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Celebrating our 14th year! Presenting the best in progressive, enlightening radio…every week.  If you enjoy my work, please show your support and DONATE.

“Merchants of Light” with Dr. Betty Kovacs 9/4/2020
“Reconsiderations ~ Mars Retrograde” with Debra Clement 8/7/2020
“Cardinal Climax” with Theodore White” 7/31/2020
“The 2020 Election ` What Happens with Mitchell Lewis” 7/24/2020
“What Can The Akashic Records Teach Us?” 7/17/2020
“Therapeutic Planets” with Greg Bogart 7/2/2020
“It’s About Time!” with Michael Galileo 6/19/2020
“Quantum Science of Psychedelics” with Carl Johan Calleman 6/12/2020
“The Changing of the Nodes” with Agneta Borstein 6/5/2020
“The Venus Star Point” 5/29/2020
“2020 Eclipse Season” with Ronnie Dreyer 5/22/2020
“Cards of Your Destiny” with Mary Anne Costerella 5/15/2020
“Venus Retrograde ~ Reconsiderations” with Arielle Guttman 5/8/2020
“Symbols for a Time of Despair” with Lynda Hill 5/1/2020
“Retrograde Parade with Susie Cox” 4/24/2020
“Say Yes To Life” 4/17/2020
“Numbering” with Daniel Hardt 4/10/2020
“Taking Stock” with Mitchell Lewis 4/3/2020
“Collective Responsibility ~ Saturn in Aquarius” with Erin Sullivan 3/27/2020
“Turn To The Light with Michael Lutin” 3/20/2020
“Pearls of Tomorrow with Wendy Stacey” 3/13/2020
“Thereus ~ The Hunter-Stalker Asteroid” 3/6/2020
“Songs of the Spheres with Becca Tarnas” 2/28/2020
“Ancestral Healing with A.T. Mann” 2/21/2020
“Contemporary Astrology with Louise Edington” 2/14/2020
“The Wonder of You: Near Death Experiences” 2/7/2020
“Aspects in Astrology” 1/31/2020
“The Tarot Tells” with Edward Mesmer 1/24/2020
“Vedic Astrology for Beginners” with Pamela McDonough 1/17/2020
“2020 ~ Eclipses” with Dietrech Pessin 1/10/2020


Celebrating our 13th year! Presenting the best in progressive, enlightening radio…every week.  If you enjoy my work, please show your support and DONATE.

“Gazing Back, Gazing Forward” with Mitchell Lewis 12/20/2019

“The Times They Are A Changin'” with Susie Cox 12/13/2019

“Jupiter, Capricorn and Beyond with Joyce Levine 12/06/2019

“2020 ~ The Numbers” with Michael John Fierro 11/22/2019

“Making Cosmic Sense of the Asteroids” with Marguerite Manning 11/15/2019

“To Know Is To Flow” with A.T. Mann 11/01/2019

“Evangeline Adams ~ Astrology Pioneer” with Karen Christino 10/25/2019

“The Uranian Method” with Madalyn Hillis-Dineen 10/18/2019

“Impeachment and The Markets” with Mitchell Lewis 10/11/2019

“What Do We Do Now? with Michael Lutin” 9/27/2019

“Rectifying the Work of Marc Edmund Jones” 9/20/2019

“The Rise of the Feminine” with Laurence Hillman 9/13/2019

“Will You Still Need Me? Will You Still Feed Me?” with Erin Sullivan 9/6/2019

“Saturn/Neptune and the Law of Attraction with Benjamin Bernstein” 8/30/2019

“The Venus Cazimi with Arielle Guttman” 8/16/2019

“Chart Rulerships” 7/26/2019

“Running the Numbers with Michael John Fierro” 7/5/2019

“The Turning Point with Ray Grasse” 6/28/2019

“Enter the Dragon ~ Saros Cycle with Gemini Brett” 6/21/2019

“Big Confusion ~ Jupiter Square Neptune with Mitchell Lewis” 6/14/2019

“The Great Collape with Michael Lutin” 5/31/2019

“The Human Design System” 5/17/2019

“Long, Hot Summer ~ Retrograde Season with Mitchell Lewis” 5/10/2019

“Astrology for the Third Act of Life with Elizabeth Spring” 4/19/2019

“Jupiter/Saturn in Aquarius with Lesley Francis” 4/12/2019
“Beginning and Ending Planets with Lynn Koiner” 4/5/2019

“The Chakras” 3/29/2019

“Financial Times with Mitchell Lewis” 3/22/2019

“Dynamic Narrative Astrology with A.T. Mann” 3/15/2019

“A Time of Reckoning with Eric Meyers” 3/8/2019
“C-O-L-O-R with Betsy Karp” 2/22/2019

“50 Years Ago ~ Chiron in Aries with Elisabeth Grace” 2/15/2019
“A Change is Gonna Come with Erin Sullivan” 2/8/2019





“Aspects to America’s Chart with Mitchell Lewis” 2/1/2019
“The Ascendant ~ What We Project with Jodie Forrest” 1/25/2019

“Pondering the Logic of Astrology with Bruce Scofield”” 1/18/2019
“Astrological Highlights of 2019 with Arielle Guttman”” 1/11/2019


Celebrating our 11th year! Presenting the best in progressive, enlightening radio…every week Show your support DONATE

