Moon ~ The Mother Archetype

Regarded as the “great mother” across all the major religions of the world, the Moon remains one of our most dominant characters in our zodiac.  Symbolizing the spirit and presence of the great nurturer, the Moon guides our emotions, our sense of security and our reverence for love.  When we think of the Moon we consider the following: Nurture, mother, childhood, home, family, roots, neighbors, the neighborhood, the community, the tribe, bloodlines, “we,” “us,” belonging, cocooning, connection, sharing. Sense of place. Earthly life, the rhythm of daily life and family life, biological rhythms, habit, instinct. Soul, emotion, compassion, sympathy, empathy, responsiveness. Homeland, motherland.  With all of those concepts in mind we can easily see how are connection to the Moon is one of our most important associations in astrology.  Do you where your Moon is in your astrological chart?  This position is vital to understanding your emotions.  Join Chris as he discusses this fascinating topic.