OM Sweet OM

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“Om, om on the range.
Where no fear and the lack of hope preys.
Where seldom a word of bad
tidings is heard,
And stars light our Milky Way.”
…or something like that….
This mandala consists of the Tibetan characters for the Buddhist chant of “OM Mani Padme OM.” The chant frees the mind from the past and removes the spectre of the future with its steady drone and focus on the breath. Concentrate on the breath, and the slight space between the rise and fall of our lungs that we find the peace we all seek. Some say that god lies between the spaces of our breath. That silent space where neither in nor out exists. Do we know the power we hold in our breath? Only if you step into the fold will you feel the space.

Breathe in, breathe out
As within, so without

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