“Running the Numbers ~ 2019 and Beyond”” 12/7/2018
“Talking with The Leo King”” 11/30/2018
“Chiron’s Calling with Michael Lutin”” 11/23/2018
“Jupiter in Sagittarius with Jackie Slevin” 11/9/2018
“Dreams ~ Our Subconscious Guide with Layne Dalfen” 10/26/2018

“The Near Death Experience with Nancy Rynes” 10/19/2018

“Psyche and Singularity with Timothy Desmond” 10/12/2018

“The Financial Horizon ~ Boom or Bust? with Mitchell Lewis” 10/5/2018
“The Magic of Eidetic Imagery with Wendy Yellen” 9/28/2018
“Saturn Turns Direct” 9/21/2018
“The Kabbalah and Astrology” 9/7/2018

“Botanical Magic” with Amy Blackthorn 8/31/2018

“The New Astrology with Suzanne White” 8/24/2018

“Karma and the Twelfth House with Marguerite Manning” 8/10/2018
“Twins: Astrology Tested with Suzanne Keating” 8/3/2018
“The Psychic Realm with Katherine Glass” 7/27/2018
“When Astrology Met the Computer with Michael Erlewine” 7/20/2018
“The Cosmic Gyroscope with Michael Elliot” 7/13/2018
“Rambling with Caroline Casey” 7/6/2018

“Talkin’ Pluto Blues with A.T. Mann” 6/29/2018
“The Astrology Code with Michael Bergen” 6/22/2018
“Infinite Possibility with Katherine Jegede” 6/15/2018

“The Slow Arc of Time with Ray Grasse” 6/8/2018

“The Saturn Blues” 6/1/2018
“Crystal Gridwork” 5/25/2018
“Running The Numbers” with Sharita Star 5/18/2018
“Chiron in Aries” with Rose Marcus 5/11/2018
“The Lunar Gospel” with Cal Garrison 5/4/2018
“Extraordinary Relationships” with Diane Lawson 4/27/2018
“These Voices Will Be Heard” with Joyce Levine 4/20/2018
“Breathe Deep” with Danny Penman 4/13/2018

“From Hopelessness to Commitment” with Michael Lutin 4/6/2018
“Playing Nicely With Others” with Matthew Curry 3/30/2018
“Planetary War ~ Mars Conjunct Saturn” with Alan Annan 3/24/2018
“On The Looming Horizon” with Arielle Guttman 3/16/2018

“Sequentiality ~ Timing Is Everything” with John Vespasian 3/9/2018
“How to Interpret? Vedic or Western” with Robert Currey 3/2/2018
“Backing Into Astrology” with Joseph Crane 2/22/2018
“Lunar Nomad Oracle” with Shaheen Miro 2/16/2018

“Neptune in Pisces” with A.T. Mann (archived replay) 2/9/2018
“Hang On World” with Dr. Michael Lennox 2/2/2018
“Stop Talking About Planets” with Elisabeth Grace 1/26/2018
“The Transit of Pluto” with Alan Oken 1/19/2018
“Surviving Pluto” with Joseph Crane 1/12/2018
“Sacred Architecture”” with A.T. Mann (archived replay) 1/5/2018


Celebrating our 11th year! Presenting the best in progressive, enlightening radio…every week. Show your support for independent radio

“Lunar Shadow” with Dietrich Pessin (archive replay) 12/22/2017
“The Dreams of Damanhur” with Keith Busha (archive replay) 12/15/2017

“A Vision of 2020” with Dorothy Oja 12/8/2017
“Astrology’s Bad Boy” with Hazel Dixon-Cooper (archive replay) 12/1/2017
“Its About Time” with Michael Gallileo 11/24/2017
“Soul and Psyche” with Maggie Kerr 11/17/2017
“Occult Detectives” with Judika Illes 11/10/2017

“Not Normal” with Mitchell Scott Lewis 11/3/2017
“The Thoth Tarot” 10/27/2017

“Adding Things Up” with Micheal John Fierro 10/20/2017
“Plutos Power” with Donna Cunningham (archive replay) 10/13/2017

“Symbols In Times of Strife” with Lynda Hill” 10/6/2017

“The After Death Chronicles” 9/29/2017
“A Question of Astrology and Ethics” with Julija Simas 9/22/2017
“An Infinity of Gods” with Ray Grasse 9/15/2017
“The Aftermath” with Michael Lutin 9/8/2017
“Where Are We? What Do We Do?” with A.T. Mann 8/18/2017
“ECLIPSE” with Erin Sullivan 8/11/2017
“An Oracle of Degrees” with Blain Bovee 7/28/2017
“The Guide for Human Development” with P.M.H. Atwater 7/21/2017

“Growing Pains” with Alex Trenoweth 7/14/2017

“Your Soul’s Purpose” with Mark Thurston 7/7/2017

“Lunar Rituals” with Simone Butler 6/30/2017

“It Didn’t Start With You” with Mark Wolynn 6/23/2017

“Astrology ~ Believe It Or Not?” with Alexandra Karacostas 6/16/2017
“The Power of Tarot with Jeanne Mayell” 6/9/2017
“Hellenistic Astrology” with Chris Brennan 5/19/2017

