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PODCAST: Turn To The Light with Michael Lutin

We have entered an especially dark and precarious time in our collective lives.  Humanity is hurting during a pandemic that appears to be ominous.  How do we best accept this and move on?  We turn towards the light and find what good we can in each other and in our sense of place on this… Continue Reading →

PODCAST: Pearls of Tomorrow with Wendy Stacey

As humankind becomes more scientific in its quest to evolve, intervention can be a jarring event.  A planed birth puts the onus of the birth into the hands of doctors and parents.  In a 9 to 5 world this limits the types of ascendants for many.  How does this shift the astrology of a generation?… Continue Reading →

PODCAST: Thereus ~ The Hunter-Stalker Asteroid

Thereus is an asteroid that shares a similar orbital path as Saturn.  It bears the characteristics of the hunter and the stalker in astrology.  It can be located by searching for the 32532 star in the horoscopic chart.  In this segment your host, Chris Flisher discusses the qualities and attributes of this unusual cosmic player… Continue Reading →

PODCAST: Songs of the Spheres with Becca Tarnas

Music speaks to our inner emotions like no other art form.  Magical, elusive, and soothing, music can pull us through difficult times and comfort us like nothing else.  The connection between music and the planets rests in the logic of the universe and the role of mathematics in our daily lives.  In this segment your… Continue Reading →

PODCAST: Ancestral Healing with A.T. Mann

Modern science has discovered how to decode our DNA with results that are truly stunning.  But astrology can provide much of the same insight through an accurate interpretation of the natal chart.  In this discussion, your host, Chris Flisher, discusses the relevance of the astrology chart as it relates to our ancestry with astrologer, A…. Continue Reading →

PODCAST: Contemporary Astrology with Louise Edington

As far as we know astrology is roughly 5000 years old.  In that time language, nuance, and interpretation have all changed.  In order to use astrology as a contemporary tool for contemporary people we need to use contemporary language.  Astrology is a series of stories and the stories work best when viewed through the lens… Continue Reading →

PODCAST: Aspects in Astrology

In astrology, aspects are defined as the relationship that occurs when a transiting planet comes into geometrical contact by degree with a natal or static planet within a horoscopic chart.  The major aspects are the Conjunction (0), the Opposition (180), the Square (90), the Trine (120), and the Sextile (60).  The symbolic characteristics are discussed… Continue Reading →

PODCAST: The Tarot Tells with Edward Mesmer

The magic of the Tarot deck has entranced humankind for centuries.  What lies behind the mediaeval symbols and what do they portend?  Does a random card holds truth for us?  What can we glean from a card reading?  Join your host, Chris Flisher as he discusses this subject with Edward Mesmer.  Check out this episode!

PODCAST: Vedic Astrology for Beginners

The differences between Western and Vedic astrology have always been a conundrum for astrologers.  They are different with distinct terminology, language, and interpretations and yet, theoretically they should derive the same interpretation despite their differences.  Join your host, Chris Flisher as he discusses this subject with author Pamela McDonough.   Check out this episode!

PODCAST: 2020 ~ Eclipses with Dietrech Pessin

We are entering a powerful eclipse season this year and the impact will be significant.  The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse that occurs on January 10, 2020 will be directly opposing the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn.  This placement is highly charged, and it aligns with the conjunction of Saturn/Pluto.  Major change is on the horizon.  Listen… Continue Reading →

PODCAST: Conversations with a Master ~ Noel Tyl

ARCHIVED SHOW.  I met Noel Tyl at the ISAR convention in the spring of 2015 in Arizona.  He was a towering man of enormous charisma and wisdom.  I immediately took a shine to him and eagerly encouraged him to appear on the show.  He agreed and we spoke at length about his career in astrology…. Continue Reading →

PODCAST: Gazing Back, Gazing Forward with Mitchell Lewis

As the end of the calendar year appears we turn our attention to the past and to the future.  Join your host, Chris Flisher as he discusses what has happened over the past year and what may lay ahead with astrologer, Mitchell Lewis. Check out this episode!

