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The After Death Chronicles

How many of us have wished that we could speak with those who have departed?  What would it be like to spend time with a loved one who has passed?  Author and teacher, Annie Mattingley has done just that.  After the death of her daughter, Mattingley came to discover that she was able to connect… Continue Reading →

A Question of Ethics and Astrology

As many turn towards social media platforms for information the danger of falsehoods and fake news is very real.  While the platforms offer a useful way in which to connect they also provide a place from which to spread inaccuracies.  Recalling a recent astrological “spat” it is clear that misinformation was being cast as authentic,… Continue Reading →

An Infinity of Gods

When astrologer and author, Ray Grasse was younger he had the rare opportunity to speak with the great spiritual teacher, Shelly Trimmer.  Trimmer was a multi-faceted iconoclastic spiritual visionary who encompassed a wide array of esoteric modalities.  Grasse had the good fortune to spend extensive time with Trimmer and has captured the essence of this… Continue Reading →

The Aftermath with Michael Lutin

As we stare at the headlines, we may all feel as if the world is truly coming to an end.  Earthquakes, hurricanes, forest fires, floods, and impending war populate the news feeds like never before.  Are we truly heading towards an apocalypse?  What can we learn from these extreme situations and catastrophes?  Ever since the… Continue Reading →

The Astrology of the Moment

World renowned astrologer, author, and philosopher, Geoffrey Cornelius discusses his book “The Moment of Astrology” with host Chris Flisher.  What is the moment of astrology and how is it relevant to our daily routine?  How do time, objectivity, and the interpretation of symbol play into the theme of the moment?  This is a rare and… Continue Reading →

The Geometry of Astrology

When we glance out at the recent eclipse we stare with awe at the precision of the event.  How does a small moon 250,000 miles away from Earth block out the Sun which 92 million miles away with such accuracy that it blocks the Sun with exactitude?  Simply amazing.  The entire basis of astrology is… Continue Reading →

Where Are We? What Do We Do?

As we stare at our screens and we see the events spill out across the globe, we can only wonder if we have stumbled into an odd parallel universe.  The aspects are tough.  No doubt.  We are in the midst of a major corrective period that will extend for several years.  We are being asked… Continue Reading →

ECLIPSE with Erin Sullivan

The Great American Eclipse is coming on August 21, 2017 and will traverse the entire mid-section of the United States. Eclipses are important astronomical events, but also contain an ominous astrological component. Often feared by ancient civilizations, eclipses of this nature bring a powerful opportunity to rethink our place in the world. As we look… Continue Reading →

An Oracle of Degrees

The Sabian Symbols are one of the more unconventional, yet highly provocative astrological tools available.  Each degree of the 360 degree circle contains a nugget of wisdom that can be interpreted to add new depth, meaning and clarity to the horoscope. Using key positions in the cast birth chart, the symbols supplement the true character… Continue Reading →

The Guide for Human Development

Having experienced three near death experiences, author PMH Atwater possesses a unique view of the life/death phenomena.  Drawing on her experiences, Atwater discusses what we need to do to be fully developed.  Are we working at our potential?  What should w spend our time on?  Are we evolutionary?  Are we regressive?  Listen as your host,… Continue Reading →

Growing Pains

We all age and as we do our life takes us in many different directions, some of which are our choice and some of which are not.  As an astrologer and a educator, Alex Trenoweth has a unique view of the process we all know as growth and maturation.  Working in a classroom environment, she… Continue Reading →

Your Soul’s Purpose

Medical clairvoyant, Edgar Cayce, was known as the “sleeping prophet” in his day.  Entering into a deep state of sleep, Cayce would offer medical advice, spiritual insights, and psychological musings on people who came to visit him.  Now, the most significant teacher of Cayce’s work, Mark Thurston, re-introduces us to his groundbreaking work in a re-issue… Continue Reading →

Lunar Rituals

Our closest celestial neighbor holds a powerful influence over all of us.  Whether it be the ominous pull of our oceans or the emotional tug that evolves from our inner core, the Moon stands in as our most influential orb.  As we recognize the power of the Moon we can learn how it affects each… Continue Reading →

It Didn’t Start With You

Many of us may believe that we are a simple product of environment, family traits, and circumstances.  While much of that may be true, we are also a product of all that has come before us.  Many of our personal foibles, traits and liabilities are the direct product of our genetics.  In his excellent new… Continue Reading →

Astrology ~ Believe It Or Not?