“2020 ~ Saturn Conjunct Pluto” 5/12/2017
“Navamsa” with Alan Annand 4/28/2017
“Planetary Vibrational Medicine” 4/14/2017
“Our Mother Who Art The Moon” with Maria DeSimone 4/7/2017
“The Astrology of Aging” with Virgina Bell 3/31/2017

“The Fantastic and Forgotten” with Judika Illes 3/24/2017

“The Answer to Everything” with Amit Goswami 3/17/2017

“Information Overload” 3/10/2017
“The Logic of Astrology” 3/3/2017
“Challenging Aspects” with Kate Petty 2/24/2017
“Reconsiderations ~ Venus Retrograde with Arielle Guttman 2/10/2017
“The E Word” with Cate Montana 2/3/2017

“A Taste of Astrology” with Lucy Ash 1/27/2017
“Sensitive Degrees” with Ronnie Dreyer 1/20/2017
“Jupiter -Uranus Opposition” with Henry Seltzer 1/13/2017
“2017 ~ The Numerology Outlook” with Michael John Fierro 1/6/2017


Celebrating our 10th year! Presenting the best in progressive, enlightening radio…every week. Show your support for independent radio

“2017 Eclipses” with Agneta Borstein 12/30/2016
“The End of the Year As We Know It” with Michael Lutin 12/23/2016
“Election Debriefing” with Dorothy Oja 12/16/2016
“Psycho-Cybernetics” with Mitch Horowitz 12/9/2016
“Neptune ~ Friend or Foe?” with Steven Forrest 11/25/2016
“Now What?” with A.T. Mann 11/18/2016
“Remembrance of a Genius ~ Paul Laffoley” 10/21/2016
“Karma Can Be A Real Pain” with Joanne Dimaggio 10/14/2016
“The Five Elements” with Dondi Dahlin 10/7/2016
“Humor in the Horoscope” with Frank C. Clifford 9/30/2016
“The Ascension Mysteries” with David Wilcock 9/16/2016
“What Ails You? ~ Medical Astrology with Mitch Lewis 9/9/2016
“The Economics of Happiness” with Amit Goswami 9/2/2016
“Who Done It? ~ Forensic Astrology 8/26/2016
“Left or Right” with Bruce Scofield 8/19/2016
“What Say The Symbols?” with Lynda Hill 8/12/2016
“Duty or Delusion?” 8/5/2016
“On The Topic of Eclipses” 7/29/2016
“The Solar Return” 7/22/2016
“Can Astrology Predict? with A.T. Mann” 7/8/2016
“Character and Calling” 7/1/2016
“Reincarnation” 6/24/2016
“Saturn, Neptune and the US Economy” with Mitchell Lewis 6/17/2016
“Forensic Astrology” with B.D. Salerno 5/27/2016
“How Does It Add Up?” with Felicia Bender 5/20/2016
“Mars Retrograde” with Arielle Guttman 5/13/2016
“The Bard & The Stars ~ Shakespeare & Astrology” with Priscilla Costello 4/22/2016
“Near Death Experience” with Joel Kaplan 4/15/2016
“Primary Directions in the USA” with Kenneth Bowser 4/8/2016
“The Power of Positive Thinking” with Mitch Horowitz 4/1/2016
“Why Can’t I Meditate?” with Nigel Wellings 3/25/2016
“A Radical Departure” with Joseph Crane 3/18/2016
“The Opposition Condition” with Glenn Perry 3/11/2016
“Astrology Awakening” with Eric Meyers 3/4/2016
“Astroeconomics” with Grace K. Morris 2/26/2016
“Reclaiming Magic” with Lee Milteer 2/19/2016
“The Astrology of the Moment” with Geoffrey Cornelius 2/12/2016
“Limits To Logic” with Kate Petty 2/5/2016
“Wired To Connect” with Amy Banks 1/29/2016
“Astrology As Philosophy” with Ray Grasse 1/22/2016
“A Vedic Discussion” with Komilla Sutton 1/15/2016
“iGOD” The Movie with Rashmi Khilnani 1/8/2016


Entering our 11th year! Presenting the best in progressive, enlightening radio…every week

