Bluestone Credit Agreement

Verify that the debt covered by the Letter from Bluestone Credit Management is your debt. If you`re really not sure if the debts belong to you, contact an information office (like Experian or Noddle) to find the outstanding debt posted against your name. Under the Limitation Act of 1980, certain debts have a time limit. In most cases, this limit is six years in England and five years in Scotland. The “watch” starts running from the last time you made a payment against the debt or acknowledged the debt in writing (for example. B in a letter to the creditor). According to this point, and assuming that the debt meets the following criteria, the debt is considered time-barred, that is, the law stipulates that the debt can no longer be applied. Turbo increase your chances of credit and get your free experiential credit information. While waiting for advice, the Code of Conduct, which bluestone Credit Management is a part of, means they should give you time to explore your debt management options. Of course they can`t if you don`t tell them what you`re doing. You can call the company at the bluestone Credit Management number: 0114 242 6628 or contact through their website: Whatever action you take, doing nothing should not be an option. Ignored debts will not go away and they will get worse. Leave unanswered letters or calls unanswered long enough and you risk Bluestone Credit Management taking further action against you.

If your account has been transferred to Bluestone Credit Management, it`s probably because you owe money. Normally, your debt would have been owed to another creditor (which is why you may not recognize their name). You are a collection office for other companies and chase customers to pay. Bluestone Credit Management is a collection office – as such, its legal powers are no different from those of the original creditor who previously held your debts. Bluestone Credit Management may chase you away (within reason) to pay off the debt, but they are not allowed to harass or call you at inappropriate times (see below). You must also comply with any appropriate request to contact only by certain means or at certain times. Bluestone Credit Management could send outside debt collectors to your home if you do not pay, but they are not bailiffs and should not claim to be. Collection companies cannot enter your home without permission and cannot pick up your goods. You have to leave if you ask him. If Bluestone Credit Management wants to perform any of the following steps, they must first take you to court: It is not uncommon for collection letters to go to an old address.

If you receive a collection letter for someone else, contact the company and explain the situation. The company should change its data (even if they can first ask for proof), but your creditworthiness is not affected, because credit files are attached to individuals and not to their addresses. If you owe money to Bluestone Credit Management and don`t pay, you can be sued….

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