PODCAST: The Times They Are A Changin” with Susie Cox

We are living incredibly unusual times.  We have a planetary configuration we have never seen before.  The Capricorn stellium involves Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and the inner planets as well.  What does this connection amount to?  How does this impact each of us?  Join your host Chris Flisher as he discusses this subject with astrologer, Susie… Continue Reading →

PODCAST: Jupiter, Capricorn and Beyond with Joyce Levine

Jupiter, the great benefit planet has ingress into Capricorn.  It joins Venus, and more importantly Saturn and Pluto as well.  What does Jupiter bring to the conversation?  Is it an asset or a liability?  This powerful presence is generally known for expansion and abundance, but it can also deliver amplification to a situation.  Join your… Continue Reading →

PODCAST: 2020 ~ The Numbers with Michael John Fierro

Numerology is a close relative of astrology and the synergy between the two modalities never cease to amaze.  What will the coming year bring?  Is the numerology as ominous as the astrology coming up?  Listen as your host, Chris Flisher speaks with numerologist, michael John Fierro. Check out this episode!

PODCAST: Making Cosmic Sense of the Asteroids

The asteroids are regarded by many astrologers as providing an added level of interpretation.  Pallas, Juno, Vesta, Ceres, and Chiron all offer new insights into the personality.  Join your host, Chris Flisher as he discusses this with astrologer and author Marguerite Manning. Check out this episode!

PODCAST: Mind Over Matter

Does the mind have the ability to control matter?  That is the subject of this interview with Nicole Majik as she explains how we can use our thoughts in an intensely concentrated manner to control matter.  Referred to as psychokinesis, this ability is a learned one and apparently anyone can do it if properly trained…. Continue Reading →

PODCAST: To Know Is To Flow with A.T. Mann

When we look out at the universe from a cosmic perspective we can see great turbulence in the world.  This is directly linked to the current planetary positions.  When we know where we are we are better able to navigate difficult times knowing that this too shall pass.  Giving in to the flow of events… Continue Reading →

PODCAST: The Uranian Method with Madalyn Hillis-Dineen

If nothing else, astrology is a complex array of rules and tenets.  Within that range of complexity falls different methods for interpretation.  In this segment, your host, Chris Flisher discusses the Uranian method of interpretation with V.P of Astrolabe, Madalyn Hillis-Dineen. Check out this episode!

PODCAST: Impeachment and The Markets with Mitchell Lewis

While all my seem quiet on the financial front, there are serious underlying conditions that could easily tip the balance of the monetary scales.  Cycles do recur and although history doesn’t repeat itself, it does rhyme.  Join your host, astrologer, Chris Flisher as he discusses this subject with astrologer and author, Mitchell Lewis.   Check… Continue Reading →

PODCAST: What Do We Do Now? with Michael Lutin

There isn’t a person or entity on the planet that isn’t facing a major overhaul of some part of their lives.  The coming Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn is setting events and circumstances in motion for a deconstruction and subsequent reconstruction.  A new world order is underway and we cannot avoid it.  Listen as your host,… Continue Reading →

PODCAST: What’s Your Aura?

Whether we realize it or not, our bodies give off an auric energy field.  The auric energy is a reflection of our health and well-being.  The color of the aura can be a signal to temperament and health of an individual.  In this segment, your host Chris Flisher discusses this with auric expert Nicole Majik. … Continue Reading →

PODCAST: Rectifying the Work of Marc Edmund Jones

Marc Edmund Jones was a pioneer of a new kind of astrology.  He is the driving spirit behind the Sabian Symbols among other astrological methods.  However, his work is based on several old, out of date, and inaccurate chart data.  In this segment your host, Chris Flisher discusses this subject with Mo Saladin of the… Continue Reading →

