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To be bold enough to go where no person has gone before requires conviction. That singular drive embodies a spirit that has courage, hope, and curiosity woven into its very fabric. That concept also holds the promise of the future. We can never know what is beyond the next corner or minute. Like driving at night with headlights on we can only see as far ahead as the beams of light allow, and yet we continue. We really have no choice because time is a corkscrew that turns and progresses forward.
We see recurring themes as is evidenced by the cyclical nature of the planet’s motion through our lives. Astrology supports this with an incredible body of evidence. But the events never happen again; only the theme. So like a corkscrew the theme may recur as time moves forward, but the events never repeat. This is the essence of history. Just as Columbus set off to discover the new world, our pursuit of landing on the moon held the same uncertainty and hope. That is evolution.

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