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Dorje means ‘indestructible’ in Tibetan. The Dorje is the Tibetan Buddhist tool for thunderbolt. It represents, fortune, drive, masculinity, sudden inspiration, the ‘cutting’ of ignorance and illusion. In rituals it is always paired with the bell, or Ghanta, its feminine counterpart. The circular ends represent the closing of the spokes of the wheel of Samsara which is the ultimate attainment of enlightenment.The dorjes in this mandala are crossed in the center. A double dorje represents the duality of life, the male and female in all aspects of living. The Buddhists perform a ritual in which they cross the dorjes over the chest in a symbolic gesture of the union of male and female. They are similar to the symbolic talismans of chalice and dagger used in Wicca and ritual magick.

OM mani padme OM…

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