Pluto ~ Astronomy, Astrology, Mythology

In the summer of 2015, NASA’s spacecraft, New Horizons will be within reach of the edge of our solar system neighborhood.  Launched in 2006, New Horizon has been traveling 30,00 miles an hour and has covered the 3 billion-mile trek to this outpost of the empire.  With the arrival of this remarkable feat of engineering, humankind will finally be in touch with this most mysterious and dark side of our zodiacal realm.  Pluto represents far more than a simple orb in the celestial field.  It represents our deepest subconscious underpinnings.  This is truly our shadow as described by Carl Jung.  In our effort to reach Pluto we are literally, symbolically, and metaphically touching our darkest secrets.  Does this bode for a new beginning?  Listen as I speak with author Richard Grossinger about this amazing point in time.