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What single concept has more power than love? Absolutely nothing. It is the spirit force of all and that which makes life worth the cost of admission. Love has resounding power and reaches us at our core allowing us to thrive and grow. Like water for a plant, love is the life force which helps… Continue Reading →


Buy Gifts From My Shop In our quest to find purpose, meaning and direction in our lives, humanity has long looked to the stars for guidance. The logic of astrology resides in the fact that the planets are the only objects of permanence in our world. As our daily lives change and cycle, the planets… Continue Reading →

You ‘da Buddha

Once the Buddha achieved nirvana, he wanted to spread his message. He realized that true peace comes with acceptance and embracing the inevitable. To place yourself in the midst of the painful swirl of life is to be fully present. The more we live with our pain the more we become familiar; the more we… Continue Reading →


Buy Gifts From My Shop This mandala is named for the world in which we live. We are all connected. The universality of mankind transcends color, yet color connects us through its universal appeal and delight. The rich purples and bright orange and yellow lotus blossoms reflect the richness of color in our daily lives…. Continue Reading →


Patience, compassion, grace, tolerance, gratitude, humility, laughter, humor. They are just words, but what images and feelings do they emote? Think long and hard about each word. They bring some heavy images no matter how they are spoken. Round and round we go, in a swirl of misplaced passion. If passion and motive were well-guided… Continue Reading →

Tarajani Mudra

A mudra is a hand or body position that is used in meditation. The exact placement of the body’s extremities into well-defined positions helps to channel meditative energy in the proper manner. The alignment of fingers, legs, hands and the body provide the individual with a receptivity characteristic that allows the person to be attuned… Continue Reading →


Deep, rich and pungent the flavors of the spicy Indian dish is represented here by the swirl of oranges and reds offset by the cool greens and blues. More than anything else the exotic textures and tastes of this food are a constant contrast of cool versus hot; sweet versus spicy; and savory versus subtle…. Continue Reading →

Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa is literally defined as “blank slate.” The concept came to light through a philosophy postulating on the evolution of the mind. According to the philosophy it was generally accepted and assumed that all humans were born as “blank slates;” clean and free of influence, pre-destiny, or ability. The discussion put forth that evolution… Continue Reading →


“StarMan” plays on the concepts of fame, fortune, and that which sparkles. That which sparkles, draws sparkle. That which frowns, draws frowns. This is not a simple reduction of the laws of attraction, but rather a euphemism for giving and getting in the most positive manner possible. When out and about; walking or running errands;… Continue Reading →

Spoken Word

Communication. What a concept.Dialog, expression, nuance, emotion, complexity, implication, insight, connection, value, omission, flattery, intuition, promises, divination, reading, thought, philosophy, cynicism, politics, spin, diatribe, argument, speech, teach, learned, burned, scorned, reborn, ridiculed, tutored, preach, deliver, address, expound, slander, banter, bargain, buy, news, blues, tears, cry, laughter, disaster, tickle and fight. Mail, receive, reciprocate, comply, agitate,… Continue Reading →

So What!

Named after the classic jazz album by Miles Davis, this mandala encompasses a wide range of emotions, symbology, and spirituality. The chakras, the Chinese symbols for the five elements: earth, air, water, fire and metal, forgiveness, love, Buddha, and peace surround the central figure known as Om. The swirl of color and sparkling effervescence give… Continue Reading →


The sun is the astrological equivalent of the ego; the root of all character and personality dimension. With radiant colors and an overwhelming sense of warmth, this mandala symbolizes the inner source. The sun symbolizes the divine masculine principle or father figure. It is ruled by the proud sign of Leo and finds strength and… Continue Reading →


The calmness that comes with acceptance is life-giving and liberating. Samadhi is the Sanskrit word for meditation and reflection. Pause, reflect, breathe, and renew. All of these actions give birth to newness, freshness, and serenity. Unfolding of the truth is truly a freedom gift of the highest order. When we let go and resist clinging… Continue Reading →


At the center of this piece sits the mystical man known as the sādhu. The sādhu is a deeply spiritual man who has renounced all forms of human pleasure in the pursuit of divinity and enlightenment. Armed with the belief that true wisdom comes from suffering and denial, these men, wear little clothing, own nothing… Continue Reading →

