Jeff Jawer ~ December 2014

In September of 2014, I finally met Jeff Jawer in person.  I was immediately struck by his warmth and magnanimity.  He was such a kind and gentle soul.  I suggested that we get together and talk for my show.  After the conference had passed, I heard from Jeff saying he’d like to have a conversation about astrology.  I arranged for him to be the first guest on my TV show premiere.  We connected via Skype which you can see at  I had a great time speaking with him.  The TV version is a little choppy, but that’s Skype, not Jeff.  Days passed and I heard in March that he was in hospice.  I had no idea at the time that we spoke that he was so close to his final chapter.  I was completely shocked to learn of his untimely passing.  No one would know that he was ill and yet he never let on.  I wrestled with the idea of airing this interview out of respect to his family.  I ran the idea past several other astrologers and his wife and children and they thought I should air it.  So here it is in audio-only version.  Jeff Jawer, thank you for all you did for astrology.  We are all in your debt.

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