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The Antiscia with Kate Petty

A little-known alignment in astrology can provide enormous insight into your hidden self.  Representing a shadow consciousness of an individual, the antiscia can be quite revealing regarding your true purpose and why you have chosen the path you have.  Do you have this alignment?  Are you living your life accordingly?  Join Chris Flisher as he… Continue Reading →

“He Says/She Says with Chris Flisher and Debra Clement” ~ “Can We Talk?”

Join me and Debra as we discuss the great problem of communicating.  Why is it so hard to talk to one another sometimes?  We often leave so much out or perhaps we say too much and it gets taken the wrong way.  How do we effectively communicate and get our message across in this crowded… Continue Reading →

“Mercury Retrograde = Groundhog Day” (Archived Radio)

When astrologers get together and talk about Mercury retrograde they invariably talk about going backwards, repeating, and frustration as mechnical things break, phone calls get missed and communications is a general mess. What will happen during this Mercury retrograde? Mercury starts the retrograde in late Pisces and moves backwards through Aquarius where issues of global… Continue Reading →

Susan Miller 2014 ~ A Conversation (Archived Radio)

Susan Miller is an internationally known author, columnist, television personality, and founder of the website Astrology Zone®, An accredited astrologer, Susan feels astrology is best used for planning; there is no destiny or predestination involved with astrology, for we all have free will.  Susan Miller is my close personal friend and colleague.  I have learned… Continue Reading →

“Turning of the Wheel” Fridays show, “A Planet In Evolution” with A.T. Mann

“Turning of the Wheel” Fridays show, “A Planet In Evolution” with A.T. Mann Tune in tomorrow to “Turning of the Wheel” and listen to one of the foremost living astrologers, Tad Mann. Astrologer, architect, author, artist, speaker and world visionary will talk about “A Planet In Evolution.” If you have any interest in astrology or… Continue Reading →

“Turning of the Wheel” Radio show posted “He Says/She Says”

This week’s episode of “Turning of the Wheel” features the monthly segment called “He Says/She Says.”  This monthly show features a discussion between Chris and Debra Clement.  As two seasoned astrologers, Chris and Debra discuss the whole male/female conversation as seen through the eyes of two opposed astrologers.   This exciting conversation unfolds as two… Continue Reading →

“Turning of the Wheel” Premiere Show now available ~ Awakening Zone Radio

  Listen to brand new show (10/4/2013 “Welcome to Turning of the Wheel on Awakening Zone Radio Network) click here: Spiritual adventure is boundless. Being open to possibilities allows us to broaden our depth and understanding of the human condition. After seven continuous years of broadcasting, Chris has interviewed some of the greatest thinkers and… Continue Reading →

Radio Show of the Week ~ “Pluto and You” with Donna Cunningham

Anyone who underestimates the power of Pluto is usually sorely surprised when they experience the power of this tiny planet first-hand.  Rarely does one walk away not being radically altered in some meaningful and lasting manner.  Listen as I interview the pre-eminent authority on the mighty deconstructor, Pluto. This is classic radio with brilliant guests…. Continue Reading →

Radio Show of the week ~ “Cosmos and Psyche with Rick Tarnas” on “Turning of the Wheel”

Listen as I speak with the pre-eminent historian/astrologer/cosmolgist in this interview on “Turning of the Wheel” from 2007.  This is a rare opportunity to hear this incredible visionary and world-renowned author.  This is THE book about the relevance of astrology and how it coincides with major historical events.  If you enjoy astrology and have an… Continue Reading →

“He Says/She Says” ~ Wounds And Mars

Live on “Turning Of The Wheel” Saturday July 27, 2013 at 11:00 AM EST “Love hurts, love scars, Love wounds, and mars,”… and even though this show is NOT about love hurting, it IS about MARS! Why Mars? Because right now Mars is conjunct Jupiter in Cancer, opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus. So yes, it… Continue Reading →

“He Says/She Says” ~ Oh So Retro

So Mercury is in retrograde motion for a few weeks and what will THAT do to your relationship?  A reconsideration?  Or a renewal?  This may be the time to re-do what you need to.  Retrogrades are all about the “re” in everything.  What the heck is that?  “Re” means looking twice, as in reviewing, reconsidering,… Continue Reading →

“Turning of the Wheel” Radio Show 6/15/2013

What is so appealing about our 6th sense?  How do we use it?  What can we learn from it?  Join me as I speak with Christina Andrianapoulis about her wonderful new show about the esoteric and mystical sciences.  Among the topics discussed on this new show will be astrology, numerology, past lives, tarot, mysticism, paranormal,… Continue Reading →

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