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Our senses dominate so much of our daily lives; sight, sound, touch, taste, and of course, smell. The lofty ethereal quality of pure Jasmine is like no other. The flowery scent of this plant has a quality of restful sensuality and sweet calm. It is an intoxicating presence that transcends space and time and lifts your spirit to a place of solitude and warmth. Although jasmine flowers are generally white, I chose light blues and pinks to illustrate this mandala because that is the imagery that comes to mind from the heady scent of ripe jasmine flowers. The sweet, exotic smell caresses our senses and brings to life images of earthly pleasures and primal urges. The word “jasmine” rings with a phonetic tone that kindles images of sensuality, music and all things cooooooool……

Funky jasmine seeping
From a lovers nest
Lovely flower peeping
Teasing, as in jest
Tempting, liquid, slippery
Tuned and warm delight
Body soft and whispery
Wrapped in warm twilight

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