Lauded by some as a belief< astrology is anything but a belief system.  Unlike a religious practice, astrology subscribes to basic principles and rules that do not require belief, perseverance, but rather an understanding in the logic of the universe. Part science and part art, astrology is not something to believe in, but it does… Continue Reading →

The Power of Tarot with Jeanne Mayell

The ancient and mystical power of the Tarot cards have long fascinated humankind.  What appears to be random may reflect an exchange between our subconscious and the powers of the moment.  What do the cards reveal about us as individuals?  What do the cards reveal about us as a collective body?  What do the cards… Continue Reading →

Hellenistic Astrology with Chris Brennan

There was a time when astrologers looked at the sky and made their predictions and forecasts based on only 7 planets.  They peered out as far as they could se which was to Saturn.  While contemporary astrologers extend their reach out to Pluto, Hellenistic astrologers saw no need to go further nor could they see… Continue Reading →

2020~Saturn conjunct Pluto

Saturn is the planet that represents responsibility and duty, whereas Pluto delivers deconstruction and rebirth.  When these two form a conjunction in 2020 they will deliver a new vision of the world.  Knowing this allows us to prepare and use the potential to further our purpose in a much more effective and responsible manner, rather… Continue Reading →

It’s About Time

We are so used to the idea of time that we hardly ever stop to think about where it comes from.  What is it?  How do we explain it?  It’s here and then it’s gone.  Is all of time captured in the last second that just flew by?  How do we explain this immensely  complex… Continue Reading →


In this segment, your host Chris Flisher discusses the underlying principles behind the practice of Vedic astrology.  Different in many ways from Western astrology, Vedic principles are rooted in prediction and precision.  Annand is a master astrologer delving in both Western and Vedic practices and is well versed in both subjects.  He is an accomplished… Continue Reading →

The Geometry of Astrology

The very basis of astrology springs from the logic of geometry.  To begin with we have a 360 degree circle which when divided up reveals 12, 30 degree sections for each sign.  This logic and construct continues on through the difficult angles such as squares at 90 degrees or oppositions at 180 degrees on into… Continue Reading →

Planetary Vibrational Medicine

Everything has a vibrational quality to it.  The frequencies vary, but the concept is the same.  The planets operate at a distinct frequency and that vibration has a direct impact on us.  When we are in tune with our astrological profile we “hum.”  Join your host Chris Flisher as he speaks with MichelAngelo an astrologer… Continue Reading →

Our Mother Who Art The Moon

Perhaps the single most important member of our astrological portfolio is the Moon.  The Moon represents our maternal needs and our emotions.  Since we experience our moods through the different manifestations of the signs, the Moon plays a huge role in how we respond to others and how we cope emotionally.  Since it is maternal that… Continue Reading →

The Astrology of Aging

One of the great characteristics of astrology is its ability to roll out where we have been and where we are headed.  Seeing the precise timing involved with each of our unique charts offers insights into how best to move forward.  Join your host, Chris Flisher as he discusses this topic with astrologer and author… Continue Reading →

The Fantastic And Forgotten

Learn about classic tales of the past as some of the world’s greatest authors who have written about the dark side of life.  Mysterious, compelling, and bizarre, these stories are a compendium of intrigue.  These timeless tales will chill and thrill readers who delve into the pages of this fabulous book edited and compiled by… Continue Reading →

The Answer to Everything

Quantum physics is not only the future of science but also the key to understanding consciousness, God, psychology, death, and the meaning of life.  This bold statement comes from author Amit Goswami.  A theoretical nuclear physicist, Goswami claims that everything can be explained by the premise of quantum physics and the basic core foundations of… Continue Reading →

Information Overload

The presence of information is taking over our lives, capturing our attention and preventing us from being human.  What is this phenomena all about?  Are we able to comb through what is real versus what is fake?  How do we discern what to watch and read and learn?  Join your host, Chris Flisher and author… Continue Reading →

The Logic of Astrology

Astrology is an ancient divination tool that delivers remarkable accuracy and detail about each and everyone of us.  As Carl Jung once described, “New are like grapes on the vine born at a distinct place and time with unique characteristics” (paraphrase).  The simple fact that so much can be learned about oneself based on the… Continue Reading →

