AstroFaces ~ What Does Your Face Say About You?

Chris Flisher talks about the AstroFaces project which gathers the headshots of individuals that share the same Sun, Moon, and ascendant.  This project groups photographs of people by the three most prominent factors in the astrological chart – the Sun, Moon and Ascendant. It asks whether people who share these factors resemble each other significantly. If this is so, then it supports the claim of astrology that time itself has a shape, and that everything that is created at a moment in time has certain inborn characteristics derived from the natural symbolism of that time. It also gives modern science a measure of astrology. This project also suggests that the astrological model is actually the twelve dimensional cosmological model (Theory of Everything) that describes the principles by which everything in the universe appears and functions. 

The general hypothesis claims that astrology is the cosmology that modern physicists are seeking, and more specifically, that the astrological model that claims a correspondence between the configuration of heavenly bodies in the sky and earthly events is valid.  The working hypothesis claims that this can be demonstrated with photographs by showing that strong similarities between subjects’ birthcharts are also visible in their appearances – that the Shape of Time is visible in our faces.  This correlational study explores whether people who share the same Sun, Moon & Ascendant will resemble each other to a greater degree than those who do not share those factors. It is hoped that these resemblances will be perceptible to viewers and measurable with facial recognition software.