Mandala of the Week ~ “Tandoori”


by Chris Flisher

Deep, rich and pungent the flavors of the spicy Indian dish is represented here by the swirl of oranges and reds offset by the cool greens and blues. More than anything else the exotic textures and tastes of this food are a constant contrast of cool versus hot; sweet versus spicy; and savory versus subtle. This is the epicurean delight of such a taste explosion.  The word, “tandoori” simply means “of the tandoor,” which is a rustic clay oven used for cooking. With temperatures approaching 500 degrees, the tandoor oven uses hot radiant dry heat to cook food in environments where gas or electricity do not exist.  This mandala elicits the flavors and colors of the tandoor. Deep and rich; exotic and pungent, these colors express the universality found in the primal need for nourishment. Food is one of the greatest equalizers. If we are equal in this desire why is unity so difficult to achieve? Good question.
©2013 Chris Flisher

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