Challenging Aspects

We are witnessing some challenging aspects astrologically as Mars (aggression) conjuncts Uranus (rebellion) and opposes Jupiter (amplification) right at the moment of a solar eclipse.  This is a powerful combination of influences that lays the groundwork for a rather dramatic period.  In this segment, host Chris Flisher speaks with astrologer Kate Petty about this ominous… Continue Reading →

Sacred Landscapes

“As long as there have been human beings, there have been sacred landscapes–places where the natural world compels us to contemplate great myths and mysteries and open our senses to experience the transcendent.”  In this compelling episode, your host, Chris Flisher speaks with A.T. Mann co-author of “Sacred Landscapes.”  Mann is a world-renowned astrologer, artist,… Continue Reading →

Reconsiderations ~ Venus Retrograde

Venus will go retrograde on March 4th until April 15th.  During that time Venus will move backwards into Pisces and remain in Aries for almost 4 months total by the time all is said and done.  As with any retrograde of a planet, the primary focus may be on the archetypal characteristics that the planet… Continue Reading →

The E Word with Cate Montana

The ego is not who we are.  It’s a mental program, like a computer code, enabling us to function in the world–a sensory code giving us the illusion of individuality–an utterly false “reality” similar to what’s presented in the movie The Matrix.  When top network TV editor, Cate Montana woke up to the fact that… Continue Reading →

A Taste of Astrology

Does a Taurus like food more than a Gemini?  Do Capricorns imbibe more than an Aquarius?  And, if so, what foods do the signs prefer?  These and many other topics are the subject of this interesting take on astrology and food.  Join host, Chris Flisher as he discusses this unique angle on astrology with author… Continue Reading →

Sensitive Degrees with Ronnie Dreyer

The coming months present us with a series of close astrological degrees.  The presence of Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto all in the middle to late degrees of cardinal signs may present an opportunity for anyone willing to step in and harness that power.  The same holds true for the coming eclipse season in middle to… Continue Reading →

Jupiter-Uranus Opposition with Henry Seltzer

Jupiter is the planet of the zodiac that represents abundance, optimism, but also amplification.  Uranus represents rebellion, revolution, but also innovation.  As these two planets move into opposition what might we expect to see?  As the United States pivots towards a wildly unprecedented administration what might we see unfolding?  Is this a turn towards a… Continue Reading →

2017 ~ The Numerology Outlook

Numerology shares many of the same attributes as astrology.  Based on the birth date and the letters of the name, numerology offers a composite profile of the attributes of an individual or an entity.  Like astrology, numerology offer insights into the shape of the year to come.  In this segment, host, Chris Flisher speaks with numerologist, Micheal… Continue Reading →

2017 Eclipses

The coming year presents the United Sates with an unusual and powerful set of Eclipses, one of which is being called “The Great American Eclipse.”  In this segment, host, Chris Flisher discusses the coming eclipses with astrologer Agneta Borstein.  The eclipse that occurs on August 21 will be visible in large areas of the U.S…. Continue Reading →

The End of the Year As We Know It

What a wild ride this year has been.  We have suffered an enormous shift in our power structure that may ripple across our social landscape for decades to come.  Is this what we expected?  How do we mitigate the damage?  Where do we go from here?  How to we cope?  All of these and other… Continue Reading →

Election Debriefing

Now that the vote has been cast and we are witnessing a slow political march in the opposite direction, we pause to reflect what happened in this most unusual election cycle.  Why were the predictions so egregiously wrong?  Why did we not see this coming?  Why were the polls so ambiguous?  These and many more questions arise… Continue Reading →


Maxwell Maltz was a pioneer in the self-help market with his revolutionary book, “Psycho-Cybernetics.”  Written in 1960, this book was a true trail-blazer to a generational audience of reflective people who were looking for alternate methods for coping with low self-image.  As a world-renowned plastic surgeon, Maltz’s patients were always working on their exterior which… Continue Reading →

Madame Blavatsky

Back in the mid 1800s, a strange woman with a thick Russian accent and a head full of wild esoteric ideas, formed a new movement dedicated to the forward evolution of the occult.  Although not considered a cultist per se, her work blended Eastern religion, mysticism, psychic channeling, and other controversial topics into a bold… Continue Reading →

Neptune ~ Friend or Foe?

