Pakistan India Sign Agreement On Kartarpur Corridor

The Kartarpur corridor connects Darbar Sahib Gurdwara to the Dera Baba Nanak Shrine in Gurdaspur district, Indian province of Punjab, and facilitates visa exemption for Indian pilgrims who only need permission to travel to Pakistan. The foundation stone of the Kartarpur corridor on the Indian side was laid last November by Vice-President Venkaiah Naidu in the Punjab district of Gurdaspur. India and Pakistan have signed an agreement to operationalize the Kartarpur Corridor, which will link Sikh shrines on both sides of the border. Analysts said the Kartarpur border crossing was an important development and an example of rare cooperation between the two countries – but they also said it would be wrong to say it is a peace process. Dr Faisal said that, as part of the agreement, the Indian authorities would provide a list of pilgrims 10 days before their visit. India and Pakistan signed an agreement on Thursday to operationalize the Kartarpur corridor, which will facilitate Gurdwara Kartarpur Sahib`s visit to Pakistan for Indian pilgrims. But the completion of details on the corridor has not been easy, which has resulted in a long process that has been going on since it was first announced almost a year ago. He said that the corridor will be open from dawn until dusk and that pilgrims travelling in the morning must return on the same day. The corridor will be open all year round, except on press released days that will be notified in advance. The corridor will also have a bridge that will allow visitors to cross the Ravi River, which flows between the international border and the sanctuary. The agreement will provide access to Gurdwara Darbar Sahib, in Pakistan`s Noroval district, where Sikh founder Guru Nanak Dev spent the last 18 years of his life. Pakistan`s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said Prime Minister Imran Khan would inaugurate the project on November 9, three days before Guru Nanak Dev`s 550th birthday. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the end of the Indian corridor on the same day, interior ministry sources told the IANS news agency.

First, both sides agreed that the pact would be signed on Wednesday. Indian and Pakistani officials signed the agreement at Zero Point, the international border between the two countries. After the signing ceremony, Foreign Ministry spokesman Dr Faisal said the agreement was signed at the initiative of Prime Minister Imran Khan, while an official inauguration of the project will take place on November 9. India today signed an agreement with Pakistan on the Kartarpur Corridor that allows Indian Sikh pilgrims to visit St. Darbar Sahib in Pakistan. Indian officials met with Pakistani officials at Point Zero, near Dera Baba Nanak, in the border town of Gurdaspur, to anchor the Memorandum of Understanding. India and Pakistan also decided that the corridor would be operational year-round and seven days a week and that pilgrims, with the exception of children and the elderly, would have the choice of visiting it as individuals or as groups. The signing of the Kartarpur agreement itself was delayed by one day, with officials speaking of “logistical problems”. On Monday, India said it was “disappointed” by Islamabad for insisting that the service charge be $20 ($15) for crossing the border, but then said they would continue and sign the agreement. India and Pakistan have postponed by one day the signing of an agreement to operationalize the Kartarpur corridor due to logistical problems, and the agreement must now be sealed on Thursday, official sources said. “Indian pilgrims of all obediences and people of Indian descent can use the Kartarpur corridor.

The trip is visa-free. Pilgrims only have to carry a valid passport,” said CL Das, Joint Secretary (Internal Security), after the signing of the agreement. The Foreign Ministry said Monday that India was ready to sign the agreement on the corridor on Wednesday. At that time, the image of Sidhus, who embraced him, was strongly criticized in India.

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