“To Cast A Spell” with Judika Illes 12/31/2015
“The Secret Teachers of the Western World” with Gary Lachman 12/18/2015
“Miraculous Silence” with Mitra Rahbar 12/11/2015
“Saturn Square Neptune” with Erin Sullivan & Michael Lutin 12/04/2015
“Saturn’s Role” with Erin Sullivan 11/27/2015
“The Tao of Happiness” with Derek Lin 11/20/2015
“Evolving Through Astrology” with Deva Green 11/13/2015
“The Age of Aquarius” with Adrian Duncan 11/06/2015
“Honoring Your Sun” with Frank C Clifford 10/30/2015
“The Nodal Axis” with Mark Jones 10/23/2015
“Karmic Dates & Momentary Mates” with Jessica Shepherd 10/16/2015
“The Astrology of Financial Trends” with Bill Meridian 10/9/2015
“The Coincidence of Everyday Events” with Elisabeth Grace 9/4/2015
“Financial Collapse” with Mitchell Lewis 8/28/2015
“The Astrology of Complex Times” with Armand Diaz 8/21/2015
“The Roots of Astrology” with guest Chris Brennan 8/14/2015
“Practical, Spiritual Astrology with Selina Maitreya” 8/7/2015
“Medi-Signs ~ The Astrology of Medicine with Diane Cramer” 7/31/2015
“Love Is Blind ~ Venus Retrograde with Arielle Guttman” 7/24/2015
“Before The Deluge with Michael St. Clair” 7/17/2015
“The Cosmic Watch” 7/3/2015
“The Year 2020” with Michael Fierro 6/12/2015
“Chiron ~ The Wounded Healer” with Lynn Bell 6/5/2015
“Hexagon Astrology Magazine” with Matt Savinar 5/29/2015
“Ayahusca ~ What’s It All About?” with Rak Razam 5/22/2015
“Jeff Jawer ~ December 2014” A Final Interview with the Great Astrologer 5/15/2015
“The Holistic Tarot” with Benebell Wen 5/15/2015
“The Antiscia” with Kate Petty 5/8/2015
“The Cards of Destiny” with Mary Anne Costerella 5/1/2015
“The Astrological Tarot” with A.T. Mann 4/24/2015
“$$$ with Mitchell Scott Lewis” 4/17/2015
“Vedic Astrology ~ How It Works” with Joni Patry 4/10/2015
“D.I.Y. Magic” 4/3/2015
“The Yod” with Maurice Fernandez 3/27/2015
“Pluto – Astronomy, Astrology, Mythology” with Richard Grossinger 3/20/2015
“Game-changing Eclipses of 2015” with Ronnie Dreyer 3/13/2015
“Astrology and Carl Jung” with Erin Sullivan 3/6/2015
“Neptune In Pisces” with Michael Lutin 2/20/2015
“Eclipses Are On The Way” with The Leo King, David Lawrence Palmer 2/13/2015
“The Cosmic Mind” with Julija Simas 2/6/2015
“Astrological Progressions” with Janet Booth 1/30/2015
“He Says/She Says” with Chris Flisher and Debra Clement 1/23/2015
“Time and Motion” with Galileo 1/16/2015
“Synchronicity ~ Time and Effect” with Ray Grasse 1/9/2015
“Noel Tyl ~ Conversations with a Master 1/2/2015


Entering our 11th year! Presenting the best in progressive, enlightening radio…every week

“He Says/She Says” 2014~2015 12/26/2014
“Astrology’s Bad Boy ~ How to Handle Pluto” with Hazel Dixon-Cooper 12/19/2014
“The Venus Star Point” with Arielle Guttman 12/12/2014
“The Secret Clue To Your Numbers” with Michael Fierro 12/5/2014
“He Says/She Says” with Debra Clement 11/28/2014
“Moon Viewing” with Barbara Yoshida 11/21/2014
“Adding Up the Numbers” with Felicia Bender 11/7/2014
“Who Was Dracula” with Jim Steinmeyer 10/31/2014
“He Says/She Says ~ Where Are We Now?” with Chris and Debra 10/24/2014
“The Astrology of the Moment” with Geoffrey Cornelius 10/17/2014
“At The Crossroads ~ The Astrology of Turbulent Times” with Jessica Murray 10/10/2014
“Eclipses Up Ahead ~ What To Expect” 10/3/2014
“Live at the ISAR Conference” with A.T. Mann 9/26/2014
“He Says/She Says ~ Gender Inequality” with Chris and Debra” 9/19/2014
“Astrology As A Life Coach” with Deborah Roth” 9/12/2014
“Astrology and Computers” with Madalyn Hillis-Dineen” 9/5/2014
“He Says/She Says Push Me/Pull You” 8/29/2014
“The Prayer Project” with Paramhansa Jagadish 8/22/2014
“What Are Astrological Aspects? Learn” 8/15/2014
“Back With A Roar ~ Jupiter, Mars, Mercury” 8/8/2014
“The Truth About the Mayan Calendar” with Carl Johan Calleman 8/1/2014
“He Says/She Says ~ A Little Lightness Appears” 7/25/2014
“Born Under A Bad Sign” with Hazel Dixon-Cooper 7/18/2014
“Jupiter Steps Into Leo” with Chris and Sharita 7/11/2014
“Symbols ~ The Universal Code” with Ryan Gable 7/4/2014
“He Says/She Says ~ Cardinal Intensity” with Chris and Debra 6/27/2014
“The Summer Solstice” with Chris Flisher 6/20/2014
“Moon ~ The Mother Archetype” with Bruce Scofield and Chris Flisher 6/13/2014
“Mars Moves Forward” with Chris Flisher 6/6/2014
“Retrogrades What Do They Mean? with Chris Flisher and David Palmer” 5/30/2014
“He Says/She Says ~ It’s Only Words with Chris Flisher and Debra Clement” 5/23/2014
“The Future of Astrology with Robert Hand and Chris Flisher” 5/16/2014
“Understanding Uranian Astrology with Liane Thomas Wade and Chris Flisher” 5/9/2014
“The Astrology of Dreams” with Chris Flisher and Michael Lennox 5/2/2014
“He Says/She Says ~ What Do We Do Now? with Chris Flisher and Debra Clement” 4/25/2014
“2020 ~ A New Era Dawns with Chris Flisher and Michael St. Clair” 4/18/2014
“Eclectic and Electric ~ The Grand Cardinal Cross with Chris Flisher” 4/11/2014
“The Ancient Art of the Cards with Chris Flisher and Stefan Meyer” 4/4/2014
“He Says/She Says with Chris Flisher and Debra Clement” ~ “Are We Going Backwards?” 3/28/2014
“AstroFaces ~ What Your Face Says About You” 3/21/2014
“What’s With the Numbers?” with Chris Flisher and Felicia Bender 3/14/2014
“The Psychic Realm” with Chris Flisher and Katherine Glass 3/7/2014
“He Says/She Says with Chris Flisher and Debra Clement” ~ Can We Talk? 2/28/2014
“Uranus, Pluto and the Astrology of 2014” with Henry Seltzer 2/21/2014
“Valentine’s Day” with Marguerite Manning 2/14/2014
“Mercury Retrograde = Groundhog Day” with Chris Flisher 2/7/2014
“Susan Miller 2014 ~ A Conversation” 1/31/2014
“He Says/She Says ~ Venus Retrograde” with Debra Clement 1/24/2014
“The Millenials ~ A Special Generation” with Donna Cunningham 1/17/2014
“Sneakin” Thru the Valley with Allie (Cheslick)” 1/10/2014
“New Moon, New Year, New Way Forward with Daria Justyn” 1/3/2014