PODCAST: The Rise of the Feminine with Laurence Hillman

As time moves we can all take great comfort in the fact that things DO change.  How inspiring to know that the tables may be slowly turning towards a more feminine mentality; one that nurtures and doesn’t divide.  One that comforts and doesn’t hate.  One that protects and doesn’t fear.  We are in that time… Continue Reading →

Saturn/Neptune and the Law of Attraction with Benjamin Bernstein

As Saturn and Neptune dance through a variety of alignments over the past few decades we can see a societal shift towards acheiving manifestation though the responsible influence of Saturn and Neptune.  Saturn brings responsibility and accountability to the realm of the subconscious.  Join your host, Chris Flisher as he discusses this topic with Benjamin… Continue Reading →

PODCAST: Occult America with Mitch Horowitz

As a country as diverse and mutli-cultural as America it would be hard to imagine  our society not embracing an alternative viewpoint.  In this ARCHIVED segment, your host, Chris Flisher discusses this subject with author Mitch Horowitz about his book, “Occult America.” Check out this episode!

PODCAST: The Venus Cazimi with Arielle Guttman

In the middle of August the planet Venus will form a direct alignment with the Sun at 21 degrees Leo.  This is called a cazimi.  This alignment may affect you personally if you know your Venus star points and the coordinates of your astrology profile.  This powerful alignment brings forth the bold, creative capacity we… Continue Reading →

PODCAST: The Power of Intuition

We all have an intutive ability in some areas of our lives.  Whether that comes from familiarity or simply really being in tune with our surroundings and connections.  In this ARCHIVED show, your host, Chris Flisher speaks with the founder of New York-based Heart Center, Peter Roth. Check out this episode!

PODCAST: Chart Rulerships

The ruler of the chart is based on the sign of the ascendant.  This particular sign will manifest itself throughout the life of the individual.  Whether occupation, calling, relationships, or the like, all will be comprehended once the rulership is fully understood and embraced.  Join your host Chris Flisher as he speaks with astrologer, Marguerite… Continue Reading →

PODCAST: The Astrology of Evolution with Steven Forrest

Our human evolution has been a long and dramatic adventure.  Astrology lends a great deal of background detail as to how, why, where, and when events happened that shaped our destiny.  In this ARCHIVED episode, your host, Chris Flisher speaks with Steven Forrest. Check out this episode!

PODCAST: The Return with Marguerite Manning

A return is an astrological event that signifies an anniversary.  Each of us gets a solar return every year at our birthday.  Other returns are significant for their own unique influences.  Outer planets yield the greatest influence.  In this ARCHIVED podcast, your host, Chris Flisher speaks with Marguerite Manning about this universal topic. Check out… Continue Reading →

PODCAST: Running the Numbers with Michael John Fierro

Numerology is closely aligned with astrology.  So much so that they are often used in a complimentary fashion to underscore what we see unfolding ahead.  As the Saturn/Pluto conjunction looms on the horizon we delve into the similarities held in place by these two modalities.  Listen as your host, Chris Flisher discusses the upcoming numbers… Continue Reading →

PODCAST: Turning Point with Ray Grasse

No person will ever experience a Pluto return.  This 240-year cycle can only affect an institution or an entity old enough to have survived that long.  In this discussion with astrologer Ray Grasse, your host and astrologer, Chris Flisher discusses the implications of such an ominous cosmic event as seen through the lens of history… Continue Reading →

PODCAST: Tools for Evolution

The ancient metaphysical tools are as relevant today as they were centuries ago.  What can we learn from incorporating these practices into our daily lives?  How can they provide greater insights?  Join your host, Chris Flisher as he discusses this topic with astrologer and author, A. T. Mann in this ARCHIVED show from 2009. Check… Continue Reading →

