Good ‘N Plenty

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The concept of a glass half full or half empty is a tried and true example of the division between hoping for the best while preparing for the worst. We enter life with an expectation that it will be a smooth journey and all of our creature comforts will be met. What happens when the story doesn’t unfold as we plan? Often our vision becomes much different from what we imagined it would be at the beginning. Yet our process and pathways are clearly evident if we chose to recognize them.
This is the essence of astrology. When we examine our birth as a reflection of a place and time with unique characteristics we can realize our potential with complete foresight. The potential and the themes are clearly evident in the astrology of an individual. What is not clearly evident is free will. We will be faced with challenges and obstacles as we move through our lives. How we face these roadblocks or hills and valleys is up to us, for it is the journey, not the destination that holds the key. The destination will always be one of hope and promise. The journey and the choices are the challenge.

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