Entering our 11th year! Presenting the best in progressive, enlightening radio…every week

“He Says/She Says ~ Goodbye 2013/ Hello 2014” 12/27/2013
“What It Feels Like To Be A Cardinal Sign with Dietrech Pessin” 12/20/2013
“What To Expect When Venus Goes Retrograde with Suzanne Keating” 12/13/2013
“Sharita Says” 12/6/2013
“The Oncoming of Mars” 11/29/2013
“He Says/She Says ~ The Assassination” 11/22/2013
“A Planet In Evolution” with Tad Mann 11/15/2013
“The Power of Intuition” with Peter Roth 11/8/2013
“It’s In The Numbers” with Michael Fierro 11/1/2013
“He Says/She Says” with Debra Clement 10/25/2013
“Eclipses” with Ronnie Dreyer 10/18/2013
“Hardball ~ Reponsible Dialog” The Budget Crisis” 10/11/2013
“The First Radio Show ~ Welcome to Awakening Zone Radio” 10/4/2013
“The Last Radio Show” 9/14/2013
“He Says/She Says ~ Break-ups” 8/24/2013
“Live at the NCGR In Philadelphia” 8/17/2013
“What Happens If?” 8/3/2013
“He Says/She Says” Wounds and Mars 7/27/2013
“The Grand Water Trine” 7/20/2013
“Falco Has Departed” 7/13/2013
“The Eclectic Company” 7/6/2013
“He Says/She Says Oh So Retro” 6/29/2013
“Your Cosmic Address” 6/22/2013
“6th Sense and Beyond” with Christina Andrianopoulis 6/15/2013
“Get Right With Ritual” with Barbara Biziou 6/1/2013
“He Says/She Says ~ Eclipses” 5/25/2013
“Time of the Signs” with Caroline Casey 5/18/2013
“The Akashic Records” with Linda Howe 5/11/2013
“Human Design System” with Hal Bahr 5/4/2013
“He Says/She Says ~ Are You Upset?” 4/27/2013
“Supernatural” with Richard Smoley 4/20/2013
“Titanic Astrology” with Eileen Grimes 4/13/2013
“An Aries Tale” 4/6/2013
“Seeing Red ~ Cardinal Times” with Michael Lutin 3/30/2013
“He Says/She Says ~ Aggression” 3/23/2013
“A Clarion Call ~ Open To Create” with Selina Maitreya 3/16/2013
“On Cat-like Feet ~ The Fog” with Lisa V” 3/9/2013
“Searching for Depth ~ Saturn In Scorpio” 3/2/2013
“He Says/She Says ~ I’ve Got A Feeling” with Debra Clement 2/23/2013
“Party in Pisces” with Julija Simas and the C.I.A. 2/16/2013
“Agape ~ Venus In Aquarius” with Eric Francis 2/9/2013
“The Year Of The Water Snake” with Sharita Star” 2/2/2013
“He Says/She Says ~ Are You Listening To Me?” 1/26/2013
“The Dude and The Zen Master” with Bernie Glassman 1/19/2013
“Skeletons In The Closet” 1/12/2013
“The Joy Of Ritual with Barbara Biziou” 1/5/2013


Entering our 11th year! Presenting the best in progressive, enlightening radio…every week