PODCAST: The Great Collapse with Michael Lutin

We are entering an extremely complex and possibly dark period of our lives.  As Saturn and Pluto sink below the ecliptic and into the dark waters of deconstruction we are facing an enormous shift in our collective consciousness and abilities.  We all have to cope with this and no one is immune.  There is some… Continue Reading →


The Code is a process by which we can learn our true purpose based on the numerology of our birth.  Using an ancient practice emmanating from the Tyrolean Mountains of Europe, this tool can shed insight into personality traits, strengths and weaknesses.  Author Thomas Poppe explains this method to your host Chris Flisher.  This is… Continue Reading →

PODCAST: The Human Design System

The Human Design System is a composite view of an individual as characterized by the collected views of many important esoteric modalities.  Astrology, the kabbalah, the iChing, the chakras and others are all rolled into a single profile that provides enormous insight into the characteristics and potential for each of us.  Reaching back 14 generations… Continue Reading →

PODCAST: Astro-aromatherapy with Victoria Bender

ARCHIVED SHOW:  Does aromatherapy work differently for different zodical signs?  Does a Leo need a big bold dose of something powerful or does it need the opposite to bring down that energy?  Does a chatty Gemini need something to still the busy mind?  Does the lush Libra require something soft and demure?  Listen as your… Continue Reading →

PODCAST: The Chakras

For centuries ancient civilizations have understood and worked with the chakras.  Energy centers that encompass distinct areas of the human body, the chakras are influential in establishing harmony and balance which all promote optimum health. In this segment, astrologer and host, Chris Flisher discusses this subject with Peter Tadd.  Check out this episode!

PODCAST: Financial Times with Mitchell Lewis

One of the great aspects of astrology is the cyclical nature of events and timing.  An area that is especially well-suited to prediction is the stock market.  Using the cycles of planetary alignments and economic data astrolgy can provide insight as to how the markets will respond based on historical trends that recur.  In this… Continue Reading →

PODCAST: Dynamic Narrative Astrology with A.T. Mann

A.T. Mann developed a unique approach to astrological interpretation when he devised Life Time Astrology several years ago.  With the passage of time, he has come to rethink his method and has re-entered into the world with Dynamic Narraive Astrology, a derivation of his original thoughts.  Listen as your host and astrologer, Chris Flisher, discusses… Continue Reading →

PODCAST: A Time of Reckoning with Eric Meyers

Ask any astrologer and they’ll tell you the same story.  We are due for a time of reckoning as we approach the next several years.  We are collectively experiencing a Pluto return in the United States.  None of us has lived one before and this is an event that is clearly obvious as we stare… Continue Reading →

PODCAST: Crossing Over

How many of us would like to be able to connect with someone from our past that has left this earthly plane?  Psychic Daria Justyn has done just that as discussed with your host, Chris Flisher from this archived show from December of 2011. Check out this episode!

PODCAST: C-O-L-O-R with Betsy Karp

We all know color.  It surrounds us in every aspect of our daily lives.  And yet, how many of us actually acknowledge its presence?  Do you know that color can affect our moods?  It can speak volumes about a person and how they view themselves.  Are you a black and white person or a flamboyant… Continue Reading →

PODCAST: A Change is Gonna Come ~ with Erin Sullivan

The great singer, Sam Cooke wrote the song “A Change is Gonna Come” at a time when society looked as if it could never recover.  Racial strife, inequality, sexism and other social mores were being tested.  We find ourselves in another momentous time of great change as Saturn and Pluto start to form a conjunction… Continue Reading →

PODCAST: The Ascendant ~ What We Project

The ascendant, or rising sign is a crticial piece of the astrology puzzle.  It is determined by the moment of birth and sets the orientation for the remainder of the planets by house.  The ascendant is also an outward representation of the inner personality.  Often referred to as the mask we wear, the ascendant is… Continue Reading →

PODCAST: Pondering the Logic of Astrology with Bruce Scofield

Astrology is a complex art and science modality that offers great insight into the historical cycles we see unfolding in our lives.  As a measure of time and event we can corelate patterns.  In this discussion with host, Chris Flisher, astrologer Bruce Scofield offers insights into foundational characteristcs of astrology.  Check out this episode!

