Astrology Forecast ~ March 30, 2015 by Chris Flisher

Astrology Forecast ~ March 30, 2015 by Chris Flisher

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Astrology Forecast ~ March 30, 2015 by Chris Flisher

Again, we are faced with the enormous power of transiting Uranus as it sits in the midst of the Lunar Eclipse on Saturday, the 4th.  At 14 degrees Libra, this eclipse will likely leave an emotional imprint on the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) and extend its influence to the air signs, Gemini and Aquarius as well.  As mentioned in the past, Uranus creates an intellectual spark that may appear out of nowhere.  Acting as a higher octave of Mercury, Uranus delivers cerebral surprises, and in this particular case, to our emotional base.  Although Uranus will be a bit out of the direct window at 16 degrees Aries, its impact is still likely to be felt.  With eclipses, the impact is most profound when we have more exactitude in the alignments.  If Uranus were closer, say at 14 or 15 degrees the impact would undoubtedly be more memorable, although when we look at the world stage we can see quite a bit of revolutionary action.  Granted, we can argue that revolution and change are always present, but in this case we may see the seeds of true departure adds an amplifying quality to the mix.  With Pluto still sitting at 15 degrees Capricorn, his influence will also likely present itself, and again across the cardinal signs mentioned earlier.  We may see major new social windows opening, letting the bad air out and allowing the freshness to billow back in.  This is where we might see a corrupt and mis-guided power structure come to an end.  These are powerful times to be certain with far-reaching outcomes.  The Full Moon may shed its light on a new path forward.

Elsewhere in the zodiacal neighborhood we see Saturn comfortably walking his way back towards Scorpio where unfinished business may tug for our attention.  One of the best methods for coping with Saturn retrograde is to up our game and get things done right this time.  Something may have been left undone that now needs our renewed attention.  Although often dreaded, Saturn keeps us honest and on-time, so in that, we can thank him for his nagging tendencies.  Mercury also steps into Aries early in the week where impulsivity comes to the forefront as tempers fly and words can tumble out in the most regrettable fashion.  The fire of Aries may get fanned by the swift-footed messenger, Mercury, but, as always with Aries, the damage done may just as quickly be repaired.  And to complete the action of the week, Mars makes his ingress into earthly Taurus.  The great motivator may be welcomed as the earth springs forth a new bounty of potential.  There is nothing like Mars to inspire and cajole us into turning over new soil and sweeping out the dust of the season gone by.

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Astrology Forecast ~ March 30, 2015 by Chris Flisher
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