Astrology Forecast ~ April 6, 2015 by Chris Flisher

Astrology Forecast ~ April 6, 2015 by Chris Flisher

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Astrology Forecast ~ April 6, 2015 by Chris Flisher

We are through the eclipse window of this season.  And although they have passed, the impact of them may not be apparent for a few months.  Eclipses tend to deliver, and deliver with subtlety, yet when the result of their impact is felt we can easily look back and see how and what they brought to fruition.  The energy of the week continues to be powerful Aries initiation.  Aries begins the zodiacal cycle and brings along a rush of freshness and fervor.  Like horses at the starting gate, the Aries energy cannot be contained.  It needs release to fully live out its potential.  The potential may be most profoundly felt in terms of dialog.  With Mercury, the Sun, and Uranus together in the middle-degrees of Aries we can expect intellectual, intuitive, and even inventive flashes of insight.  Mercury and Uranus are a dynamic combination that delivers with a swiftness that may almost be incomprehensible.  In this capacity, these two planets work closely in tandem.  Operating at a higher octave of Mercury, Uranus may deliver a bold inventive game-changing display of originality and suspense.  Despite the fact that this outer planet moves slowly, his mission is to bring to light that which was unseen or unrecognized.  It does that with an element of surprise often triggered by the flash of swiftly moving Mercury.  When highlighted by the warmth of the Sun, we might expect great breakthroughs in the negotiations for example.  Just when all else seemed futile, a moment of light appears and the whole process opens in a bold new manner.  This combination is truly rare so it would be wise to capitalize on it while it is in motion.

The mighty Jupiter stations direct mid-week and brings all of his presence to the forefront.  Anytime a planets “stations” their impact is more profound for in that moment they are truly stationary and therefore their power is amplified and more present.  In Leo, a fixed fire-sign we might expect to see the impact of Jupiter’s station in fellow fire-signs and also in fixed signs.  More than likely the impact will be felt by the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) since the greatest activity occurs at the squares and oppositions more profoundly than with the easier angles such as Aries or Sagittarius.  By contrast, Saturn continues retrograding back into the late degrees of Scorpio where he will linger until September.  Those of you born in late Scorpio or the latter degrees of the fixed signs may be pushed into a completion of some sort.  Look for things that you may have left unattended a while back and you’ll see Saturn urging you to finish up what you started.  And Venus will be heading out of Taurus by the week end.  Her stay in Taurus is that of warmth, kindness and earthly pleasure, so be sure to catch her on her final round through Taurus.  She won’t be impactful for a while, so best to enjoy her presence while we can.

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Astrology Forecast ~ April 6, 2015 by Chris Flisher
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