Embedded Solution Agreement

OLAPLINE used an ESA to launch a planning and analysis solution that allows users to create custom ad hoc reports, dashboards, and planning scenarios. To qualify for an ESA, your solution must meet the following requirements: EsAs flexible (Embedded Solution Agreements) enables entrepreneurs, small businesses, and global organizations to use IBM software assets to develop unique software solutions. The flexibility of these new licenses allows you to maintain control of your customers and contracts, while you use IBM-licensed software in your own value-added applications. An ESA allows you to use IBM`s cutting-edge technology with open standards and combine it with your intellectual property – your added value – so that you can offer your customers a global solution in your brand and in your conditions. It`s quick and easy to maintain an ESA and disrupt your market with truly smart solutions. You can do this in just 3 simple steps: Соглашение Embedded Solution (ESA) позволяет встраиватать програмное обеспеечение IBM, SAAS – решения IBM и / или инструментов разработчика IBM, в продукты и реения доненых польтователе. Learn, develop and test with a selection of IBM partner packages In most countries, you can accept the contract digitally through IBM eSignature – without having to print, sign or scan. If you`re already a partner, go straight to the Build Track to unlock your benefits. ESA`s flexibility is recorded in an IBM TD that allows you to select and plan configurations and payment options that match your business model. You will receive an email with a link to your contract immediately after sending the request. . Предложите новые решения для ваших клиентов по сниженной цене – возьмите готовое, а не разрабатывайте с нуля. You must work with your IBM or ibm Seller distributor to complete TD.

Once your TD is complete and approved, your app changes from a pending status to full activation. Once your PartnerWorld application is approved, you will receive an authorization email with a link to request the ESA. Follow this step-by-step guide to complete the application. ESA (бывший ASL – Application Specific License) – соглашение для решений, используемых партнёрами IBM для встраивания в в собственные продукты. IBM_ESA_Technology_Partner_Application_Guide_Jun2020.pdf The IBM & Red Hat at MONT team and the KUUDIC Training Center are in the workshops series to extend the workshops series to the workshops series as part of the KUUDIC series.

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