Lotus Floats

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The lotus holds such strong imagery that is incredibly relevant to all the work represented here. It is a natural thing of beauty that opens and closes with each rise and set of the Sun. Thus it evokes the recurring theme of beginning and end with each day. That balance of open and close, and, of course the in between states of “opening” and “closing” encapsulate the essence of the cyclical nature of life.

Each day holds new promise and potential. Albert Einstein spoke frequently about the concept of time and place. He mentioned that the “second” that has just passed contains all of history in it. Since history is cumulative, it has to be a composite of all that has occured to date. By the same token the “second” that is yet to come has the potential to be anything we want. That potential holds the single promise of hope. Hope for a new beginning. Hope for a kinder pathway. Hope for evolution and divine harmony.

Hold the second yet to occur and keep it pure and free from pain and controversy.

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