“Madame Blavatsky with Gary Lachman” 12/29/2012
“He Says/She Says ~Looking Backwards/Looking Forwards” 12/22/2012
“Show Me The Numbers with Michael Fierro” 12/15/2012
“The Sacred Language of Trees with A.T. Mann” 12/08/2012
“World Turning with Erin Sullivan” 12/01/2012
“He Says/She Says ~ Mars and Pluto” 11/24/2012
“Can’t Buy Me Love ~ The Astrology of an Election” 11/17/2012
“The Illusion of Reality with Alan Steinfeld” 11/10/2012
“Us vs. Me” 11/03/2012
“He Says/She Says ~ In A Bind(er)” 10/27/2012
“Circles In The Crops with Patty Greer” 10/20/2012
“Faith Beyond Belief” 10/13/2012
“Saturn in Scorpio” 10/6/2012
“Important ~ Full Moon in Aries” 9/29/2012
“He Says/She Says ~ Proximity” 9/22/2012
“New Realities with Alan Steinfeld” 9/15/2012
“C.I.A. ~ Cosmic Intelligence Agency” 9/8/2012
“He Says/She Says ~ The Rights Of The Right” 8/25/2012
“The Peaceful Warrior ~ Tai Chi” 8/18/2012
“Accountability In Action ~ Mars Conjunct Saturn” 8/11/2012
“The Cosmic Gyroscope” 8/4/2012
“He Says/She Says ~ Wrath” 7/28/2012
“Heavy Skies” 7/21/2012
“New Rules” ~ with Eric Francis 7/14/2012
“The Spark Arrives” 6/30/2012
“He Says/She Says ~ Guilt” 6/23/2012
“Why Mars Matters” 6/16/2012
“Uranus Square Pluto” 6/9/2012
“Full Moon Lunar Eclipse” 6/2/2012
“He Says/She Says ~ LUST” 5/26/2012
“Venus Retrograde” 5/19/2012
“Taking the Long View” with Tad Mann 5/12/2012
“One Is The Loneliest Number” with Michael Fierro 5/5/2012
“He Says/She Says with Debra Clement ~ “Incompatible” 4/28/2012
“A New Moon ~ An Earth Day” 4/21/2012
“A Night To Remember ~ The Astrology of the Titanic” with Eileen Grimes 4/14/2012
“Sign Language with Marguerite Manning” 4/7/2012
“Happy Birthday March 32nd” 3/31/2012
“He Says/She Says ~ Prescriptions With Restrictions” 3/24/2012
“It All Adds Up with Michael Fierro” 3/17/2012
“You Are So Retro” with Sharita Star 3/10/2012
“Revolutionary Dialog” 3/3/2012
“He Says/She Says ~ Sometimes It Works!” 2/25/2012
“The Expansive Spirit” 2/18/2012
“Love In The Air?” 2/11/2012
“The New Epoch” 2/4/2012
“Peering Into the Future with Mahala” 1/28/2012 (2nd hour)
“He Says / She Says ~ Fated Love” 1/28/2012 (1st hour)
“2012 Financial Outlook with Mahendra Sharma” 1/21/2012 (2nd hour)
“Moon Conjunct Pluto” 1/21/2012 (1st hour)
“Mars Opposes Venus with Michele Avanti” 1/14/2012 (2nd hour)
“Hurry Up and Stop” 1/14/2012 (1st hour)
“What’s In A Number with Michael Fierro” 1/7/2012 (2nd hour)
“Conjunction Junction” 1/7/2012 (1st hour)


Entering our 11th year! Presenting the best in progressive, enlightening radio…every week

“Neptune in Pisces with A.T. Mann” 12/31/2011 (2nd hour)
“Occult of Personality” 12/31/2011 (1st hour)
“Becoming Conscious with Bhante Wimala” 12/24/2011 (2nd hour)
“He Says/She Says ~ Endings: Making Good” 12/24/2011 (1st hour)
“Uranus / Pluto: 2012 and Beyond with Henry Seltzer” 12/17/2011 (2nd hour)
“Through the Veil ~ Conversations with the Departed” 12/17/2011 (1st hour)
“Crossing Over with Daria Justyn” 12/10/2011 (2nd hour)
“Mandala Assessment Research Instrument M.A.R.I” 12/10/2011 (1st hour)
“Sabian Symbols with Lynda Hill” 12/3/2011
“He Says / She Says ~ Reunited” with Debra Clement 11/26/2011
“Van Gogh: The Life,” with Pulitzer-prize winning author, Steven Naifeh 11/19/2011 “Van Gogh: The LIfe” website
“11/11/11 ~ with Dan Hardt” 11/12/2011
“My Reincarnation” ~ The Movie 11/5/2011 “My Reincarnation” website
“He Says / She Says” ~ “Cougars Have the Tables Turned?” 10/29/2011
“The Code ~ Unlocking the Ancient Power of Your Birthday” with Thomas Poppe 10/22/2011
“The Sabian Symbols ~ A Prophesy of Opportunity” ~ with Michael Elliot 10/15/2011
“Sojourn Of the Soul ~ One Woman’s Journey Around the World and Into Her Truth” ~ with Dana Micucci 10/8/2011
“It’s All In The Name” ~ with Sharita Star 10/1/2011
“He Says / She Says” ~ “A Balancing Act” ~ with Debra Clement and Chris Flisher 9/24/2011
“Scarry Perry” ~ with Michele Avanti 9/17/2011
“Economic Swampland” ~ with Joyce Levine 9/10/2011
“He Says/She Says”~”Fair?/Share?” 8/27/2011
“It’s The Economy, Stupid” 8/20/2011
“A Rude Awakening?” 8/13/2011
“Neptune~Tide of the Tribe” 8/6/2011
“Mars Approaching” 7/30/2011
“He Says / She Says ~ Privacy~ Who Do You Trust?” 7/23/2011
“Full Moon Capricorn” 7/16/2011
“Jupiter Trine Pluto” 7/9/2011
“How Are You Affected?” 7/2/2011
“He Says / She Says ~ Morality vs. Reality” 6/25/2011
“The Cardinal Rules” 6/18/2011
“It’s About Time” 6/11/2011
“The Eclipses ~ A Season Of Drama” 6/4/2011
“He Says / She Says with Debra Clement” ~ “Why Do People Cheat?” 5/28/2011
“Elements and Evolution with Eric Myers” 5/21/2011
“Do You Know Where Your Planets Are Tonight?” 5/14/2011
“Occult America” 5/7/2011
“The Birth Certificate” 4/30/2011
“He Says / She Says” with Chris Flisher and Debra Clement “Lady Gaga and The Missing Brain” 4/23/2011
“Neptune in Pisces with Erin Sullivan” 4/16/2011
“Going Backwards Mercury Retrograde with Michele Avanti” 4/9/2011
“Mars and the Astrology of War” 4/2/2011
“He Says / She Says” with Chris Flisher and Debra Clement “Life, Love and Liz Taylor” 3/26/2011
“Uranus in Aries ~ Tsunami In The Ring Of Fire” with Susan Miller 3/12/2011
“Uranus in Aries with Susan Miller” 3/5/2011
“He Says / She Says” with Chris Flisher and Debra Clement 2/26/2011
“The Mystical Convention~Neptune, Mercury, Mars and the Sun” with guest Sharita Star 2/19/2011
“Love And Other Stories” Chris Flisher -2/12/2011
“The Year Of The Metal Rabbit” ~ Chris Flisher 2/5/2011
“Jupiter in Aries” ~ Chris Flisher 1/21/2011
“Too Much Saturn” Francis Dunnery
Francis Dunnery 1/15/2011
“2011 ~ What Is To Come?” with Chris Flisher 1/8/2011