Real Of Fortune

Buy Gifts From My Shop Fortune is a loaded word. It has a duality that implies wealth and destiny in the same breath. How ironic that a word can have such diverse potential? Fortune is the term applied to those of wealth and dominance; as is “fame and fortune.” It also implies destiny. Does destiny… Continue Reading →

Purple Lotus

Regal and geometric yet soft and sensual, the Purple Lotus mandala fuses symmetry with color; angle with hue; in an effort to cross-pollinate ideas and concepts in one round container. The circle represents the wholeness of humanity, the universe, and the divine maternal. There are no hard edges in the circle. It can expand like… Continue Reading →

Ball Of Confusion

The constant swirl of demands, activity, and pressure that we face each day can be daunting. Over-stimulation removes any possibility of enjoying the purest simple aspects of living. How do we cope in a world of such intensity? Like rodents on treadmills we rush to fulfill dreams and desires that are just beyond our reach…. Continue Reading →


We all have potential. However, you cannot count on potential since it is an intangible quality. The realization comes when potential turns into action or forward motion. The gap between what is real and what is possible can be either large or small. We all see potential in others but how do we bring that… Continue Reading →

Pillow Of Winds

A Pillow of Winds, summons a dreamlike state of shadowy images, cloudy visions and disjointed themes in a swirl of somnolent haze. It is a state between sleep and awake; that place where events, images and thoughts often drift without logic, sequence, or order. Memories and scenes bubble up from our deepest sub-conscious and shed… Continue Reading →

OM Sweet OM

“Om, om on the range. Where no fear and the lack of hope preys. Where seldom a word of bad tidings is heard, And stars light our Milky Way.”…or something like that…. This mandala consists of the Tibetan characters for the Buddhist chant of “OM Mani Padme OM.” The chant frees the mind from the… Continue Reading →

OM Mani Padme OM

This mandala is named after the Buddhist mantra. The reciting of a mantra elicits the spirit within all of us and manifests itself in our deepest consciousness. The mantra purifies speech, thought, action, and the connectedness all humans must feel to be a member of the universe. The mantra removes distraction and allows us to… Continue Reading →


OM or AUM, is not so much a word as it is a tone. Within that tone resides the universality of all mankind. This tone, which finds its roots in Hinduism, delivers a resonant quality which transcends race, color, age, or creed. It is a mantra; the most powerful mantra of all. The vibration of… Continue Reading →

OM Shanti

The soft-spoken lilt of these gentle words inspire us to reflect and give thanks for the peace in our lives. “Shanti” translates as peace, calm, and reflection from the ancient language of Sanskrit. As we evolve and age, this time of reflection becomes even more prominent and important in our daily lives. To give thanks… Continue Reading →

Ninth Harmonic

The ninth harmonic is the embodiment of maturity and transcendence. It is where we traverse the threshold into deeper enlightenment and knowledge. Numerologically, the number nine represents drama, culmination, flair and charisma. All of these qualities are borne of evolution and reaching a point of completion. The benevolent mentor or ruler is a role best… Continue Reading →

Moonar Phases

Where would we be without our Moon? The smiling friendly orb that dances through our skies, reminds us of a purpose much deeper than our daily lives. The ebb and flow of the tides, the wax and wane of the phases are symbolic of our emotions, feelings, and desires. As the Moon moves through its… Continue Reading →

Magic Carpet Ride

The rich density of fabric and color of Persian carpets are unlike any other. They possess characteristics that are truly magical. 1001 Arabian Nights recalls that King Solomon had a green carpet, large enough to carry his throne, two lions and two armies. When the armies closed ranks, Solomon called the wind to lift the… Continue Reading →

Lotus Lovely

The Buddhist symbol for purity and renunciation, the Lotus represents blossoming and all activities that begin anew. Miniature Buddhist prayer flags encircle the deep purple Lotus which floats serenely in the center of this Mandala. The Lotus is a sacred symbol from ancient cultures and remains as potent today as it did thousands of years… Continue Reading →

Lotus Floats

The lotus holds such strong imagery that is incredibly relevant to all the work represented here. It is a natural thing of beauty that opens and closes with each rise and set of the Sun. Thus it evokes the recurring theme of beginning and end with each day. That balance of open and close, and,… Continue Reading →


