Lotus Lovely

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The Buddhist symbol for purity and renunciation, the Lotus represents blossoming and all activities that begin anew. Miniature Buddhist prayer flags encircle the deep purple Lotus which floats serenely in the center of this Mandala. The Lotus is a sacred symbol from ancient cultures and remains as potent today as it did thousands of years ago when it was hailed a vibrant symbol of feminine sexuality. The Lotus opens and closes each day with the rising and setting of the sun and remains within the great cycle of daily living which, in itself, is but a small part of the larger cycles we all endure as we evolve. Often this symbol is depicted in multiples of four up to 1000 petals or more, each corresponding to a vibration central to our consciousness.

Blue Lotus shimmering, floating, cleanse and purify with each new dawn. Again we begin.

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