Entering our 11th year! Presenting the best in progressive, enlightening radio…every week

“Dreams Of Damanhur” with Keith Busha
WikiLeaks and Mercury Retrograde” ~ Chris Flisher
Chris Flisher and Sharita’s Star Secrets
“Into The Mystic~Neptune Goes Direct”~Chris Flisher
Chris Flisher & Victoria Bender ~ “Astro-Aromatherapy”
“The Saturn Return ~ First hand View” – Chris Flisher
Chris Flisher – “On The Road To Find Out~The Life Guide”
Chris Flisher – “Understanding Transits~Predictive Astrology”
Chris Flisher – “John Lennon~70th Birthday Celebration”
“Sacred Landscapes” with A.T.Mann
Chris Flisher – “So This Is Libra”
Chris Flisher – “The Autumnal Equinox”
Marguerite Manning – “The Power of Returns~The Anniversary”
Chris Flisher – “Venus and Mars~Sex Appeal”
Chris Flisher – “Virgo – Here You Are”
“Tarot and Astrology~Synergy or Synchronicity?” – Chris Flisher and Julie Peters
Chris Flisher – “A Moment In Time”
Chris Flisher – “Divine Opportunity”
“Astrology As An Anchor” – Chris Flisher & Debra Clement
Chris Flisher – “A Time Of Renewal and Shift”
Chris Flisher – “Conscious Communication”
Chris Flisher – “Drawing The Heat”
Chris Flisher – “July 2010 – A Month To Remember”
Chris Flisher – “Full Moon Lunar Eclipse-Live from Boston Yoga Fest”
Chris Flisher – “Intellectual Explosion – Uranus in Aries”
Chris Flisher – “The Grand Cardinal Cross”
Chris Flisher – “World Citizen”
Chris Flisher – “Who Pays?”
Chris Flisher – “Where Are We Headed?’
Michelle Avanti “Economic Meltdown?” –
Jonathan Goldman ~”The Sound Of God” –
Debra Clement – “The First House”
Donna Cunningham~”Flower Essences for Coping” –
Susan Miller ~ “Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto Retrograde” –
Tom Jacobs~”The Archetypal Myth” –
Dietrech Pessin~”The Lunar Shadow” –
Erin Sullivan~”Eros – The God Of Love” –
Deborah Baccaro – “Messages From The Departed”
Astrology Panel – “Does Astrology Work?”
Chris Flisher – What Do We Do Now?
Sharita Star – L-O-V-E
Jeanne Avery~Past Lives, Future Motives
Sharon Moore – Sunology
Sandra Ingerman~”How To Thrive In Changing Times” –
Agneta Borstein~Solar Eclipse/New Moon
Sandra Ingerman~~”How To Heal Toxic Thoughts”


