Astrology Forecast ~ January 26, 2015 by Chris Flisher

Astrology Forecast ~ January 26, 2015 by Chris Flisher

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Astrology Forecast ~ January 26, 2015 by Chris Flisher

A collection of three planets in the sign of Pisces brings us to a place of dreamy potential.  Ideas that we may have once thought unlikely may be able to move forward under this influence.  Neptune and Mars will be firmly entrenched in Pisces and are joined early in the week by Venus.  Venus enters into Pisces with a flourish since she is quite happy in the sign of the elusive dreamer.  Pisces is the sign where escapism, poetry and lofty bursts of color and creativity thrive.  When Venus brings along her influence to this area of the zodiac we may see a creative outpouring of the highest order.  As Mars is the great motivator and Neptune rules over the subconscious we may see some real traction in all artistic endeavors.  Of course, while this influence will be most notable to all Pisceans, this same type of vibe will extend to the other water signs as well.  Scorpios and Cancers may also benefit from this most propitious alignment.  Mars represents the masculine, the aggressor, and the ambitious, whereas Venus holds the creative, harmonious and love-struck as her allies.  When we add the elusive Neptune to the mix we might expect to see an manifestation of harmonious intentions.  We may feel as if the world has undergone enough in the form of tragedy and disaster and we may feel this influence as a time for healing and recompense.

Mercury will still be in retrograde and aligning with the Sun towards the end of the week.  And although Mercury typically gets in the way of communications, it is also has the ability to influence matters in positive ways, simply through a tendency to learn by doing.  Since Mercury sets the stage for reconsideration we may come to a place where we are more able to forgive and forget rather than dwell on looking backwards.  The theme that prevails under this alignment is that of review.  In fact, Mercury offers some of his best when all actions that come with the prefix of “re” are brought to the surface.  Re-finance, re-establish, re-visit, re-vise, and so on.  This influential little planet can cast his spell in many ways that are positive.  Rather than run for the hills because of Mercury retrograde, jump in and see what needs to be re-thought.  A careful examination of existing patterns can be an immensely useful exercise, especially if mistakes are found and corrections are made.  There is a silver lining to all clouds.

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Astrology Forecast ~ January 26, 2015 by Chris Flisher
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