Cirque D’Ole

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This mandala has a sense of humor. Gone are the traditional lines and boundaries so familiar in the others. Typical mandalas are very symmetrical and even and patterned after a repeated symbol. In this case, the blend of reds, yellows and oranges offset by the deep shimmering blues and purples lend a circus-like affect to this wheel.
The watercolor washes allow the colors to blend and bleed into each other and are reminiscent of a circus tent. The free form character of the outward flowing lines implies a web of magical intrigue and mystery. The offset and asymmetry of the extending lines are drawn from architecture and architects who left an impression on me such Antonin Gaudi of Barcelona and the great I.M. Pei.

Beneath all spirituality there lies humor. Laugh at life and you will live. He who laughs last laughs last.

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