Chef Service Agreement

A chef from Enjoy Culinary Company, LLC (ECC) works with you, the customer, on a personalized menu proposal based on your customer profile information. For quality control purposes, ECC requests that correspondence between the customer and the boss be done by e-mail. Proposals must be confirmed before 8 a.m. on your service date. Otherwise, it will be a short-term cancellation (see cancellation fees below). Menu planning, correspondence, travel expenses and the purchase of ingredients are included in the daily rate indicated by the customer. All agreed menu items may change from the original menu due to ingredient availability, quality or other unpredictable factors. ECC first buys organic ingredients, then locally/sustainably from Whole Foods Market. Please inform your cook if you prefer him to visit another store. In some cases, it is necessary to supplement the ingredients of grocery stores in your neighborhood, grocery stores and farmers` markets. Chef Mary offers personal cooking services, but does not offer personalized shopping services. A shopping list of all items needed for your service day will be emailed to you within 24 hours, as long as the customer has sent them the authorized menu for the week. You are solely responsible for setting a price (including taxes, if applicable) for your offer.

When setting the price and before sending your offer, the platform always shows the corresponding percentage of expense management….

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