013
“The Grand Water Trine” 7/20/2013
“Falco Has Departed” 7/13/2013
“The Eclectic Company” 7/6/2013
“He Says/She Says Oh So Retro” 6/29/2013
“Your Cosmic Address” 6/22/2013
“6th Sense and Beyond” with Christina Andrianopoulis 6/15/2013
“Get Right With Ritual” with Barbara Biziou 6/1/2013
“He Says/She Says ~ Eclipses” 5/25/2013
“Time of the Signs” with Caroline Casey 5/18/2013
“The Akashic Records” with Linda Howe 5/11/2013
“Human Design System” with Hal Bahr 5/4/2013
“He Says/She Says ~ Are You Upset?” 4/27/2013
“Supernatural” with Richard Smoley 4/20/2013
“Titanic Astrology” with Eileen Grimes 4/13/2013
“An Aries Tale” 4/6/2013
“Seeing Red ~ Cardinal Times” with Michael Lutin 3/30/2013
“He Says/She Says ~ Aggression” 3/23/2013
“A Clarion Call ~ Open To Create” with Selina Maitreya 3/16/2013
“On Cat-like Feet ~ The Fog” with Lisa V” 3/9/2013
“Searching for Depth ~ Saturn In Scorpio” 3/2/2013
“He Says/She Says ~ I’ve Got A Feeling” with Debra Clement 2/23/2013
“Party in Pisces” with Julija Simas and the C.I.A. 2/16/2013
“Agape ~ Venus In Aquarius” with Eric Francis 2/9/2013
“The Year Of The Water Snake” with Sharita Star” 2/2/2013
“He Says/She Says ~ Are You Listening To Me?” 1/26/2013
“The Dude and The Zen Master” with Bernie Glassman 1/19/2013
“Skeletons In The Closet” 1/12/2013
“The Joy Of Ritual with Barbara Biziou” 1/5/2013


Entering our 11th year! Presenting the best in progressive, enlightening radio…every week

“Madame Blavatsky with Gary Lachman” 12/29/2012
“He Says/She Says ~Looking Backwards/Looking Forwards” 12/22/2012
“Show Me The Numbers with Michael Fierro” 12/15/2012
“The Sacred Language of Trees with A.T. Mann” 12/08/2012
“World Turning with Erin Sullivan” 12/01/2012
“He Says/She Says ~ Mars and Pluto” 11/24/2012
“Can’t Buy Me Love ~ The Astrology of an Election” 11/17/2012
“The Illusion of Reality with Alan Steinfeld” 11/10/2012
“Us vs. Me” 11/03/2012
“He Says/She Says ~ In A Bind(er)” 10/27/2012
“Circles In The Crops with Patty Greer” 10/20/2012
“Faith Beyond Belief” 10/13/2012
“Saturn in Scorpio” 10/6/2012
“Important ~ Full Moon in Aries” 9/29/2012
“He Says/She Says ~ Proximity” 9/22/2012
“New Realities with Alan Steinfeld” 9/15/2012
“C.I.A. ~ Cosmic Intelligence Agency” 9/8/2012
“He Says/She Says ~ The Rights Of The Right” 8/25/2012
“The Peaceful Warrior ~ Tai Chi” 8/18/2012
“Accountability In Action ~ Mars Conjunct Saturn” 8/11/2012
“The Cosmic Gyroscope” 8/4/2012
“He Says/She Says ~ Wrath” 7/28/2012
“Heavy Skies” 7/21/2012
“New Rules” ~ with Eric Francis 7/14/2012
“The Spark Arrives” 6/30/2012
“He Says/She Says ~ Guilt” 6/23/2012
“Why Mars Matters” 6/16/2012
“Uranus Square Pluto” 6/9/2012
“Full Moon Lunar Eclipse” 6/2/2012
“He Says/She Says ~ LUST” 5/26/2012
“Venus Retrograde” 5/19/2012
“Taking the Long View” with Tad Mann 5/12/2012
“One Is The Loneliest Number” with Michael Fierro 5/5/2012
“He Says/She Says with Debra Clement ~ “Incompatible” 4/28/2012
“A New Moon ~ An Earth Day” 4/21/2012
“A Night To Remember ~ The Astrology of the Titanic” with Eileen Grimes 4/14/2012
“Sign Language with Marguerite Manning” 4/7/2012
“Happy Birthday March 32nd” 3/31/2012
“He Says/She Says ~ Prescriptions With Restrictions” 3/24/2012
“It All Adds Up with Michael Fierro” 3/17/2012
“You Are So Retro” with Sharita Star 3/10/2012
“Revolutionary Dialog” 3/3/2012
“He Says/She Says ~ Sometimes It Works!” 2/25/2012
“The Expansive Spirit” 2/18/2012
“Love In The Air?” 2/11/2012
“The New Epoch” 2/4/2012
“Peering Into the Future with Mahala” 1/28/2012 (2nd hour)
“He Says / She Says ~ Fated Love” 1/28/2012 (1st hour)
“2012 Financial Outlook with Mahendra Sharma” 1/21/2012 (2nd hour)
“Moon Conjunct Pluto” 1/21/2012 (1st hour)
“Mars Opposes Venus with Michele Avanti” 1/14/2012 (2nd hour)
“Hurry Up and Stop” 1/14/2012 (1st hour)
“What’s In A Number with Michael Fierro” 1/7/2012 (2nd hour)
“Conjunction Junction” 1/7/2012 (1st hour)


