Game-changing Eclipses of 2015 with Ronnie Dreyer

Eclipses have always held the attention of humankind since the beginning of time.  By virtue of their mathematical precision, solar and lunar eclipses force us to accept a power larger than our own.  While the natural alignment of our two most influential planetary orbs is truly a marvel of astronomy, they also present a shift in our consciousness.  Our sometimes subtle dance with the universe is firmly realized at the time of the eclipses as we feel their impact.  The coming eclipses of spring 2015 are more than just another set of eclipses.  Staging at 29 degrees Pisces, the first of the eclipses of the spring 2015, occurs at the last point of the zodiac, indicating an end of some sort.  With the beginning of the zodiac on the very next day, we can only envision this as a time of endings and beginnings.  Truly we are on a major transformative threshold.