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~ Erin, Texas

“I’ve been listening to your show for a few months now. I really enjoy the show and think you have done a great job with it. I’m down here in Houston,TX. As a busy single Mother of three children (teens), who works as a contract critical care Nurse throughout various hospitals in the area, I… Continue Reading →

~ Anna, Oaxaca Mexico

“Thank you for your show, I am a new listener and I live in Puerto Escondio, Oaxaca Mexico. I like your voice and astrological insights! Again thank you for taking your time to do this, I learn a lot from listening to you! Love and appreciation!”

~ Alana, IL

“I’m a Pisces in Chicago and I’ve recently found your program. I’ve listened to 3 shows so far. I enjoy your knowledge. Thank you for what you do.”

~ Georgia, Wisconsin

“I really love your podcast. I know for a while you were thinking of letting it go, glad you didn’t. I too love astrology- play with it, then decided to get involved with it. I do some readings, but I only have 2 years under my belt of studies. I try to do my own… Continue Reading →

~ Jeff, Washington

“Love the pod cast and mandalas. I have been on disability for a few months now. I have used this time to work on my art, although I have had no formal training, I do not let that stop me. Because it is very difficult to get on permanent disability I will probably have to… Continue Reading →

~ JoAnne, Tokyo, Japan

“It is not just your radio show. I am on a same boat as you are. But I am prepared for changes and love to hear your show from Tokyo, Japan!”

~ Anita, Florida

“I found out about you through a mutual friend. I love your energy and your sense of humor and compassion which comes through your show.”

~ Carol, Santa Fe, New Mexico

“Chris, your mandalas are beautiful and you are a great astrologer. I listen to your radio show on Sat. AM every so often. I like you style of delineation!”

– Laura, Masachusetts

“This was THE best show ever. It was great to catch up with you and see what you are all about. Amazing to be sure! My best to you.”

– Jacky P, Boston, Massachusetts

“You are an AMAZING human being! Now, don’t take this the wrong way, but, I simply love what you do – and who you are! I have met very few men that I have a tendency to be totally at ease around, but you are one of those few. I can think of no other… Continue Reading →

~ Janine, Colorado

“Hi Chris, I wanted to thank you for the reading today, especially the insight you offered regarding the upcoming Saturn transit in Libra. During my Pluto square I embarked on a significant amount of interpersonal transformative work, which now is adding in changing my relationships. I am extremely optimistic about the next two years with… Continue Reading →

~ Ashara, Massachusetts

“Hi Chris, Thanks very much for the reading. It was interesting, and I had a strong feeling that everything was moving in a very positive direction going forward, so it was nice to have that validated.”

~ Barbara, Washington

“Hello Chris, No worries about the perfect timing that actually occurred. I felt empowered by your reading, insights and dynamic speaking and energy. You have guided me and I appreciated the time and energy. I am sending your link to family and friends. I look forward to having family charts done in the near future…. Continue Reading →

~ Laura, Florida

“Hi Chris, I loved the reading you gave me! You gave me a heads up on some personality traits I had forgotten about that make me unique. Your interpretation of past year and upcoming planet transits interfacing with my natal chart will be a great help considering all the decisions I will be making. And… Continue Reading →

~ Amanda, Virginia

“Dear Chris, I wanted to take the time to thank you for your reading. It was extremely informative. I was uncertain a bit when you stated that possibly I might do several things to make money at one time. Well, I find myself at a cross roads once again in my life. Just wanted to… Continue Reading →

~ Ann, Virgina

“Hi Chris, I first wanted to tell you how much I thoroughly enjoyed your reading and talking to you, in general. You are a very down to earth person who is quite compassionate and very genuine, I feel.”

~ Monika, Oslo, Norway

“Hi again Chris. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for your reading!! That was the highlight of my day!! Had to text my family to tell them!! :-)”

~ Facebook Posting

“Congrats! I love your news letter, I hope to spread the word here and on Twitter to get more subscribers and listeners to the show! It i a blessing to me to read it and the info you provide is accurate and insightful and not like any other “astrologer” out there – you know the… Continue Reading →

~ Barbara, New York

“From the moment you enter Chris’s space, you know that he is a very unique and special person. Adorning the walls are his magnificent paintings and creative artifacts against a backdrop of warm barn wood with a hot belly wood stove in the corner making you feel right at home warmed by his essence that… Continue Reading →

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