Entering our 11th year! Presenting the best in progressive, enlightening radio…every week

“Neptune in Pisces with A.T. Mann” 12/31/2011 (2nd hour)
“Occult of Personality” 12/31/2011 (1st hour)
“Becoming Conscious with Bhante Wimala” 12/24/2011 (2nd hour)
“He Says/She Says ~ Endings: Making Good” 12/24/2011 (1st hour)
“Uranus / Pluto: 2012 and Beyond with Henry Seltzer” 12/17/2011 (2nd hour)
“Through the Veil ~ Conversations with the Departed” 12/17/2011 (1st hour)
“Crossing Over with Daria Justyn” 12/10/2011 (2nd hour)
“Mandala Assessment Research Instrument M.A.R.I” 12/10/2011 (1st hour)
“Sabian Symbols with Lynda Hill” 12/3/2011
“He Says / She Says ~ Reunited” with Debra Clement 11/26/2011
“Van Gogh: The Life,” with Pulitzer-prize winning author, Steven Naifeh 11/19/2011 “Van Gogh: The LIfe” website
“11/11/11 ~ with Dan Hardt” 11/12/2011
“My Reincarnation” ~ The Movie 11/5/2011 “My Reincarnation” website
“He Says / She Says” ~ “Cougars Have the Tables Turned?” 10/29/2011
“The Code ~ Unlocking the Ancient Power of Your Birthday” with Thomas Poppe 10/22/2011
“The Sabian Symbols ~ A Prophesy of Opportunity” ~ with Michael Elliot 10/15/2011
“Sojourn Of the Soul ~ One Woman’s Journey Around the World and Into Her Truth” ~ with Dana Micucci 10/8/2011
“It’s All In The Name” ~ with Sharita Star 10/1/2011
“He Says / She Says” ~ “A Balancing Act” ~ with Debra Clement and Chris Flisher 9/24/2011
“Scarry Perry” ~ with Michele Avanti 9/17/2011
“Economic Swampland” ~ with Joyce Levine 9/10/2011
“He Says/She Says”~”Fair?/Share?” 8/27/2011
“It’s The Economy, Stupid” 8/20/2011
“A Rude Awakening?” 8/13/2011
“Neptune~Tide of the Tribe” 8/6/2011
“Mars Approaching” 7/30/2011
“He Says / She Says ~ Privacy~ Who Do You Trust?” 7/23/2011
“Full Moon Capricorn” 7/16/2011
“Jupiter Trine Pluto” 7/9/2011
“How Are You Affected?” 7/2/2011
“He Says / She Says ~ Morality vs. Reality” 6/25/2011
“The Cardinal Rules” 6/18/2011
“It’s About Time” 6/11/2011
“The Eclipses ~ A Season Of Drama” 6/4/2011
“He Says / She Says with Debra Clement” ~ “Why Do People Cheat?” 5/28/2011
“Elements and Evolution with Eric Myers” 5/21/2011
“Do You Know Where Your Planets Are Tonight?” 5/14/2011
“Occult America” 5/7/2011
“The Birth Certificate” 4/30/2011
“He Says / She Says” with Chris Flisher and Debra Clement “Lady Gaga and The Missing Brain” 4/23/2011
“Neptune in Pisces with Erin Sullivan” 4/16/2011
“Going Backwards Mercury Retrograde with Michele Avanti” 4/9/2011
“Mars and the Astrology of War” 4/2/2011
“He Says / She Says” with Chris Flisher and Debra Clement “Life, Love and Liz Taylor” 3/26/2011
“Uranus in Aries ~ Tsunami In The Ring Of Fire” with Susan Miller 3/12/2011
“Uranus in Aries with Susan Miller” 3/5/2011
“He Says / She Says” with Chris Flisher and Debra Clement 2/26/2011
“The Mystical Convention~Neptune, Mercury, Mars and the Sun” with guest Sharita Star 2/19/2011
“Love And Other Stories” Chris Flisher -2/12/2011
“The Year Of The Metal Rabbit” ~ Chris Flisher 2/5/2011
“Jupiter in Aries” ~ Chris Flisher 1/21/2011
“Too Much Saturn” Francis Dunnery
Francis Dunnery 1/15/2011
“2011 ~ What Is To Come?” with Chris Flisher 1/8/2011