Our senses dominate so much of our daily lives; sight, sound, touch, taste, and of course, smell. The lofty ethereal quality of pure Jasmine is like no other. The flowery scent of this plant has a quality of restful sensuality and sweet calm. It is an intoxicating presence that transcends space and time and lifts… Continue Reading →

Hope Floats

Buy Gifts From My Shop “Hope springs eternal.” It’s a pretty powerful saying. What does hope imply? It implies the highest degree of optimism; never ending; never defeated. Faith. Optimism is often overlooked as flighty, Polly-annish, goody-goodness. Beneath it all, though is the cynical realism that tugs at the heart-strings of bitter reality. We can… Continue Reading →

Gradient Transcendance

Buy Gifts From My Shop Color thrives and lives in within our visual realm. Do you know how important color is to your well being? Do you feel the tingling spark of the red, the seeping sensuality of blue, the verdant depth of green and the buttery flow of yellow? How about the Caribbean punch… Continue Reading →

Good ‘N Plenty

The concept of a glass half full or half empty is a tried and true example of the division between hoping for the best while preparing for the worst. We enter life with an expectation that it will be a smooth journey and all of our creature comforts will be met. What happens when the… Continue Reading →

Gold Beginnings

Buy Gifts From My Shop Every beginning comes from an ending. As one door closes, another opens. Opportunity comes from challenge and nothing worth having ever comes too easily. All of these are universal truths reflected in the cycles and waves of change that swirl around us each day. In astrology, the strengths and challenges… Continue Reading →


What does it mean to forgive? How do we let go of what once ruled our emotions? There is an element of freedom and liberation involved in forgiving. No longer must we hang on to the negativity associated with an act of pain or hurtfulness. All can be released and freed to the winds of… Continue Reading →

Fire Lotus

A peaceful fire is one that burns deep. It is the source of the soul and the motive of spirit. Astrologically, fire is ultimately represented by the planet Mars, and epitomizes motive, desire, action, drive, impetus, ambition and all action-oriented forward motion. “Find out what motivates a person and you will understand the individual;” so… Continue Reading →

I Scream

This mandala reflects a waveform of a scream. When used constructively, screaming can be an effective form of release. Primal and raw, this form of expression can be an unusual and powerful form of healing. Primal therapy was a pioneering concept introduced by Dr. Arthur Janov in the late 1960s. The underlying principle concludes that… Continue Reading →


The Egyptians remain one of the most influential civilizations in history. Their culture and presence have been felt on the planet for over 7000 years. Like the Aztecs, the Eqyptians made great strides in mathematics, architecture, art, astronomy, and other sciences. They perfected principles of engineering that still baffle engineers today. One of the most… Continue Reading →


This mandala came to life on the eve of an eclipse in the year 2004. Eclipses carry enormous power and impact in astrology. The widely held belief theorizes that as the sun and moon block each other, the energy of the other planets is more pervasive. Since the sun and moon dominate our true inner… Continue Reading →


Dorje means ‘indestructible’ in Tibetan. The Dorje is the Tibetan Buddhist tool for thunderbolt. It represents, fortune, drive, masculinity, sudden inspiration, the ‘cutting’ of ignorance and illusion. In rituals it is always paired with the bell, or Ghanta, its feminine counterpart. The circular ends represent the closing of the spokes of the wheel of Samsara… Continue Reading →

Divine Intervention

Buy Gifts From My Store Extra, Extra!! Read all about it. UNIVERSE IS EXPANDING Earth Center (AP) Scientists today announced that the universe is under a huge expansion program. Drawing on detailed evidence from a number of highly provocative and authentic sources, the worlds greatest minds have reached the conclusion that there is, indeed, hope…. Continue Reading →

Divine Convention

Hey you! Yes, YOU! Are you tired of your centuries-old religion? Are you frustrated trying to find answers to unanswerable questions? Does your pathway to heaven look more like a triathlon to hell? Fret not. Help is on the way. Join the hundreds who have already discovered a new way. The Divine Convention offers a… Continue Reading →