PODCAST: 2020 ~ A New Era Ahead with Michael St. Clair

We are deep in the midst of a historic shift.  Pluto, Saturn, and eventually Jupiter will all gather in Capricorn.  We can clearly see the changes unfolding as we look to institutions, governments, countries, and important individuals pivot to address the reconstruction of a new world order.  Join your host, astrologer, Chris Flisher as he speaks with… Continue Reading →

PODCAST: The Planet in Evolution with A.T. Mann

Become a Patron! Astrology is the best tool for understanding where we are headed as a species and as a planet.  In this ARCHIVED (2013) show astrologer, A.T. Mann shares his deep wisdom about what potentially lies ahead.  Recorded in November of 2013, we can see if what we saw then has come to light… Continue Reading →

PODCAST: Running the Numbers ~ 2019 and Beyond

Numerology and astrology have always been closely linked.  They are supportive of each other and complementary modalities.  Using a different set of rules and guidelines, the numbers can reveal much of the upcoming themes that we will encounter as a nation, a planet and as a civilization.  Join your host Chris Flisher as he discusses… Continue Reading →

PODCAST: Talking with The Leo King

David Palmer, also known as The Leo King, has taken astrology to a new place in the world of social media.  His videos, seminars, tours, and television appearances have rocketed him to the top of the list of emerging astrologers.  His young, hip, California style has brought new relevance to what many call “pop-astrology.”  While… Continue Reading →

PODCAST: Chiron’s Calling with Michael Lutin

Chiron’s role in our personal astrology is how we find our hidden pains and try to repair and heal them.  Every fifty years Chiron returns to the place in your life where you need to find healing and solace.  Listen as your host Chris Flisher, speaks with astrologer Michael Lutin.  NOTE:   Michael had a bad… Continue Reading →

PODCAST: Jupiter in Sagittarius ~ Possibility Arrives

Become a Patron! Jupiter represents possibility, optimism and expansion.  As it steps into the sign that it rules, the possibilities become greater as we try to achieve what’s best for us all.  How will this impact you?  How can you use this time to gain control and conquer your challenges?  Sagittarians are adventurerers.  Where does… Continue Reading →

PODCAST: Dreams : Our Subconscious Guide

We all dream.  What do they tell us about ourselves?  Is the answer to be found in a dream?  Why are some more powerful and memorable than others?  How can they help to guide us?  These and many more questions are the topic of this discussion with acclaimed dream analyst, Layne Dalfen.  Listen as your… Continue Reading →

PODCAST: The Near Death Experience with Nancy Rynes

We have all spent time wondering about the great mystery of what happens when we die.  We’ve heard of the great white light; the sense of peace and calm; the welcoming presence of spirit.  But what really happens?  Scientist and religious skeptic, Nancy Rynes faced such an event and lived to tell her story.  What… Continue Reading →

PODCAST: Psyche and Singularity with Timothy Desmond

We have all had moments where we felt as if events unfold in uncanny sequence.  Synchronicity, as coined by C.G. Jung, forms a backdrop for the modern spiritual movement and the interconnectedness of all things.  Have we been here before?  Why do events tumble into each other with remarkable similarity?  Listen as your host, Chris… Continue Reading →

PODCAST: Saturn Direct ~ Doing the Right Thing

The great planet Saturn stationed direct recently and will begin in forward motion.  Responsibility, duty, and diligence are the key attributes we use to describe Saturn’s presence in our daily lives.  This is an opportunity to step up and be accountable for what has transpired.  Often deemed a malefic planet, Saturn actually holds us accountable…. Continue Reading →

