Annual Rate Contract Agreement Format

A final monitoring mechanism must be put in place following the establishment of a collective agreement. Such a monitoring mechanism must be implemented centrally by the organization and includes the follow-up of receipt by the supplier, the follow-up of receipt outside the RC and the follow-up of deliveries, as well as periodic quality audits. Without a monitoring mechanism in place, much of the effectiveness and purpose of a configuration could be lost. The following procedure is accepted for the intermediation of a collective agreement In the case of medicinal products covered by the health control order in 1979, objects of a proprietary nature or at any time deemed necessary by Director Supplies & Disposals in the public interest, the following case clause is included in the NIT and in the collective agreement The ordinary duration of the currency of the collective agreement is limited to one year, however, in special cases, a shorter or longer period may be provided in accordance with the orders of government. In appropriate cases, management may enter into a collective agreement with some of the companies that have the D.G.S&D. collective agreement for a given position. This practice is only used if the necessary item had large quantities and the inspection fee to be paid to D.G.S&D was high enough and the inspection does not require special expertise; Like what. B in the case of collective agreements, these parallel collective agreements are concluded with subcontracting companies, which are most often Indian government companies, after obtaining their agreement. Overall, collective agreements are under the same conditions, but they may vary by mutual agreement as needed. In such cases, inspections must be carried out by the public authorities and payments to the company must be made directly by the intrusion services. Since these collective agreements are concluded by the Land Government, the Public Prosecutor`s Office can be seized by the Land Government at its own level against failing companies. Collective agreements can be arranged by a large company at different levels – in certain geographic markets, at national or global level (where suppliers exist at different scales) and in certain subcategories or in a number of subcategories or for a related category or category.

The collective agreement can also be concluded for one year or several years. The amount of the agreed collective agreement depends on the matter: the provisions of Chapters 6 to 10 concerning inspection, payment, delivery time and penalties, etc., also apply to purchases made under the collective agreement. However, the date of expiry of the delivery period of each order placed against a collective agreement must be calculated by referring to the date of placing the corresponding delivery order. In the event of a delay in delivery/completion of deliveries within the agreed delivery time, the risk purchase procedure must be completed within six months of the expiry of the delivery period of the relevant delivery contract and not from the expiry of the collective agreement. L.R. This question is set out in Annex X to Chapter VI. Therefore, any case of delay or infringement concerning the performance of the supply contract should be notified to management without delay, and no later than fifteen days after the expiry of the delivery period of the supply contract concerned, so that it can initiate a risky purchase or any other proceedings against the undertaking. . .


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