We have been under the gaze of a retrograde Neptune for the past six months.  During that time the attributes that best identify Neptune have been upon us in full force.  Neptune is regarded as the planet of confusion, delusion, and illusion.  Neptune obscures all that it encounters.  On the collective level we have all… Continue Reading →

Now What?

As we glance back over the current election many of us are dumbfounded by the outcome.  An upset that appeared out of nowhere has many of us pondering our future, our options, and our personal safety.  What do we do now?  Join, host Chris Flisher as he speaks with old friend and colleague, Tad Mann… Continue Reading →

Circles In The Crops

For centuries humankind has been mystified by the presence of uniquely symmetrical geometric designs etched out in crops. Are they a natural phenomena? Are they the work of a hoax? Why don’t they get more publicity? Join host, Chris Flisher as he discusses this most unusual natural event with Peter Tadd.

Do You Know, Juno?

Juno is one of the asteroids that circles the earth in a belt of other asteroids located between Mars and Jupiter.  We all have them in our astrology charts, but do you understand the significance of this one?  Juno represents the karmic connection you long for in this lifetime.  Whether we are aware of it… Continue Reading →

Cosmic Intelligence Agency

The Cosmic Intelligence Agency is the brain child of astrologer Julilja Simas.  This organization located in Australia serves as a platform for the distribution of astrology and all its various components.  Using a clever name and a broad sense of humor, Simas has escalated astrology to a whole new realm of followers.  This interview is… Continue Reading →

Remembrance of a Genius ~ Paul Laffoley

Although he may not be well known, there is reason to believe we have lost a pioneering genius of the highest order.  Paul Laffoley was indeed light years ahead of his time.  An artist, an architect, a metaphysician; he encompassed so many of the qualities that define a genius in every sense of the word…. Continue Reading →

Karma Can Be A Real Pain

Many people believe in karma.  The idea that we are recycled to fulfill that which we didn’t accomplish in our first (or multiple) pass through.  What about those of us who suffer with chronic problems such as physical or emotional pain.  Are these the symptom of a life spent wrong in the past?  Are we… Continue Reading →

The Five Elements

Relationships are complex.  That is no secret.  But what if you knew the Chinese element associated with the people with whom you interact?   Supposing the quirks and tingles that come with other people all of a sudden made sense?  The clues may lie in the element of the person.  In this segment Dondi Dahlin… Continue Reading →

Humor in the Horoscope

It has been said that 90% of all people have a sense of humor.  Not sure about the other 10%, but one thing is certain, humor is the universal equalizer.  It is used to smooth out rough patches in life, it is used by speakers to break the ice before speaking, and it brings levity… Continue Reading →

What We Project ~ The Ascendant

How we appear to the world is often far different from how we perceive ourselves.  Are we delusional or simply unaware?  The ascendant or the rising sign is one of the most telling characteristics in the astrology chart.  This significant point in the chart is the mask we wear and may determine how our relationships… Continue Reading →

The Ascension Mysteries with David Wilcock

New York Times best-selling author, David Wilcock comes on to Turning of the Wheel with Chris Flisher to discuss his latest theories and new book, “The Ascension Mysteries.”  Controversial, yet widely recognized as a pioneer in the esoteric topics of human development and the role of the great cosmos in our evolution, Wilcock is a… Continue Reading →

What Ails You? ~ Medical Astrology

Can astrology illustrate strengths and weaknesses in the human body?  Can a tendency towards healthy or unhealthy mental activity be discovered using a personal chart?  What are the indicators?  Are events triggered by transiting planets?  These and many more questions will come to light in this segment.  Join host and astrologer, Chris Flisher as he… Continue Reading →

The Economics of Happiness

Students of psychology may be aware of Dr. Abraham Maslow and his hierarchy of needs.  As humans we are well beyond the challenges of food, clothing, and shelter. Our next challenge is to evolve in a manner that serves our consciousness and our sense of purpose.  How do we bridge that gap between the material… Continue Reading →

Who Done It? ~ Forensic Astrology

Can astrology provide the missing pieces when trying to solve crimes?  Is there a special astrological signature that points to the destiny of criminals?  Are crimes destined to happen?  All of these questions and more are the subject of this episode.  Forensic astrologer B.D. Salerno discusses her book, “Exploring Forensic Astrology” with host Chris Flisher… Continue Reading →

What Say The Symbols? with Lynda Hill

The Sabian Symbols have long been an amazingly accurate depiction of what is happening both on a personal and collective level.  And no one knows the Sabian Symbols better than Lynda Hill.  Her landmark work on the subject has set the standard for all interpretations of these ironically accurate themes.  In this segment host, Chris… Continue Reading →

Duty or Delusion?

