Hope Floats

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“Hope springs eternal.” It’s a pretty powerful saying. What does hope imply? It implies the highest degree of optimism; never ending; never defeated. Faith. Optimism is often overlooked as flighty, Polly-annish, goody-goodness. Beneath it all, though is the cynical realism that tugs at the heart-strings of bitter reality. We can be optimistic and hopeful and still realistic, can’t we? Good question. Hope is intention. Intention of striving for ;[something good in all the travesty that might face us. Life is difficult. Plain and simple. Often we are faced with insurmountable turmoil and tragedy, yet we must go on. What drives us forward? Hope. Hope for a better tomorrow. Hope for an end to suffering. Hope for a cure. Hope for peace. If we place all of our intention in the right manner, we might just move a mountain or two.

Have faith as in a grain of
mustard seed

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