Chris Flisher, Turning of the Wheel, artist, teacher, speaker, writer, radio host, astrologer, astrology reading, self-discovery, spiritual adventure, Chris Fisher, Chris Flischer, Chris Fischer, New England As one of the Top Ten Astrologers of 2010, and acclaimed host of “Turning of the Wheel,” Chris has earned a place in the trust of others who value his insight and knowledge. A professional astrology reading will enlighten you with deep insights about your individual strengths and challenges. This will make you aware of critical cycles in YOUR specific chart and help guide you through the challenges in your life or the lives of your loved ones. Chris is a devout student of the great Manly Hall , Marc Edmund Jones, Carl Jung, Madame Blavatsky among other great mystics.

Based on birth date, place and time, a professional astrology report can help you with:

Chris provides a variety of personalized astrology reports, quick readings, talks, and classes. He can be hired for live readings at corporate or private events.

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