Pattie Canova – “The Red Book” by Carl Jung
Erin Sullivan – “As We Move Forward”
Susan Sarkes – “Cancer Lunar Eclipse and Capricorn Coming”
Peter Rodger – “Oh My God” – The MovieLynda Hill – “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology”
Maria DeSimone – Karmic Synastry
Joel Kaplan – The Near Death Experience
Chris Flisher – The Un-healthy Care Debate
Joyce Levine – What It Feels Like To Be A Scorpio
Donna Cunningham – Pluto and YOU
Marguerite Manning – Karma And You
Debra Clement – Anchored In Astrology
Erin Sullivan – Mercury Retrograde
A.T.Mann – Tools For Evolution
Joseph Crane – Surviving Pluto
Chris Flisher – Live Readings
Sharita – Saturn v. Uranus
Chris Flisher – Mandalas ~ Spirit In Art
Deborah Baccarro – Missing Voices
Deborah Eidson – Photographic Alchemy
Paul Laffoley – The Mystical Dimension
Erin Sullivan – Pluto Unleashed
Agneta Boorstein – Churning Process Of The Soul
Nancy Wallace – The Mystical Tarot
Michele Avanti – Lunar Eclipse Full Moon
Michele Karen – Astrology For Enlightenment Pt 1
Michele Karen -“Astrology For Enlightenment”Pt 2
Steven Forrest – Astrology of Evolution
Moshe Berlin – Astrofaces
Chris Flisher – Astrology Lives
Jodie Forrest – The Ascendant
Kim Mannine – Broken? – Mercury Retrograde
Ray Grasse – Age Of Aquarius
Laurence Hillman – Has The World Gone Mad?
Tad Mann – Reincarnation
Erin Sullivan – Deconstruction – Pluto Retrograde
Elizabeth Spring – The Node Of The Moon
Jeanne Avery – The Mask We Wear
Michael Galileo – Where Does Time Come From?
Michael Erlewine – Chinese Astrology
Henry Seltzer – Outer Planets/Inner Landscape
Erin Sullivan – Love In Reverse
Maurice Fernandez – Evolutionary Astrology
Dana Gerhardt – Venus Retrograde
Lauren Edmund – Artcharts
Erin Sullivan – Saturn Retrograde
Chris Flisher – Astrology Now
Glenn Parry – What’s Under The Hood? – Astro-psychology
Deborah Clement – Anchored In Astrology
Joni Patry – Vedic Astrology
Tristan Rimbaud – Psychic Astrology
Constance Stellas – Romance In The Stars


Henry Fiddler – Plan S 12/11/2008
Deborah Baccarro – Presence Of The Departed 12/4/2008
Michele Avanti – A Place In Time 11/20/2008
Laura Williams – Lunar Time, Lunar Clock 11/13/2008
Alphee Lavoie – Four Paths To God 11/6/2008
Joyce Levine – The Election 10/30/2008
Sharita – Mars In Scorpio 10/23/2008
Joseph Crane – Where We Stand 10/16/2008
Chris Flisher – Saturn vs. Uranus 10/2/2008
Marguerite Manning – Mars In Libra 9/25/2008
Kim Manine – Kosmic Kim 9/18/2008
Michele Adler – 8 Degrees Cardinal 9/11/2008
Tad Mann – Sacred Architecture 9/4/2008
Maria Desimone – Solar Return 8/28/2008
Diana Harris – Ancient Animal Wisdom 8/21/2008
Carol Guy – Twin Flames/Soul Mates 8/14/2008
Pamela Edwards – Psychic Medium 8/7/2008
Micheal St. Clair – The Zen Of Stars 7/31/2008
Diane Cramer – Medical Astrology 7/24/2008
Henry Seltzer – The Planet Eris 7/17/2008
Jane Graham – The Economy-Predictions 7/10/2008
Kelly Lee Phipps – Return Of The Magi 7/3/2008
Annamaria Hemingway – Consciuous Living and Dying 6/26/2008
Trish Casimira – Past Lives, Present Patterns 6/19/2008
Sharon Mullen – Tong Ren and Astrology 6/12/2008
Madalyn Hillis-Dineen – Location, Location, Location 6/5/2008
Dr. Betty Kovacs – The Miracle of Death 5/29/2008
Deborah Baccaro – Medical Intuition 5/22/2008
Scott Olsen – The Golden Section 5/15/2008
Nancy Risley – Realize Your Sublime Energy 5/8/2008
Richard Tarnas – Cosmos and Psyche 5/1/2008
John Brill – Mystical Imagery 4/24/2008
John Martineau – Coincidence 4/17/2008
Sharita – Astrology and Numerology 4/10/2008
Bruce Scofield – 12/21/2012 4/3/2008
Natalia Kaylin – Chinese Astrology 3/27/2008
Judith Cornell – Mandalas 3/20/2008
Chris Flisher – Astrology Readings 3/13/2008
Jeffrey Armstrong – Vedic Astrology 3/6/2008
Ray Grasse – Symbolism and Astrology 2/28/2008
Carolyn North – Synchronicity 2/21/2008
Nancy Wallace – Soul Tarot 2/14/2008
Paul Laffoley – Mystical Dimension 2/7/2008
Laurence Hillman – Cause and Effect 1/31/2008
Jan Spiller – Cosmic Love 1/24/2008
Sylvia Jean Smith – Eclipses 1/17/2008
Suzanne Keating – Sacred Geometry 1/10/2008
Henry Seltzer – Time Passages 1/8/2008


Esperide Ananas – Damanhur 12/20/2007

Donna Cunningham – Pluto in Capricorn 12/13/2007

Erin Sullivan – Midlife Musings 12/6/2007

Jerry Wennstrom – The Inspired Heart 11/29/2007

Alex Grey – Spirit In Art 11/15/2007

Michele Avanti – Astrocartography 11/8/2007

Lynda Hill – The Sabian Symbols 10/25/2007

Sharon Mullen – The Coming Storm 10/18/2007

Paula Gassmann – Saturn Conjunct Venus 10/11/2007

Marguerite Manning – Karmic Astrology 10/4/2007

Joyce Levine – Saturn In Virgo 9/27/2007

Joseph Crane – George Bush’s Really Bad Year 9/20/2007

Tad Mann – Lifetime Astrology 9/13/2007

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