Compass Prose

The Compass Rose was a navigation tool used by sailors. A traditional compass rose displays the four cardinal directions of the compass; north south, east and west. This variation on that theme also depicts the half-steps between the cardinal poles: north-east, north-west, south-east, south-west. This mandala pays reverence to direction. How important is it to… Continue Reading →


To be bold enough to go where no person has gone before requires conviction. That singular drive embodies a spirit that has courage, hope, and curiosity woven into its very fabric. That concept also holds the promise of the future. We can never know what is beyond the next corner or minute. Like driving at… Continue Reading →

Cirque D’Ole

This mandala has a sense of humor. Gone are the traditional lines and boundaries so familiar in the others. Typical mandalas are very symmetrical and even and patterned after a repeated symbol. In this case, the blend of reds, yellows and oranges offset by the deep shimmering blues and purples lend a circus-like affect to… Continue Reading →

Chakra Sixth

Chakras are energy centers located in the human body. These energy centers govern specific energies and spirit-force within the body. There are seven widely-recognized energy fields in each human being. Each center or energy source is responsible for specific energy or light. The word “chakra” is derived from the ancient language of Sanskrit and literally… Continue Reading →

Buddha and the Bodhi Tree

At the center of this mandala sits the little white figure of the Buddha, pondering life and awaiting enlightenment. Do you see him beneath the Bodhi tree? Buddha came from a life of privilege and wealth, yet it wasn’t until he left his creature comforts and witnessed life first hand that led to his own… Continue Reading →


The Chinese figure for Buddha is shown here. The symbol floats on a rich purple lotus blossom, the pure and symbolic flower of the universality of all mankind. Siddhartha Guatama, the Buddha, was born in 563 BC in what is now known as Nepal, high in the Himalayan mountain range. He is attributed as the… Continue Reading →

Blueness Greeness

Listen Now Buy t-shirts, mugs, & gifts from my shop “Woke Up On The Delta” Woke up on the delta, heat pouring down, Muddy, Mr. Johnson, and Wolf all in town. Haunting, mystery, racial divide Who says I got God on my side Sound so steely, cold and blue Renders a passion, a pain that’s… Continue Reading →


Using a combination of themes, this mandala encompasses traditional Buddhist themes with the use of lotus symbology and the western patterned theme of bandanas. A mix of diversity at its best. Cowboy Buddha. Get along little dharmas. Rolling, rolling, rolling…… Get those mantras rolling! Why not? As we blend our traditions, the symbols and colors… Continue Reading →


Beneath the mystery of life there lies the elemental concept of mathematics. Angles, degrees, equations, and theorems populate the giant spectrum of the universe. Despite our innate desire to find meaning through alternatives we find that much can be explained by the laws of math. That is not to say mathematics and spirituality don’t exist… Continue Reading →

12 Point Lotus

Symbolically, the lotus represents the cyclical nature of the universe. As seasons come and go; as time marches on in an endless continuum; the lotus opens and closes with each sunrise and sunset. The lotus also symbolizes the divine feminine energy which provides balance and equanimity in counterpart to the divine masculine energy. This mandala… Continue Reading →

About “Astrologic” by Chris Flisher

The planets of the zodiac dictate the paths our lives are bound to follow. The energies sent our way thought the universe determine our fate, our characteristics, our lessons. The Sun (self), the Moon (emotion), Mercury (mind), Venus (love), Mars(drive), Jupiter (good fortune), Saturn (responsibility), Uranus (eccentricity), Neptune (nebulousness), and Pluto (trans­formation) each depict a… Continue Reading →


The planets of the zodiac dictate the paths our lives are bound to follow. The energies sent our way thought the universe determine our fate, our characteristics, our lessons. The Sun (self), the Moon (emotion), Mercury (mind), Venus (love), Mars(drive), Jupiter (good fortune), Saturn (responsibility), Uranus(eccentricity), Neptune (nebulousness), and Pluto (transformation) each depict a role… Continue Reading →

Mercy, Mercy Me Mandala

This mandala recalls the great song by the late Marvin Gaye. “Oh Mercy, Mercy Me, things ain ‘t what they used to be …” the song goes, referring to the sad shape of the ecology. Perhaps the ecology is better now than it was in 1972, but the concept of “mercy” remains potent. This simple… Continue Reading →

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