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Chris Flisher, Turning of the Wheel, artist, teacher, speaker, writer, radio host, astrologer, astrology reading, self-discovery, spiritual adventure, Chris Fisher, Chris Flischer, Chris Fischer, New England From 1986 to 1997, Chris Flisher was a nationally-published music journalist. His articles appeared in a wide variety of periodicals including CD Review, New Country Music, Performing Songwriter, The Leak, Option and The Boston/Worcester/Providence Phoenix. His main focus was “roots” music which included folk, jazz, world, blues and other fringe musical forms. Although these articles reflect the artists at the time, they remain relevant today. Here is an archive of these articles. They are ordered alphabetically.

Dar Williams

Dar Williams speaks with affable openness, quickly turning phrases. Almost too quick to catch, in fact, and her thoughts tumble into each other in a stream of conversation that blithely meanders. Cheerful, ebullient and relaxed, her demeanor rises to the surface as she recounts stories of friends, rambles on about ideas for songs, and offers… Continue Reading →

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