Blueness Greeness

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“Woke Up On The Delta”
Woke up on the delta, heat pouring down,
Muddy, Mr. Johnson, and Wolf all in town.
Haunting, mystery, racial divide
Who says I got God on my side

Sound so steely, cold and blue
Renders a passion, a pain that’s true.
Sleepy Spanish moss, Camellias in bloom.
Dusty road, cotton fields, rain in June

Raw, shredded chords ragged and moan.
Cries of pain, a long way from home.
Lord I got to pay my dues
And everyday I sing the blues.

Blue in green, sunlight stream,
Smoky caverns heartache dream.
Been here before, hundred years ago,
The walls are faded, images show,

Blueness, Greeness,
Oneness, Kindness
Jingle, jangle in my soul
A time out of time, a long time ago.

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