Entering our 11th year! Presenting the best in progressive, enlightening radio…every week

“Dreams Of Damanhur” with Keith Busha
WikiLeaks and Mercury Retrograde” ~ Chris Flisher
Chris Flisher and Sharita’s Star Secrets
“Into The Mystic~Neptune Goes Direct”~Chris Flisher
Chris Flisher & Victoria Bender ~ “Astro-Aromatherapy”
“The Saturn Return ~ First hand View” – Chris Flisher
Chris Flisher – “On The Road To Find Out~The Life Guide”
Chris Flisher – “Understanding Transits~Predictive Astrology”
Chris Flisher – “John Lennon~70th Birthday Celebration”
“Sacred Landscapes” with A.T.Mann
Chris Flisher – “So This Is Libra”
Chris Flisher – “The Autumnal Equinox”
Marguerite Manning – “The Power of Returns~The Anniversary”
Chris Flisher – “Venus and Mars~Sex Appeal”
Chris Flisher – “Virgo – Here You Are”
“Tarot and Astrology~Synergy or Synchronicity?” – Chris Flisher and Julie Peters
Chris Flisher – “A Moment In Time”
Chris Flisher – “Divine Opportunity”
“Astrology As An Anchor” – Chris Flisher & Debra Clement
Chris Flisher – “A Time Of Renewal and Shift”
Chris Flisher – “Conscious Communication”
Chris Flisher – “Drawing The Heat”
Chris Flisher – “July 2010 – A Month To Remember”
Chris Flisher – “Full Moon Lunar Eclipse-Live from Boston Yoga Fest”
Chris Flisher – “Intellectual Explosion – Uranus in Aries”
Chris Flisher – “The Grand Cardinal Cross”
Chris Flisher – “World Citizen”
Chris Flisher – “Who Pays?”
Chris Flisher – “Where Are We Headed?’
Michelle Avanti “Economic Meltdown?” –
Jonathan Goldman ~”The Sound Of God” –
Debra Clement – “The First House”
Donna Cunningham~”Flower Essences for Coping” –
Susan Miller ~ “Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto Retrograde” –
Tom Jacobs~”The Archetypal Myth” –
Dietrech Pessin~”The Lunar Shadow” –
Erin Sullivan~”Eros – The God Of Love” –
Deborah Baccaro – “Messages From The Departed”
Astrology Panel – “Does Astrology Work?”
Chris Flisher – What Do We Do Now?
Sharita Star – L-O-V-E
Jeanne Avery~Past Lives, Future Motives
Sharon Moore – Sunology
Sandra Ingerman~”How To Thrive In Changing Times” –
Agneta Borstein~Solar Eclipse/New Moon
Sandra Ingerman~~”How To Heal Toxic Thoughts”


Pattie Canova – “The Red Book” by Carl Jung
Erin Sullivan – “As We Move Forward”
Susan Sarkes – “Cancer Lunar Eclipse and Capricorn Coming”
Peter Rodger – “Oh My God” – The MovieLynda Hill – “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology”
Maria DeSimone – Karmic Synastry
Joel Kaplan – The Near Death Experience
Chris Flisher – The Un-healthy Care Debate
Joyce Levine – What It Feels Like To Be A Scorpio
Donna Cunningham – Pluto and YOU
Marguerite Manning – Karma And You
Debra Clement – Anchored In Astrology
Erin Sullivan – Mercury Retrograde
A.T.Mann – Tools For Evolution
Joseph Crane – Surviving Pluto
Chris Flisher – Live Readings
Sharita – Saturn v. Uranus
Chris Flisher – Mandalas ~ Spirit In Art
Deborah Baccarro – Missing Voices
Deborah Eidson – Photographic Alchemy
Paul Laffoley – The Mystical Dimension
Erin Sullivan – Pluto Unleashed
Agneta Boorstein – Churning Process Of The Soul
Nancy Wallace – The Mystical Tarot
Michele Avanti – Lunar Eclipse Full Moon
Michele Karen – Astrology For Enlightenment Pt 1
Michele Karen -“Astrology For Enlightenment”Pt 2
Steven Forrest – Astrology of Evolution
Moshe Berlin – Astrofaces
Chris Flisher – Astrology Lives
Jodie Forrest – The Ascendant
Kim Mannine – Broken? – Mercury Retrograde
Ray Grasse – Age Of Aquarius
Laurence Hillman – Has The World Gone Mad?
Tad Mann – Reincarnation
Erin Sullivan – Deconstruction – Pluto Retrograde
Elizabeth Spring – The Node Of The Moon
Jeanne Avery – The Mask We Wear
Michael Galileo – Where Does Time Come From?
Michael Erlewine – Chinese Astrology
Henry Seltzer – Outer Planets/Inner Landscape
Erin Sullivan – Love In Reverse
Maurice Fernandez – Evolutionary Astrology
Dana Gerhardt – Venus Retrograde
Lauren Edmund – Artcharts
Erin Sullivan – Saturn Retrograde
Chris Flisher – Astrology Now
Glenn Parry – What’s Under The Hood? – Astro-psychology
Deborah Clement – Anchored In Astrology
Joni Patry – Vedic Astrology
Tristan Rimbaud – Psychic Astrology
Constance Stellas – Romance In The Stars