We are currently in the midst of a powerful Saturn/Neptune square which finds us witnessing one of the most contentious and outrageous political campaigns in modern history.  Despite the circus-like characteristics of this political swirl, we are able to see quite clearly the role these two planets play in this event.  Saturn, the responsible, duty-bound planet… Continue Reading →

On The Topic of Eclipses

Eclipses have captured the imagination of humans since they were first understood.  The fantastic mathematical precision that occurs as such an event is truly remarkable and suggests that there is a greater logic in the construction of our universe than we might have originally thought.  In this episode, astrologer and host, Chris Flisher speaks with… Continue Reading →

The Solar Return

The Solar Return indicates a time of the year when the Sun returns to the exact degree as it did at the moment of your birth.  It is an important moment for reflection and a consideration of what is to come.  This discussion with astrologer Dietrich Pessin reveals the significance of this important point in… Continue Reading →

In Memoriam: Jan Spiller

In January of 2008, I connected with Jan Spiller and had a marvelous warm conversation.  She was a delightful, animated, enthusiastic astrologer with a deep appreciation and reverence for astrology.  Sadly I heard that Jan passed away this past week after a long battle with cancer.  This is an archived show from 2008.  Things were… Continue Reading →

Can Astrology Predict?

We all want to known what is to come.  More than any other significant reason, this is why we turn to astrology for answers.  We might not be able to get explicit granularity, but can we get some sort of flavor or theme of what is to come?  Listen as host and astrologer, Chris Flisher… Continue Reading →

Character and Calling

Astrology can be an extremely effective tool for understanding the character of the individual.  The details, aspects, traits, and liabilities are all blatantly evident in the structure of the chart and when properly interpreted can be incredibly helpful in identifying the journey of any person.  Listen as host and astrologer, Chris Flisher discusses this subject… Continue Reading →


Are we the vestiges of a former life?  Do we come back to relive a prescribed journey?  People have long been fascinated with the possibility of a return to the earthly plane and yet we know little about this topic.  Astrology holds many of the keys that signify the possibility of its existence.  Listen as… Continue Reading →

Saturn, Neptune and the Economy

We are living in a time when uncertainty is rampant.  The political cycle is unparalleled.  The state of the globe is querulous and our sense of security is certainly in question.  Is this a direct result of the power of Saturn, the planet of responsibility and duty coming into a geometrical alignment with the planet… Continue Reading →

The Mayan Calendar

The Mayan calendar has been a controversial topic among contemporary thinkers.  Its origins are ancient and unusual.  In this segment host, Chris Flisher discusses this topic with Carl John Calleman.  

A Planet In Evolution

It is no secret that we are undergoing a dramatic reconstruction of our planet.  This applies philosophically, ethically, physically, intellectually, and morally.  What does this look like and is it expected?  All progress must entail change and yet, our current changes seem more dramatic than in recent memory.  Why are we living through such fractious… Continue Reading →

Forensic Astrology

Is there a connection between events and astrology?  This may be one of the most puzzling questions that arises when we talk about the science and art of astrology.  Is there a connection between the cosmos and events on earth?  What happens when murders, or accidents, tragic events, or disasters are supported by an explicit… Continue Reading →

How Does It Add Up?

As a fractious election season encroaches on the United States, astrologer and host, Chris Flisher speaks with numerologist, Felicia Bender about the numbers for the fate of the country.  Numerology is the sibling of astrology and together the two modalities support each other with accuracy and data points that are remarkable and precise.  Listen as… Continue Reading →

Mars Retrograde with Arielle Guttman

The planet that symbolizes ambition, aggression, action, and anger has turned retrograde and is spinning backwards from our view on earth.  This action is combined with Mercury, Saturn and Pluto retrograding as well.  All of this backwards motion has a profound impact on all of our trajectories.  Are we stunted in our progress?  Does this… Continue Reading →

The Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are a record of our historic journey that spans back through the previous lifetimes in which we existed.  They are a vessel of knowledge that spans our past with an uncanny accuracy and may shed light into our current trials and tribulations.  Listen as host, Chris Flisher speaks with Linda Howe in… Continue Reading →

Past Life Regression

Have you been here before?  Do things feel vaguely familiar?  Why do people and events cycle through our lives?  All of these questions and more come to light in a review of past life regression.  The late Jeanne Avery recounts her experiences with clients during her sessions with them.  In this segment Chris Flisher recounts… Continue Reading →

Near Death Experience

Have you ever had a near death experience?  An NDE?  Have you ever wondered what happens at that moment?  Where do we go?  What is it like?  Should we be afraid?  Or is it a marvelous release from all that weighs us down?  In this segment astrologer and host, Chris Flisher speaks with Joel Kaplan… Continue Reading →

Primary Directions and the USA

Using an astrological technique known as primary directions, astrologer Ken Bowser is able to align the path of the United States with incredible accuracy.  What does this technique indicate?  Where have we come from?  Where are we going?  The future looks quite turbulent as the details emerge.  Using historical data based on the signing of the… Continue Reading →

The Power of Positive Thinking

Once considered the view of pre-new age theorists who postulated that you attract what you think.  The phrase “The Power of Positive Thinking” was coined by Norman Vincent Peale.  Is it realistic to think positively?  Is that a method for avoiding reality or is it a way of living that reaps benefits for those who… Continue Reading →

Why Can’t I Meditate?

We all know how beneficial meditation is to our physical, emotional, and intellectual well-being.  Yet, despite the multitude of positive results, few of us can muster the patience and tenacity to practice on a regular basis.  We know its right for us, yet we can’t seem to sit still for the 10 minutes it requires… Continue Reading →

A Radical Departure

As we stare out across the current American political arena we can hardly believe what we are witnessing.  Childish behavior, playground bullying, and vacuaous policies dominate the dialog as politicians strive to separate themselves from the political fold.  While the sensationalist characters on stage hold court before an befuddled populous, we can only wonder if… Continue Reading →

The Opposition Condition

Oppositions are an important component of astrology.  It is no surprise that they are also vital aspects of the human condition.  For every dark period in life, there arises a beacon of light elsewhere.  This paradox is part of the human dilemma.  Most of us are aware of this juxtaposition and we cope accordingly.  However,… Continue Reading →

Awakening to Astrology

Many of us are curious as to our destined purpose on earth.  Why are we here?  What is our goal?  Are we destined for a task?  Our journey must begin with deep look inside ourselves to come to terms with our own inner voice, potential, and motive.  One of the methods for understanding the inner… Continue Reading →


We have all witnessed the huge swings of the stock market as of late.  Are these dips and peaks a harbinger of what is to come?  When do we buy?  When do we sell?  Is there a dark cloud looming on the financial horizon?  Is China holding us at bay?  Astrologer Grace K. Morris has… Continue Reading →

Reclaiming Magic

Healing our inner wounds can be a staggering ordeal and one which requires great personal effort.  Yet it is possible and quite useful for us to unlock our past discomforts and plunge into a new way of looking at life through a different set of lenses.  Small steps taken each day allow us to tap… Continue Reading →

The Moment of Astrology

World-renowned astrologer and philosopher, Geoffrey Cornelius discusses the power of astrology that is captured in a moment in time.  Rather than trying to predict long-term events, Cornelius contends that the only accurate astrology is that of the moment.  We live in the present and the only observation that should be made is that of the… Continue Reading →

The Limits of Logic

Those of us who study astrology are firm in our understanding of the logic of this amazing divination tool.  Yet, many of us remain skeptical and reserved about its natural order and logic.  We know it works and we understand how it operates, but when we see aberrations to the normal process, how do we… Continue Reading →

Wired To Connect

What do we do when we are alone?  Does it feel natural?  Do we need others and if so, how do we connect?  As our lives take on a distinctly digital texture, we become isolated and removed from the vital connection that is inherent in our DNA.  Can we correct this?  Is it possible to… Continue Reading →

Astrology As Philosophy

With its focus on time and cycles; both long and short, astrology provides an incredibly unique view of the world and evolution.  Tracking the movement of the key outer planets allows us to view the progress of humanity through an unusual lens.  This lens allows us to see trends, progress, and consider our collective direction…. Continue Reading →

