Astrology Forecast ~ February 16, 2015 by Chris Flisher

Astrology Forecast ~ February 16, 2015 by Chris Flisher

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Astrology Forecast ~ February 16, 2015 by Chris Flisher

Mercury and his pranks may be a thing of the past; at least according to the calendar and the cosmos, but we are still in the shadow period, so continue to check any and all details twice, just to be on the safe side.  As mentioned in the past, the shadow period is the distance (by degrees) that Mercury has gone backward and it isn’t until it is fully out of those degrees (going forward) that we are truly free from his influence.  Granted it may not be as prevalent, but still worth noting.  Of course any of you who have planets at those degrees will feel the influence.  As this planet moves through Aquarius he is generally well-received.  Since Aquarius is an air sign (yes, its true) it shares a natural affinity for intellectual pursuits and causes that address the masses.  All for the good, is Aquarius’ main claim to fame.  Mercury as an intellectual stimulator, feels right at home here.  This may be particularly emotionally relevant as the new Moon in Aquarius lands at 29 degrees, just shy of its ingress into Pisces.  This power may be especially amplified with potential as the Sun steps into Pisces at the same time for the next four weeks.

The bigger news of the week is the arrival, not only of the Chinese new year on the 19th (year of the wood sheep), but both Mars and Venus slide into Aries.  In fact, for a short period of time at the end of the week, the Moon, Venus, and Mars will all be cojoined in tight alignment, in the early degrees of Aries.  This is an especially volatile point, simply because it is the start of the zodiac, also known as the Aries point.  Because this is the true start of the whole show, so to speak, it is considered to have great potential with regard to mass cultural shifts and movements.  Volatile need not mean dangerous, just brimming with power and symbolism.  It is the start of something, no matter how you look at it.  With male (Mars) and Venus (female) energy together accompanied by the emotional Moon and we have a hot bed of steamy potential.  This also bears noting simply because of the potential embedded in this alignment.  If we look to the Moon and Venus as softening influences and as Mars as the great motivator, we might see a dramatic shift towards some global resolution.  Of course, the moon adds drama, so we can’t expect to be walking in the park.  Rather, this may be a period of mass intensity where something new emerges that changes the game for all of us.  If you are born on or around this period look to see where the action is taking place in your personal chart to understand what it all means.

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Astrology Forecast ~ February 16, 2015 by Chris Flisher
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