Chris’s artwork is inspired by the classical Indian language of Sanskrit. It seeks to represent wholeness; the connectedness of all things, and to serve as a model for the organizational structure of life itself—a universal model that reminds us of our relation to the infinite; a world that extends both beyond and within our bodies and minds. Chris’s artwork has been featured in many galleries and exhibitions in the New England area and was chosen to be a featured in the “Art in Embassies” program in Praia, Cape Verde.

Chris Flisher, Turning of the Wheel, artist, teacher, speaker, writer, radio host, astrologer, astrology reading, self-discovery, spiritual adventure, Chris Fisher, Chris Flischer, Chris Fischer, New England “My art work draws on the broad expanse of the cosmos. It has been a powerful tool for meditation, self–discovery, and healing. Renowned psychiatrist Carl Jung wrote that a person creating spontaneous circular drawings in a meditative state is tapping into the source of one’s being; the center of what we know as SELF. Using astrology as a foundation, I see my art as a direct reflection of my soul. Just as astrology uses seasons and cycles to represent the changing universe, my work reflects the cycles we experience as humans, drawing on the poignant beauty that can be captured from a unique moment in time.”

Experience the joy of color, form, and function with a unique gift. These wonderful expressions of optimism and light can be yours. The art is perfect on coffee mugs, T-shirts, note cards, tiles and limited edition signed prints. Share the magic, spread the word, and embrace the color.

Chris is available for Art workshops, gallery shows, public art projects & events, licensing, and private commissions, including his very unique Astro–Mandalas.

Each piece is an original artwork created by Chris Flisher and can be purchased as limited edition prints or printed on textiles and housewares. Please contact Chris for more information.

~ Click on any piece below to view in full screen mode.

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