PODCAST: The Logic of Astrology

Astrology has been around a long time.  During its tenure it has had numerous detractors.  Yet, despite all the sophism, the accuracy and precision continue to amaze people who turn to it for guidance with regard to timing significant life events.  In that regard it is incredibly accurate.  Why?  In this segment, your host discusses… Continue Reading →

PODCAST: The Kabbalah and Astrology

The Kabbalah is an ancient divination tool used by people of the Jewish faith to help provide guidance for our time on earth.  The simple fact that this tool incorporates astrology, numerology and other widely-used tools is remarkable in itself.  However, do people use this?  What does this tell us about ourselves?  Listen as your… Continue Reading →

PODCAST: Botanical Magic

Our senses are one of our natural defense mechanisms.  They are also the key to our stimuli.  In this segment, your host, Chris Flisher, speaks with green witch and aromatherapist, Amy Blackthorn about how fragrances can alter our lives in the most meaningful manner. Check out this episode!

PODCAST: The New Astrology

Even though this book is 32 years old, it still resonates.  Suzanne White wrote this unique approach to astrology interpretation in 1986 and it continues to hold great knowledge of both Chinese and Western astrology.  She breaks down each possible permutation of both systems.  In this podcast your host, astrologer, Chris Flisher speaks to Suzanne… Continue Reading →

PODCAST: Karma and the Twelfth House

We have come from the past.  What we may have done or been in our former lives can be quite revealing about our journey through our current lives.  Do you feel as if you are on the right track?  Are you waiting to come into your own?  What can the twelfth house and the signs… Continue Reading →

PODCAST: Twins: Astrology Tested

Twins are a basic mystery of astrology.  How can two people born in close proximity share similar life journeys?  Do they?  Maybe two people share certain attributes but live their lives differently and yet similarly?  Is that possible?  Listen as your host, Chris Flisher speaks with fellow astrologer and twin, Suzanne Keating about this conundrum…. Continue Reading →

PODCAST: The Psychic Realm

What does it take to become psychic?  Can anyone learn to read people?  What skill set does it require to delve into another’s psyche?  These and many other questions are posed by your host Chris Flisher to psychic, Katherine Glass. Check out this episode!

PODCAST: When Astrology Met the Computer with Michael Erlewine

Prior to the 1970s the only way an astrologer could read a chart was to construct it manually.  Using empherides and house tables, a skilled astrologer literally drew the charts by hand.  This time-consuming process involved hours of research and calculations.  It wasn’t until astrologer Michael Erlewine devised a method to have the calculations performed… Continue Reading →

PODCAST: The Cosmic Gyroscope

The universe is a swirl of geometry and astrology completely fits that model.  The angles, degrees, and inter-relationships of planet to planet is the bedrock from which astrology is based.  the logic is clear and the rationale is authentic.  Listen as your host and astrologer, Chris Flisher speaks with astrologer, Michael Elliot of the Sabian… Continue Reading →

PODCAST: Rambling with Caroline Casey

Astrologer and author, Caroline Casey is a veritable fountain of knowledge.  Her range covers everything from the birth of LSD to the death of JFK.  Using ancient symbolism, metaphors, and cosmic logic she peels back the veil of mystery and sheds new insights into the order of our evolution.  In this fascinating discussion with your… Continue Reading →

PODCAST: Talkin’ Pluto Blues with A.T. Mann

Astrologers have long regarded Pluto as the harbinger of change-of the highest order.  Since this planet’s transit is roughly 248 years no human experiences a Pluto return.  However, the United States is undergoing a Pluto return currently and has been for the past 8 years.  What does this mean?  Transformation?  Destruction? Reconstruction? All of the… Continue Reading →

PODCAST: The Astrology Code with Michael Bergen

While astrology is incredibly powerful tool for self discovery, there are gaps in its credibility that come from a lack of empirical evidence.  The conundrum comes from reproducible events that predict an outcome.  Many back into astrology trying to find the aspects for an event.  And yet the aspects are not the same each time… Continue Reading →

