Divine Convention

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Hey you! Yes, YOU! Are you tired of your centuries-old religion? Are you frustrated trying to find answers to unanswerable questions? Does your pathway to heaven look more like a triathlon to hell? Fret not. Help is on the way. Join the hundreds who have already discovered a new way. The Divine Convention offers a wide sampling of all the religions, all within the convenience of your own mind! Look no further than the fiery synapses that thrive in YOUR grey matter! You can safely SAMPLE all dogmas and belief systems and decide which components best fit YOUR lifestyle, outlook, and VALUE system. Now for the FIRST time, YOU can have it all! Hallelujah! A dash of Buddha, followed with some good, old-fashioned, love-thy-neighbor Christianity. Just think of it! Shalom,
Allah, and Hare Krishna to you my dear shaman!!! CAN IT GET ANY BETTER? Design your own religion choosing from our wide array of all the world’s best-known and best-loved religions. These are time-tested belief systems with something for EVERYONE. Come one, come all. Praise the lord and pass the Ganesh!

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