Henry Fiddler – Plan S 12/11/2008
Deborah Baccarro – Presence Of The Departed 12/4/2008
Michele Avanti – A Place In Time 11/20/2008
Laura Williams – Lunar Time, Lunar Clock 11/13/2008
Alphee Lavoie – Four Paths To God 11/6/2008
Joyce Levine – The Election 10/30/2008
Sharita – Mars In Scorpio 10/23/2008
Joseph Crane – Where We Stand 10/16/2008
Chris Flisher – Saturn vs. Uranus 10/2/2008
Marguerite Manning – Mars In Libra 9/25/2008
Kim Manine – Kosmic Kim 9/18/2008
Michele Adler – 8 Degrees Cardinal 9/11/2008
Tad Mann – Sacred Architecture 9/4/2008
Maria Desimone – Solar Return 8/28/2008
Diana Harris – Ancient Animal Wisdom 8/21/2008
Carol Guy – Twin Flames/Soul Mates 8/14/2008
Pamela Edwards – Psychic Medium 8/7/2008
Micheal St. Clair – The Zen Of Stars 7/31/2008
Diane Cramer – Medical Astrology 7/24/2008
Henry Seltzer – The Planet Eris 7/17/2008
Jane Graham – The Economy-Predictions 7/10/2008
Kelly Lee Phipps – Return Of The Magi 7/3/2008
Annamaria Hemingway – Consciuous Living and Dying 6/26/2008
Trish Casimira – Past Lives, Present Patterns 6/19/2008
Sharon Mullen – Tong Ren and Astrology 6/12/2008
Madalyn Hillis-Dineen – Location, Location, Location 6/5/2008
Dr. Betty Kovacs – The Miracle of Death 5/29/2008
Deborah Baccaro – Medical Intuition 5/22/2008
Scott Olsen – The Golden Section 5/15/2008
Nancy Risley – Realize Your Sublime Energy 5/8/2008
Richard Tarnas – Cosmos and Psyche 5/1/2008
John Brill – Mystical Imagery 4/24/2008
John Martineau – Coincidence 4/17/2008
Sharita – Astrology and Numerology 4/10/2008
Bruce Scofield – 12/21/2012 4/3/2008
Natalia Kaylin – Chinese Astrology 3/27/2008
Judith Cornell – Mandalas 3/20/2008
Chris Flisher – Astrology Readings 3/13/2008
Jeffrey Armstrong – Vedic Astrology 3/6/2008
Ray Grasse – Symbolism and Astrology 2/28/2008
Carolyn North – Synchronicity 2/21/2008
Nancy Wallace – Soul Tarot 2/14/2008
Paul Laffoley – Mystical Dimension 2/7/2008
Laurence Hillman – Cause and Effect 1/31/2008
Jan Spiller – Cosmic Love 1/24/2008
Sylvia Jean Smith – Eclipses 1/17/2008
Suzanne Keating – Sacred Geometry 1/10/2008
Henry Seltzer – Time Passages 1/8/2008


Esperide Ananas – Damanhur 12/20/2007

Donna Cunningham – Pluto in Capricorn 12/13/2007

Erin Sullivan – Midlife Musings 12/6/2007

Jerry Wennstrom – The Inspired Heart 11/29/2007

Alex Grey – Spirit In Art 11/15/2007

Michele Avanti – Astrocartography 11/8/2007

Lynda Hill – The Sabian Symbols 10/25/2007

Sharon Mullen – The Coming Storm 10/18/2007

Paula Gassmann – Saturn Conjunct Venus 10/11/2007

Marguerite Manning – Karmic Astrology 10/4/2007

Joyce Levine – Saturn In Virgo 9/27/2007

Joseph Crane – George Bush’s Really Bad Year 9/20/2007

Tad Mann – Lifetime Astrology 9/13/2007

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