PODCAST: Infinite Possibility with Katherine Jegede

Neville Goddard was a man of great complexity and purpose.  He was a mystic, philosopher, optimist, and a teacher.  In his work we find a logical path to our chosen destiny.  In this segment your host speaks with author Katherine Jegede about her interpretation and application of Goddard’s work in her book, “Infinite Possibility.” Check… Continue Reading →

PODCAST: The Slow Arc of Time with Ray Grasse

More than any other metaphysical tool, astrology provides direct insight into the shifting mores, values, and trends of humanity.  We can see the social, cultural, and political changes as the news scrolls across our screens and history is written.  As we stand on the cusp of a new epoch, what do these changes portend?  Author,… Continue Reading →

PODCAST: The Saturn Blues

We all have Saturn in our astrological charts somewhere.  This is the place in our natal charts where we have to be especially clear about what is being asked of us.  While many consider Saturn to be a malefic planet, we can also regard Saturn as our savior, forcing us to do the right thing… Continue Reading →

PODCAST: Crystal Gridwork

Many of us are familiar with crystals.  But how many of us know how they work and when to best use them?  In this segment your host, Chris Flisher discusses crystal grillwork with author and crystal expert, Kiera Fogg.  What they bring to us and how to use them is the subject of this show…. Continue Reading →

PODCAST: Running The Numbers with Sharita Star

Numerology and astrology are born of a similar logic.  In that regard they mirror each other with the information they provide for each of us uniquely.  Based on the numbers of an individual’s birthday, the reduced number serves as a guide for one’s life path, just the same way that astrological data provides insight into… Continue Reading →

PODCAST: Chiron in Aries

Chiron is an asteroid that has just entered Aries for the first time in 50 years.  What does this imply?  Chiron represents the wounded healer and signifies areas of our lives that may be filled with emotional scars.  How do we heal ancient wounds carried over from childhood?  What does this ingress mean to the… Continue Reading →

The Lunar Gospel

Second only to the Sun, the Moon in our astrological profiles plays an important role in determining the attributes, character, and emotions of our personality.  In many ways it can be an even stronger player than the Sun simply by virtue of how it manifests in our daily lives.  How we express ourselves then, in… Continue Reading →

Extraordinary Relationships

As humans we long to have meaningful relationships.  It is a core part of what it means to be human.  The trick often comes in making wise choices about who we become involved with.  Astrology offers one of the most telling and dependable vehicles through which to decide or evaluate our connections with others.  At… Continue Reading →

These Voices Will Be Heard

After the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, a group of students formed a string coalition of resistance to the NRA and the gun lobby.  What made this time different than others?  Is this a sign of a generation that no longer accepts thoughts and prayers from politicians?  Born with Neptune and Uranus in Aquarius, this… Continue Reading →

Breathe Deep

How many of us take the time to pause and listen to our bodies?  In a world in which are senses are assaulted a multitude of outside distractions many of us claim we have no time to shut down.  And yet, modern medicine has proven time and again that there is no greater antidote to… Continue Reading →

Playing Nicely With Others

Compatibility is one of the most important topics in astrology.  There can be no question that certain signs get along with each other better than others.  What is the secret to longevity and stability in romance? Is it better to let your feelings out and blow off steam?  Or is it wise to hold your… Continue Reading →

Planetary War ~ Mars Conjunct Saturn

Mars has entered into Capricorn where it is exalted and Saturn is the natural ruler of this sign.  What happens when these two meet in this sign?  Which theme prevails?  Aggression or responsibility?  With the theme of war resounding across the planet, should we be wary of what is to come?  Listen as your host… Continue Reading →

On the Looming Horizon

The great outer planet, Uranus will step into Taurus for the first time in 84 years.  Any time a major outer planet enters a new sign we can expect to witness significant changes.  Since Taurus is a fixed earth sign and Uranus is the planet of rebellion and innovation what might we expect to see… Continue Reading →

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