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Using a combination of themes, this mandala encompasses traditional Buddhist themes with the use of lotus symbology and the western patterned theme of bandanas. A mix of diversity at its best. Cowboy Buddha. Get along little dharmas.
Rolling, rolling, rolling……
Get those mantras rolling!
Why not? As we blend our traditions, the symbols and colors of different cultures merge and enfold each other creating a broader theme; one that points to the universality of humankind. We are one. Until we create a true cross-pollination of the broadest spectrum of mankind we will be in constant turmoil. Tolerance, patience, acceptance, mercy, and love uphold our truest meanings as humans. What are we waiting for? One world, one people.

“One love, one heart. Lets get together and feel alright. Give thanks and praise to the sky above and we will feel alright.”

~ Bob Marley

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