A Vedic Discussion

Although Vedic astrology uses a different set of rules and vernacular, the results are the same.  The character, attributes, assets and liabilities of the individual are clearly depicted in the chart.  In this segment, astrologer and host Chris Flisher speaks with world-renowned Vedic astrologer, Komilla Sutton on the philosophy and logic of this fascinating science…. Continue Reading →

iGOD ~ The Movie

We have been asking questions about a “god” since the beginning of humankind.  We have a wide array of what that might look like from every culture and society on the planet.  Wars, ethic cleansing, and horrors of unimaginable dimensions have occurred in the name of this being, and yet we are still uncertain.  Are… Continue Reading →

To Cast A Spell

Many of us grew up watching characters casting spells on innocent victims in cartoons or movies.  We may have been fascinated by the power brought out by the ritual.  Yet, maybe spells actually work?  Have you ever wished for something only to have it come true?  Did you cast a spell?  Do you want to… Continue Reading →

The Secret Teachers of the Western World

Many of us are fascinated by the secret teachings of the esoteric mystics of the world.  These mysterious people seem to dwell in the netherworld of magic, coincidence and spirituality, all in an effort to find the truth.  Many have used very unusual methods to find the truth and others have found quite credible tactics… Continue Reading →

Miraculous Silence

The overwhelming rhetoric of our modern times can be deafening in its delivery.  Hatred, condemnation, distraction, and vital are all by-producst of such fractious times.  Yet, we still run to our screens for comfort, entertainment, and solace.  But what do they provide?  How can we hear when we are bombarded by stimuli?  What purpose does… Continue Reading →

Saturn Square Neptune

Two giant slow moving planets are in a tense square and will be for some time to come. These two planets represent a dichotomy of drive and desire.  Saturn wants to resolve and correct, while Neptune wants to obfuscate and distract.  How do we reconcile this disparity?  When we glance out at the world’s stage… Continue Reading →

Saturn’s Role

Saturn has long been regarded by astrologers as the heavy.  Often seen as the taskmaster, Saturn is the time keeper and the essence of responsibility, duty, and sobriety.  While this planet espouses all those characteristics, it is also there for us when we need to do the right thing.  In many cases Saturn, may be… Continue Reading →

The Tao of Happiness

The “tao” is an ancient term used to describe the fundamental foundation of the universe.  In short, it is how we exist and inter-relate with all that surrounds us.  Do we engage and live in the now?  Are we too pulled by distraction to understand the here and now?  What could we gain from being… Continue Reading →

Evolving Through Astrology

Following in the footsteps of her legendary father, Jeffrey Wolf Green, Deva Green has taken up the mantle of evolutionary astrology.  Using Pluto as the entry point and working with the North and South nodes, Evolutionary astrology traces back the origins of the individual to a point in time where the past and the present… Continue Reading →

The Age of Aquarius

Much has been written about the coming age of Aquarius.  The topic dates back to the late 1960s when the concept was immortalized in the Broadway production of the controversial theatrical production of “Hair.”  However, for all of its commercial appeal and success, little has been discussed regarding the actual shift into that age.  What… Continue Reading →

Honoring Your Sun

When we think of astrology, many of us defer to our Sun signs as the first point of discovery.  And rightfully so.  The Sun sign is the primary indicator of the individual.  It stands as the marker of the personality, the attributes of distinction and the full embodiment of the character.  In this segment, astrologer… Continue Reading →

The Nodal Axis

The Nodes are important indicators in the individual astrology horoscope.  They signify the past and the future of an individual and carry great information regarding each personal journey.  In this segment astrologer ad host, Chris Flisher speaks with evolutionary astrologer Mark Jones about the significance of these points in the study of astrology.  

Karmic Dates & Momentary Mates

Relationships may be the single most important influence of our time on earth.  How we connect and with whom can leave a major imprint on our hearts, our lives, our paths.  Are the people we meet supposed to show up?  Do we have relationships to learn?  Does our ideal match exist?  Why do some people leave… Continue Reading →

The Astrology of Financial Trends

Many of us watch the markets with a unnerving sense of concern.  We have seen huge gains and just as large losses.  They seem to happen with a definitive pattern, and yet, they also appear out of nowhere.  What causes these swings?  Is there a cyclical pattern to the trends of the financial markets?  Does… Continue Reading →

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