Astrology Forecast ~ February 2, 2015 by Chris Flisher

Astrology Forecast ~ February 2, 2015 by Chris Flisher

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Astrology Forecast ~ February 2, 2015 by Chris Flisher

Yes, Mercury will continue to make his presence known throughout the month of February, but that need not be cause for concern.  After all, anytime we have an opportunity to re-consider our actions and plans we are making progress.  Sometimes that second look can save you in the most remarkable ways.  This is how we should approach Mercury retrogrades; as a time to re-think, re-vise, re-view and so on.  Early in the week we’ll witness a full Moon in Leo and 14 degrees, which brings about the bold optimism of Leo and shines a light on all fire and air signs.  Full Moons are typically a culmination of some sort so use this time to pull things together in the most auspicious manner imaginable.  With Jupiter hovering close to the same degree of the full Moon, the time may be right for cranking up the energy on anything you are creating.  A blitz of creativity and expansion may be the perfect by-products of such a beautiful alignment.  This same general temperament may be amplified as Venus and Neptune align together in the lofty realms of Pisces.  Characterized by flights of fancy and the dreamy underworld, Pisces does a nice job hosting Neptune and Venus.

In many ways, Neptune, together with Venus, points to complete spaciness and lack of drive.  The lure of escape may be too over-powering to resist for many as the desire to remove oneself from reality becomes the dominant theme.  While this combination does provide a backdrop for escape, it is also holds the promise for fantasy.  Even though fantasy maybe a form of escape, it doesn’t carry the hefty price-tag that can come with addiction or co-dependency so common in Neptunian people.  When we consider the up-side of this alignment we can see the works of the great surrealists and film-makers who dwell in the foggy world of illusion so characterized by Pisces and Neptune, both.  When we add transiting Venus to the mix we see the fulfillment of beauty in the form of escape.  When cast in this light we might envision the works of fantasy writers such a Tolkien or even Harry Potter whose characters exist in a netherworld drawn up completely by a fertile imagination.  Day-dreams are likely under this influence and there is a necessity for them as well.  Escapism has its values, if for no other reason than to allow us to recharge (Mercury retrograde reference) our batteries which enables us to move forward into reality as harsh as it may be.  Asa a counter-point to the harsh realities of daily life, escapism has it value as long as it is done with a friend called Saturn who promises to keep you responsible.

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Astrology Forecast ~ February 2, 2015 by Chris Flisher
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