Mandala of the Week “Starman”

Starman” by Chris Flisher

“StarMan” plays on the concepts of fame, fortune, and that which sparkles.  That which sparkles, draws sparkle.  That which frowns, draws frowns. This is not a simple reduction of the laws of attraction, but rather a euphemism for giving and getting in the most positive manner possible.  When out and about; walking or running errands; we must pause and delight in all we encounter. In return the universe opens doors and delights us with the pleasure of warmth, compassion and peaceful coexistence.  Energy is an exchange of electricity and a direct link to our core; our chemistry; and our vibratory center. As we vibrate, so does all that we touch. If we vibrate with joy.
Excerpt from “Mandalas ~ Spirit in Art” by Chris Flisher Blue Star Press.
© Chris Flisher

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