Gradient Transcendance

Chris Flisher, Turning of the Wheel, artist, teacher, speaker, writer, radio host, astrologer, astrology reading, self-discovery, spiritual adventure, Chris Fisher, Chris Flischer, Chris Fischer, New England

Color thrives and lives in within our visual realm. Do you know how important color is to your well being? Do you feel the tingling spark of the red, the seeping sensuality of blue, the verdant depth of green and the buttery flow of yellow? How about the Caribbean punch of orange and the royal swath of purple, or the tropical tinge of lime, turquoise, and violet? To be alive is to be attuned to your senses. To be fully present at all moments is the physical act of sensing. Stop. Look. Listen.

Raise your hand,
When the roll call sounds.
Shout “Fully Present,”
When your turn comes around.
Wear those colors,
And feel the return

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